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Hottest Transgender Female

6. Geena Rocero

Model-Geena-Rocero Hottest Transgender Female

Filipino transgender model and supporter Geena Rocero has her ‘ability exploring’ and ‘getting break’ story in a ‘moviesque’ manner. She was explored in a café by design picture taker, when she was 21. Much to her dismay that it was just the start of her effective displaying vocation. She has likewise utilized her popularity to help connect other transgender models by propelling ‘Sex Proud’- a support and help association which defends the privileges of transgender all around the globe. She is one of the most mainstream faces, leaving ‘Next Model Management’.

7. Caroline “Tula” Cossey

Caroline-“Tula”-Cossey Hottest Transgender Female

Having been included in a ‘James Bond’ motion picture and modeling for ‘Playboy’ magazine. The multi year early English model Caroline “Tula” Cossey is one of early pioneers who enlivened other transgender models to pursue their fantasy and live it. At 20 years old, she finished her sex task medical procedure. She has graced the absolute most dominant design magazines including; ‘Australian Vogue’ and ‘Harper’s Bazaar’. Her battle to be recognized as a lady has gotten huge media consideration and open intrigue.

8. Carmen Carrera

Carmen-Carrera-Transgender-Models Hottest Transgender Female

Born as Christopher Roman, multi year old Carmen Carrera is an American unscripted television star and vaudeville entertainer other than being a model. Carrera’s profession kickstarted when she took part in ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’. Despite the fact that Carrera distinguishes her sexuality as gay, yet she is still remembered one of the best transgender models of late occasions. Other than demonstrating, she has additionally included herself in charitable work, particularly in spreading AIDS mindfulness. She additionally included in the November 2011 issue of ‘W’ magazine.

9. Lea T

LeaT-Transgender-Models Hottest Transgender Female

Leandro Medeiros Cerezo otherwise known as Lea T is a Brazilian model, who is making high waves into the high-style world. Destined to renowned Brazilian footballer Toninho Cerezo, she is presently all inclusive perceived as the dream of French high fashion brand ‘Givenchy’. Transparently cross-sexual Lea began her sex reassignment medical procedure in March 2011. Lea has been highlighted in ‘Vogue Paris’, ‘Hercules Magazine’, ‘Meeting Magazine’, ‘Spread Magazine’ and ‘Love Magazine’. She isn’t just one of the most looked for after models far and wide, yet additionally is a social pop symbol of transgender backing.

10. Jenna Talackova

Jenna-Talackova Hottest Transgender Female

Canadian model Jenna Talackova increased worldwide acknowledgment in 2012 when she was lost from Miss Universe Canada 2012 in the wake of getting chose as one of the Top 65, in light of the fact that she was not a “normally conceived lady”. In any case, Talackova was a long way from surrendering. She took the case to high specialists and courts which came to expo coordinator Donald Trump. Talackova was at last permitted to take an interest and she put among the Top 12 and even was conjointly granted Miss Congeniality grant. She likewise roused a TV show dependent on her life ‘Bold New Girls’ and has even demonstrated for PETA.

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