Movie Theater With Beds Instead Of Seats

The smell of buttered popcorn while viewing a motion picture long distance race snuggled up in bed is an ideal method to go through your end of the week evenings. It just sucks when you truly need to watch the new film, and it isn’t out on the Web or there isn’t a DVD duplicate yet.

At that point you consider really going out to see the film theater, and those seats go over your brain, so you simply bargain with watching old motion pictures that you have seen on many occasions previously while in the sweet solace of your bed and sheets.

1. Greece Bed Theater

olympia2 Movie Theater With Beds Instead Of Seats

A couple of years prior, Parisian music lobby in Olympia had facilitated a motion picture screening where a fortunate chose few delighted in the whole film while lying in beds from Ikea. This is to advance a Swedish organization’s new line-up of mattresses.However, this was only a one-time bargain as it were. However, don’t sulk at this time, since everywhere throughout the world, there are truly theaters that introduced beds inside for the comfortable survey delight of the motion picture goers.


2. Paragon Cineplex, Thailand

paragon2 Movie Theater With Beds Instead Of Seats

In Thailand, the Paragon Cineplex inside the Siam Paragon shopping center offers theater beds for the motion picture aficionados to unwind on while seeing.

3. Beanie Cinemas, India

beanie Movie Theater With Beds Instead Of Seats

Rather than utilizing regular beds, Beanie chain of films offer beanbag seats.

Couples are free to cuddle in the beanbag seats while appreciating the motion picture. In spite of the customary theaters which have little spaces, this venue permits a room to breathe of two meters, which permits most extreme unwinding.

4.  Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta, Indonesia

blitz2 Movie Theater With Beds Instead Of Seats

Blitz Megaplex gloats their “velvet seatings”, which are fundamentally couch beds with traditional tables for your treats. This performance center is well known for couples who need to watch a film while relaxing like it was their home.

The cost, be that as it may, arrives at four-times the customary expense of ordinary seats, however it merited an attempt.

5.  Electric Cinema, England

electric-cinema Movie Theater With Beds Instead Of Seats

In Electric Cinema, you can pick the comfort from an assortment of seats. From a selection of easy chairs, couches, and beds, you would now be able to watch your much-anticipated film while feeling comfortable.

These chic and comfortable beds are arranged as the first column seats. Presently you can simply lie back, and spoil yourself with these bed seats.

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