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wwe smackdown divas names

Hi welcome to funnyguru.We provide you wwe most beautiful divas of all time

1. Trish Stratus

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In the event that you asked 10 folks who they think the most sweltering Diva ever is, odds are each of them 10 will reply with a similar name: Trish Stratus. As the huge breasted valet for Test and Albert, it would have been difficult to anticipate Stratus breaking out as seemingly the best female rival in the previous 20 years. Be that as it may, in the wake of removing herself from valet parts, Stratus drove the division from her first Women’s Championship reign in 2001 until her flight in 2006, leaving the organization having held the Women’s Championship a record seven times and resigning as champion. Despite the fact that she has shown up with the organization since her flight, Stratus has set up a honor winning yoga studio and program, procuring her honor for Best New Business and Business Woman of the Year. In addition to the fact that she is still unbelievably shocking in the wake of conveying her first kid, she keeps on being engaged with various foundations and raising support endeavors.

2. Stacy Keibler

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Spotted by WCW authorities while sitting in the group watching her then-sweetheart, Kris Cumberland, Stacy Keibler joined the organization as a major aspect of the Nitro Girls moving troupe, winning the spot from 300 different young ladies and gaining $10,000 all the while. Her triumphant routine was viewed by 4.4 million watchers, prompting Keibler being frequently utilized as sight to behold until the point when the organization shut its entryways. Wrestling fans were enchanted to see her long legs swagger into WWE, in spite of her highlighting up ’til now another Vince McMahon love intrigue. Keibler utilized the WWE spotlight to dispatch her acting vocation, turning into a standard sensation subsequent to starting an association with George Clooney in 2011.

3. Torrie Wilson

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Soon after winning the Miss Galaxy rivalry in 1999, Torrie Wilson was marked to WCW as Samantha, utilized as a non specific hot lady as a feature of the nWo. In the wake of joining WWE as a major aspect of the organization’s securing of WCW in 2001, her first storyline highlighted a toss with Vince McMahon – once more, no extraordinary shock. Be that as it may, the Invasion storyline gave a stage to her fame to soar, inevitably prompting a sexually-accused fight of Dawn Marie and a Playboy cover shoot in 2003. While Wilson stayed in the organization until 2008, she never figured out how to wind up the principle Diva in the organization notwithstanding her unbelievable looks.

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