Toyota Made A Land Cruiser For Just 80 Lakhs


Toyota’s most aspirational car is Land Crusier which comes in 2.5 crore price. But you don’t get the luxury which you will expect in this price So this brand has a luxury division whose name is Lexus In which it’s LA sedan you get extreme great luxury And extreme great oppulance in 2.5 crore price. But then too all this car can’t match the oppulance level of Rolls Royce and Bentely. But for that century comes of this brand which is its own Rolls-Royce It’s the only V12 of Japan Whose V12 sounds better than Aventador Japan has better sound than Aventador in seden. And Toyota is producing it with same body lineup, In same factory and with same workers from 60 years.

But still this car can’t match the oppulance level of Bentley or Rolls-Royce And there is a big reason behind it For which if you go back in the starting of this car which is in 1960s When Japan’s economy was performing extremely well This first the fastest growing economy of Japan and people were growing rich Many new companies were establishing there That’s why luxury presidential Sedan demand was increasing in Japan Mercedes S class or rolls-Royce phantom or Nissan president jessy that’s why Toyota thought why don’t we make such car For Japanese market which will cater Japanese customers And in your 1967 Toyota’s founder, Sakichi Toyoda Was going to have 100 birth anniversary Toyota wanted to do something special on their hundred birth anniversary So Toyota launches it’s century in 1967 They named it century because the Founder had 100 birthday anniversary So, they kept this name very easily And in this car Japan’s best technology of 1967 was there Where you get a big screen at back when you didn’t have big screen at home You got reclinable seats, woolen interior You got automatic transmission and if you see cars look Then it is not extremely great, it is kind of normal car.

Where you get normal body line but extra Chrome accents In whole body. there was a reason behind this too in which Toyota use to say That the person who ever buys Rolls-Royce or S Class They want to show off the world how powerful they are And how wealthy he is but the person who buys century World already knows how powerful and respectful that person is So the person roaming in this car automatically increase his respect They don’t need to show off. So initially the sales of this car was decent But then in 1980s Japan’s economy performs even great Foreigners invest more in Japan The person who is capable of earning rupees 10 start earning rupees 50. The Asset whose value is 10 rupees reaches 50 And Japanese economy comes in bubble economy where everything becomes expensive Every person starts earning more. And that’s why the demand for this luxury cars increase a lot. And the car sales Doubles up within 4 months But Japan peoples money was still not finishing They need something even bigger, better. Even the subscribe button is not finishing go and subscribe And become a Real carversal pro we need to make world’s best Car community And you all can create it so do subscribe And because people was still spending money so Toyota thought to make this car more better Somewhat more expensive and opulent So Toyota launches it’s Limousine version whose length is increased by 2 feet as compared to normal Century.

And you get great space in back seat You get even long Door at back and great luxury And this car sells great too. But the bubble economy of Japan was not for a long period But the bubble burst and the people whose ability was of Rs10. But was earning 50 was back to rupees 10 The demand for luxury goods was decreased greatly And obviously that’s why century demand decreased too. So Toyota thought to do something new and then in 1997 The launch 2nd generation of this car where you get the same looks Just as generation one but you get a little bigger size More better technology and great space in interior And now you get 5.4 litre V12 engine In which you get 300 horsepower and this is world’s best sounding V12 engine Aventador aur Ferrari no one is near this Then Toyota thought why not to export it to outside market Because the Japanese market demand has reduced a little bit So export it outside.

So they produced 100 left hand drive units of this car And started exporting in European market, Germany, UK, And the rest of Middle East and America And they would have achieved great sales because car is of Toyota with great luxury So it is expected that the Sale would be great Only 27 units sold out of 100 the rest 73 units was unsold And Toyota has to give away in free to their executive in every country Because there was no customer of this car and many people believe that Because the Japanese approach of luxury is very different As compared to European approach which we will talk about But then Toyota didn’t give up and launch a new CNG version in 2003 V12 CNG you might have seen CNG in Indica You might have seen CNG in normal cars like i10. You get CNG in Japan in Toyota century V12. Imagine how this car will be waiting to fill CNG in it Owner is holding up the bonnet to fill up the CNG That what is Japanese engineering is all about After 21 years of 2nd generation and selling 9500 units Toyota launches its third generation Which still looks like the first generation of 60 year back But you get more advance elements in it like LED lights You get even bigger grill in front You get normal side Mirrors which is mounted on doors. With that you get Chrome wheels, big size and new LED tail lights. And in interior you still get woollen cloth and not leather Because woolen is considered more luxurious in Japan as compared to leather And the production process of this car is exactly same Just like 60 years back, this car is totally handmade even now.

Only four people can paint this car in the whole world Who are painting from years. And a Shoulder line type on side in this car can only be created by one person and he is creating it from 60 years And Toyota has restricted this car production to 50 units per month So that it doesn’t fill up the market And the exclusivity of this remains And many call this toyota’s Rolls-Royce Even I agree but even though this car is not of that level As compared to what Rolls-Royce is, because if you see it’s dashboard You get great luxury in this car But even though you don’t get that quality which comes in Rolls-Royce or Bentley You get a Chinese kind of dashboard in it in which you get big screen And you get some what buttons of plastic In the back you get great space but But you don’t get that kind of feeling which you get in Bentley Which is a combination of polished leather and great components This car is only up market sedan which is kind of luxurious As compared to other cars of Toyota And this is not even the reason for its failure Because if you compare its price with Rolls-Royce or Bentley Then it’s almost one third or one fifth So that is not a big problem the problem I mainly 2. One is Toyota doesn’t offer customisation to customer in this car And customer need excessive customisation in this price bracket So that they can separate themselves from all other cars You only get four colour option in this car, 2 interior theme And no other options you can have in it. Neither you can choose alloys Nor you can choose Interior colour. The exterior four colours are Basic too.

For example, either white or black. so if I am purchasing an expensive car Purchasing the Exclusive car of Toyota then I should have some customisation options So that my car looks different and stand out from rest of the century’s But this is a small problem the most biggest problem is While making this car Toyota has kept a Japanese approach as compared to worldwide approach And the meaning of luxury in Japanese very different as compared to whole world For example Japanese people like simplicity in everything They are not kind of extravagant people who shout we are rich See how much gold I am wearing or how rich I am See my car. They just like simplicity, they just need great quality. They don’t want the world to watch them and see them Where as if you see Western audience then they want that if I had bought 6 crore car Then the people should know that I have bought 6 crore car I am the real boss I am the real G, they want to show off to people Who is more wealthy, who has more money.

And so Japan approach is totally different as compared to western audience And so this car never made a demand in western audience And to cater Western audience Japan has opened a Lexus brand But this car has a different Legacy which this brand has preserved And according to me if this plant is a little bit smarter Which they are obviously. So, they can create a luxury SUV using the century brand name And can cater whole world wide market Because SUVs are trending now. Just make a bit luxurious. And something a bit additional and there are people to buy cars So my advice Toyota is make a luxury SUV using century brand name And earn great money but this car is still very respectfully in Japan Where people say that if a Toyota century is standing somewhere outside on the road And it’s Doors are open. people respect this car so much,Hope you like todays topic. bye bye


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