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Hey Guys! Welcome to Tech How ! How are y’all doing today? Friends, many of you have been asking us for a long time, the Scorpio-N, what if we compare it with the Mahindra XUV700 itself? I mean both these cars have entered the market but I don’t know which one to buy. So we thought we have to make a video on this for you. It took a while as there were many launches happening. But today it’s time for bringing up a comparison. Now because we’re bringing this to you a bit late, we’ll be bringing you such a video where after this, you won’t have to watch any other video.
I mean, can three people sit in the second row? What’s the space in the boot? How’s the music system? What’s the quality of the touchscreen? We’ll be revealing all these things by which you as a car buyer can understand if you should consider the Scorpio-N or the XUV 700 becomes the correct choice for you. So without wasting much time, let’s get into the video. Now, you already know the designs of both the cars, I’m not getting into that matter. Design is a very subjective choice. Some may like and some might have some other choice. Maybe you like the Scorpio-N or I like the XUV700. So it’s a very personalised taste. So I leave this choice to you. But let’s cover those things that you may not know. So if you look at the wipers in both these cars, you get Aerotwin, or the new, expensive wipers in both the cars that clean better and those who don’t know I always keep talking about wipers. But, these wipers are technically 3-4 times more expensive compared to the regular wipers but their cleaning capacity is also better. Now if you look at the tyre sizes of both the cars, people say, “Yes, it’s 18-inch”. But there’s a difference.
The tyres that you get in the 700 are less thicker, it’s 235. Whereas the ones you get in the Scorpio-N, they’re more thicker like how it was in the Fortuner, the Endeavor and the Gloster. The thickness you get in all those cars, the Scorpio-N gives you that. There’s no major differentiation in the ground clearance of both these vehicles, they’re almost similar. Now, there was a rule implemented in India that if your car’s ground clearance is more than 169 mm, which means if 4-6 people are sitting inside the car, and then when you check the ground clearance and if it’s more than 169 mm, you’ll be charged 2% extra tax. And I think that’s what’s done with the Scorpio-N that they’ve attempted to keep the ground clearance low there. So if you see the real-life situation, the ground clearance is close to 190 mm. And you get 200 mm of ground clearance in the 700. Overall, if you look at the glass area of both the cars, the 700’s glass area is pretty more. Which means it’s airy too but the cabin will heat up quicker too.
If you look at the keys of both the vehicles, here you get the exact same key for the Scorpio-N and the 700. Firstly, there’s a flip-key and along with that you get lock, unlock and boot opening options. Plus, in the 700, the boot opens upwards whereas in the Scorpio-N you have to slide it open. When you look at the Scorpio-N’s boot space, here, when the third row is raised, just one bag fits in that’s a small-sized. Whereas when you fold the third-row seats, you get quite good space here, where your full-size, medium-size and small-size suitcases fit it properly. Technically three full-size suitcases will fit in without any problem and if you see there’s some more space left. That means you can definitely carry some more luggage here if the third-row seats are folded. Whereas if you look at the 700, here you can fit in a small-size bag easily. And if you want you can fit in two small-sized bags here. And if you take the seats a bit ahead, a medium and a small-sized bag can fit in easily without any problem. So it makes a bit more space. Whereas if you fold the seats, then you have a lot more space comparatively. So due to which you get space to keep a lot of luggage. Which makes it very easy and convenient where you can carry 3-4 suitcases easily if you’re driving the car as a 5-seater version. Otherwise the boot space in the 700 is better. There are no issues with respect to panel gapping. Panels of both the cars are well engineered. We didn’t have any problems anywhere.
Scorpio-N gets an 18-inch spare tyre which is a good thing. You get a full-size spare wheel. Whereas though you get an 18-inch wheel in the 700 but it’s thinner comparatively. So that was all about the boot space. Here we folded and raised the third-row and showed it to you, you’ll get complete clarity on which car you should actually buy in terms of boot space. Do you know which is the most complicated part in your car? It’s the engine. It’s not only the most complicated but also the most expensive part. So when you cold-start your car in the morning. When starting the car in the morning or when you drive the car in bumper-to-bumper traffic, that’s when your engine’s wear and tear is at maximum at 75% and this affects the engine’s life. So due to this you shouldn’t use any common engine oil. I recommend you fully synthetic Castrol Magnatec engine oil. It’s BS6 ready, plus, it provides non-stop protection to your engine which increases the engine’s overall life and in the long run, cuts down your expenses. So let’s get into the car. When you look at the Scorpio-N’s interior, the first thing that you’ll notice is that it looks quite premium. The touch and feel of the materials is quite good. Even the leatherette used in the car, it feels nice. Quite a lot of soft touches are offered in the car here. So overall, the feel of it is very good. So you feel like you’re sitting inside a quite premium cabin. Now let me tell you one thing, the features that you get in the Scorpio-N are not as many as you get in the XUV700. You don’t get that big, lavish screen. You get a good 8-inch touchscreen, you don’t get a digital cluster but everything is nice. It feels very nice on the inside. Features, you get a lot of them such as the touchscreen, front and rear camera, you get Sony speakers and in both, the 700 and the Scorpio-N, you get the exact same number of speakers by Sony.
But I feel because in this cabin the speakers are much closer to you, it sounds a lot better than the 700. I said this last time too in a video. So that’s one differentiation. Otherwise, you get a lot of features in this. Airbags, ABS, EBD, Traction Control, Hill Descent Control, all the features are made available with respect to safety. The front seat (driver’s seat) is electrically adjustable. Even if you adjust the steering wheel, you can adjust it for height. Reach adjustment is not offered here. Whereas, in the 700 you get height and reach both the adjustments. In the Scorpio-N you get an electrically adjustable seat for the driver but, in the 700 along with the electric seat, memory function is also offered. The front seats of the Scorpio-N are very comfortable. You can go on long trips comfortably. Plus, because of the seat height, you get a quite good seating position due to which you can go miles with this car without any problems. And the seat is broad too, due to which even if you’re thin, lean or even if you’re wide, it doesn’t matter, you can easily go for a long road trip. When you look at the XUV700’s interiors, you know what’s the most important thing here? The overall design of the car. So it looks quite futuristic and that’s what the XUV family is all about. The XUV family is about design, styling, features, performance and you know, safety. You get everything, they attempt to give you a mixture of all aspects in the car. And that’s what you get here.
First thing that you’ll notice is that you get a big touchscreen system up front which is quite easy to operate also. I’ll get into the nitty-gritty later on but it’s very premium. The touch and feel of materials, here you get hard, and soft touch both types of materials in this car. So there’s absolutely no problem with that. You’ll like the overall fit-finish of the car. And the list of features that this car offers is quite long. So if you compare the 700 and Scorpio-N in terms of features, here you get a big touchscreen, a digital instrument cluster, a panoramic sunroof, ADAS, electronic parking brake being the first few of them. But when you talk about seat comfort, here you won’t face any problem in the front-row seats. They’re very comfortable seats. Even if you go for long trips, you won’t feel like, “I wish the seats were more comfortable.” We, 4 people, did a road trip in the 700, Mumbai to Delhi which is almost 1500 kms. We finished the journey in one day. So it’s absolutely comfortable, there’s no problem with it at all. Talking about storage spaces, you can fit in a 1-litre bottle in the door pad, and 2 bottles can fit easily in the glove box of the Scorpio-N. At the front, there’s a cup holder in the centre. And inside the armrest, there’s a phone-like space, it’s not that deep. When talking about charging points, at the front, you get two USB charging points and a wireless charger is also provided at the front. Whereas, when you go to the rear, here in the door pads, a 1-litre bottle easily fits in.
There’s space for cup holders in the armrest. Second-row passengers get a Type-C charging point. And when you get to the third-row, you get space to keep your phone, no AC vents and for the third-row passengers, a 12V charging point is available. In the XUV 700’s door pads, a 1-litre bottle fits in. The glovebox is big so 2 bottles can fit inside. You get two cup holders near the armrest. And its armrest is quite big so you get quite good storage comparatively. At the front you get two USB charging points and wireless charging. And for the second-row passengers, the door pad can accommodate a bottle. Plus, you get two cup holders in the armrest. You get a Type-C charging point for the second-row passengers. Plus, a phone storage point is also given in the centre. The third-row passengers get a cup holder. Third-row passengers also get AC vents and for the third-row passengers, a 12V charging point is also provided. Scorpio’s touchscreen is decent enough in terms of utility. Its software update is still pending, otherwise you get the same software as the 700. So, the response is good. The 700’s screen has got that update by which its fluidity has got better. Initially the lag in it was evident.
Otherwise, it’s the same touchscreen system. In the Scorpio-N, you get front and reverse cameras both. And like I said, its software update is still pending and that’s the reason why it’s a bit blurry. And somewhere you’ll feel that lag. Day and night both, you won’t have any problems but you’ll feel the lag. But after the software update, it’ll be better. In the 700 after the software update it works a lot more seamlessly and it’s quite better than before and even in terms of clarity also. Day and night both, if you see, you won’t have any problem in using it. [Music Test] [Horn Test] [Door Thud] Getting in and out of the Scorpio-N is not much of an issue because here to get in and out there’s a support for the leg and a handlebar that’s provided. So getting in and out, at the front as well as rear you won’t face much issue. Getting out can be a problem especially for those who have a knee problem because the car is a bit tall. 700 is comparatively just easier to glide into.
There’s no problem in fact, it is very easy to get in and out of this car. No matter if you sit in front or even the rear. You won’t find any trouble getting in and out of the XUV700. When we made 3 people sit in the Scorpio-N, here we noticed that there are no concerns with respect to space, shoulder room is good and plenty. Knee room is decent enough, headroom is actually good. And thigh support is very good. Plus, your seats here can be reclined too. Now if you go from the second to third row, here you can sit behind. There’s not much issue with the space at the back. The knee room could’ve been better. And thigh support is next to nothing. So comfort is less. And headroom is quite good even for third-row passengers. When 3 people sit in the 700, there’s ample amount of shoulder room. The knee room is also quite good. Headroom is okay if you’re a tall passenger. And the thigh support is quite amazing. The seats in this too recline. If you go in the third-row of the 700 and if you’re a tall passenger, we’ve measured that if you’re more than 5 feet and 7 inches, then in that case, you won’t have much knee room nor much headroom. Thigh support is decent but it’s better than the Scorpio for the third-row passengers. Alright guys, it’s Scorpio-N’s turn now. Let’s start the car. Shift it into drive mode. And here we are ready to go. Now you know what’s the best thing about the Scorpio? Engines are the same. Petrol & diesel. Just that diesel has slightly less power like 10bhp. But honestly, you wouldn’t even know about it. Because the engine’s tuning is such. That’s the reason why you know, we don’t talk about the car’s bhp and torque much because at the end of the day it boils down to how the engine is tuned. So the Scorpio as a vehicle has always been like you know, you need more punch. The moment you push the accelerator you feel that rush. So that thing, you know, keeping that in mind every time, the Scorpio-N is designed. So due to this, say 175bhp or 700’s 185bhp, you won’t know the difference. But the 700’s power is quite linear.
Whereas the power in this car, the moment you push the accelerator, it starts to push you back. The one I’m driving right now, I’m not even in the Sport Mode right now. So, due to this whenever you, you know, drive the 700, it’s a very relaxed kind of a drive and ofcourse you get the kick there too, but this one’s kick, the turbo that kicks in, that’s a lot more, what do we say, different. It just feels a lot punchier. So this is a major differentiation here. So if you enjoy driving cars, then drive the Scorpio once. and specifically if you like to sit high, you want the full bonnet view, you know, want the view from top and want to see the edges of the bonnet, then this car is brilliant to sit in. And whenever we get the Scorpio, even in our office, our team enjoys driving the Scorpio more than the 700 just because of the way it drives. I mean, it is really fun. I, you know, I can’t express in words how fun it is to drive this car. So whenever we think that we’re sitting in a tall car, there’s one thing that strikes that there’ll be body roll inside the car. But you won’t feel body roll inside this car, if you want you can watch our video. We drove the car in Aamby Valley. Basically I’m telling it to you in short, you can go watch our video on the Scorpio-N. I drove the car on mountains, it was raining, it was foggy everywhere and I was pushing the car. And everytime I drove through each turn it felt like it’s just giving me extra confidence.
So in terms of power, pick-up, you won’t Find problem with that in Scorpio-N and 700 both. It’s just that the driving characteristics of both these cars are slightly different. So when you push both the cars, you’ll come to know which type you are, that you enjoy driving the 700 or is it the Scorpio-N that you’re enjoying pushing a lot more. Another thing that we need to test is that when you drive in the city, you’ll see that you won’t have any problem with the visibility because the car drives quite easily and because we’re testing the car a little early, let’s see how the turning radius of this car is, in the city. So because I took a slightly longer turn here, I was easily able to do it. Otherwise majorly when you look at it in the city, you see some car standing somewhere at any given point of time. Which will obstruct you from taking a U-Turn. If any car stood there even at the edge, I’d have had to reverse a bit and go there. So this is something that happens with every big car. Irrespective if it’s a Scorpio or a Safari or anyone for that matter. You’ll face a slight trouble turning the car because at the end of the day if you’re buying a big car, in the city, you need to see what’s the ease. Is it making it difficult for you to turn the car? To turn, you obviously have to reverse and go in a big car. But is it comfortable? Yes! It’s good on that part. But the place I took a turn, it was empty at this time, but even if there was a slight crowd, I’d have had to reverse and turn the car definitely. I mean, you’ve watched our video on the Fortuner that was uploaded recently. Also the Meridian. Even in those, we had to reverse a bit. So this car, this SUV will also be one where you’ll have to reverse a bit if you’re driving the car in the city.
Alright guys, we’re here in the XUV 700. Let’s start the car. Let’s put the car in Drive Mode. And here we go. So, even in the 700 you get the same set of engines that you get in the Scorpio-N. But here, the driving experience is a bit different. So this gives you a bit more linear power. And in this, there’s more power in the diesel engine, the petrol engine has the same power. But somewhere, you get a relaxed kind of driving here. Yes, you can push this one too. You can enjoy the car. You can put it to Zip, Zap, Zoom whichever mode you want from these and push it, in the Zoom Mode specifically. And you’ll enjoy driving it too. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. The manual offered with it, that too will give you quite good power. But the thing about this car that clearly stands out is the seating position. These are more comfortable and more car-like seating. In the Scorpio, you sit a bit high. So because of sitting high, you get the big-SUV, top of the world feel. But here, it feels more like a car. So that’s a clear differentiation among both these cars. So if you talk about the pick-up, it’s not like the pick-up is less in this car. No, nothing like that. But the difference is that you don’t get that kick in this, like you get in the Scorpio-N. There’s enough kick in this too, I mean, when I push the accelerator, the car pushes quickly. But somewhere, it’ll feel a bit more relaxed for you. And even if you do 0-100 runs on this car, you’ll notice that there’s not much difference in time.
But just that it makes you feel relaxed and Scorpio-N makes you feel like, “Yes! I’m getting that push!” “I’m getting that kick in the car!” So that’s one differentiation in the character of the vehicle. That’s about it. And when you try driving both the cars, like when you try pushing both the cars, you’ll get a better understanding and that’s when you’ll come to know, “Am I a Scorpio-N guy?” or “I want a car like 700!” Honestly, because I love cars, I think both cars drive well in their own ways. One thing that I like a lot is the fact that you get ADAS and ADAS is definitely a game-changing feature for Indian Usage. Especially when you’re buying a big car for the first time, you’ll enjoy using ADAS. Specifically, this’ll give you a good assist. Especially when you’re going on a long road trip, that’s when it’ll be beneficial for you. Now here, you don’t see much of the bonnet edges but visibility is decent enough. Even if you raise the seat height, you’ll still take some time to get used to this car. Now you must have noticed one thing that I’ve never spoken about: how it is to overtake in the city or the highway. So if you’re getting a 2.0-Litre or a 2.2-Litre engine, you should not even worry about that. The power you’re getting here is more than most of the cars and you don’t need to worry about that thing. Second, high speed stability. Now it’s an SUV, so how’s the high speed stability? No problem with it at all. When we drove the 700 in Mahindra’s track, we took it to 170-180 kmph is what I remember now. And even when we drive the 700 often, we never faced any problem in high speed stability. The same story goes with the Scorpio-N as well.
These cars are quite comfortable. So due to which if you’re going on a long trip and if you’re trying to go fast too, you’ll not have that doubt. And you don’t even need to doubt, is what I’m gonna tell you. You can easily push both these cars with a lot of confidence. Now, if you drive the 700 in the city, the first thing that you’ll notice is that it’s quite easy to drive. But if you’re driving a big car for the first time, then in that case, it’ll take some time for you to get used to it. Specifically, talking about the judgement. Here you can’t see the complete edges of the bonnet. You can take your seat higher and you can see quite close but it’ll take some time in judgement comparatively, compared to a Scorpio-N. And one more thing that we see is the U-Turn Test. Now it’s morning and the road is empty. But let’s see how we can do it. Here when I turn the car, it is comparatively a lot more easier than the Scorpio-N to turn. But even here, I’ll have to take a longer turn. This is one difference, that even if this car… It’s the same story. The example of Fortuner and Meridian that we gave you for the Scorpio-N, that’s valid here too because all these cars are quite long.
So for that very simple fact, when you take a U-Turn in smaller, tighter lanes, you’ll have to go to and fro a bit for sure period. But, it’s quite easy to do it and it’s not a cumbersome effort for you. So this is what really works out in your favour. When we did a speed-breaker test, here in the Scorpio, we didn’t feel too much jerks. It was very comfortable. For the third-row passengers as well. When we did the same test on the 700, the second-row passengers were very comfortable and it was comfortable in the third-row too but Scorpio was a little more comfortable. The Scorpio’s braking is very strong considering its size and weight. And 700 is very confident in terms of overall braking. Now the engines of both the cars are quite sold so with Scorpio-N, when you climb up a hill you’ll not face any problem irrespective if you’re driving a fully-loaded car or if you’re driving alone. The same story goes with 700 also. The torque in both the cars are so amazing that you’ll never feel the need for that extra power and grunt at all. The Scorpio-N’s headlight throw is pretty good. Throw and spread both are good. But the throw and spread of the 700’s lights, and even the auto-booster light in this is fantastic. Now before ending this I’d like to share one more highlight by which you’ll understand what’s the differentiation between the Scorpio and the 700 in terms of seating. So here when I’m sitting in the Scorpio-N, it feels more like a chair. Like I’m sitting on a chair somewhere. Okay? That my legs are almost straight, even my driving position, it’s going to be straight only. So I’m driving something like this.
It’s more like I’ve sat on a chair. Whereas if you sit in a 700, your positioning changes. You sit a little more differently, you sit a bit lower. So there’s a difference in the seating posture. So if you see the seating posture, that’s very close to a modern-day SUV. Or if I tell you an example like how Innova is, just for an example. So when you sit there, you’re sitting somewhere close to that in the 700 but in the Scorpio-N, you sit quite straight and upright. So there’s this differentiation in seating that hardly anyone will tell you about in terms of the difference of the Scorpio-N and the 700. Everyone will just say, “It’s like this in this car, this car is like that, this gets 4×4 and this has All-Wheel Drive (AWD).” Anyways, if I have to give the differentiation of 4×4 and AWD in one line, it is that, if you drive only on bad roads, then you should consider the 4×4. If you drive on bad roads and you go fast on open roads too, like in rain, in mud, then in that case, you should consider the AWD. By the way, I’ve made a detailed video on AWD on the 700 where I’ve defined the differentiation between AWD and 4×4 in detail.
If you watch that video, you’ll get a better clarity. Now to end this video, it’s a very simple answer. You already know all the facts that if three people can sit inside it or not, how much space is offered in the boot, how’s the music system, you know, everything has been covered for you in a lot of details. Okay? Now you’ve got complete clarity on whether you should consider this car or the 700. You get that full clarityTake care. See you tomorrow. Bye!


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