This Mini Compact SUV Got Better Updates -TATA PUNCH


Nowadays, Everyone of us is willing to buy an SUV. So to fulfil that demand, Automakers are bringing small, And more compact SUVs to boost their sales. On one hand they are making such compact SUVs, But on other hand they compromise on factors like- Space, Features, Technology, And safety is the most compromised. But today we have such an SUV which has no compromises. And it is the Tata Punch. The SUV has got an upgrade this year which is majorly mechanical. I.e under the hood. But it has received many other updates which made us to make another video on this SUV. So we have got you a detailed video on the Tata Punch, To give clarity on whether in 2023 you should consider Tata Punch or not. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go! [Music] Guys, smaller the car, More compromises has been made with safety.
But that’s not the case with Tata Punch. Now let me give you a clarity on one aspect. Generally people talk about number of airbags, ABS, EBD, to determine safety. But they don’t understand that these are safety features. The most important aspect to determine car safety is the build quality. And in that regard, Punch has scored 5-star in the Global NCAP crash test. Not only in this category, but even a segment above, The Punch has more points in safety than any other car. In fact if you see the difference, This car is clearly leading in safety. So we should never compromise with safety. Talking about the safety features then it has- 2-Airbags, ABS+EBD, and you know the list is pretty much long. You get total of 4 variants in the Punch- Pure, Adventure, Accomplished, Creative. And in all these variants you get few extra packs to fine tune your car. So you can opt for a certain pack with any of the variants that are available. So it opens up extra features and customization options for you. Also, the Punch now comes with 1 lakh km and 3 years of warranty, Which is definitely the best in class. Let’s talk about the design. From the front, Punch appears to be a butchy looking SUV, And commands an amazing road presence. The front fascia has been inspired from that of the Safari and the Harrier. So it has split pattern for the headlights, With DRLs on top with turn indicators integrated in same unit, Below it has projector lights for low beam and, Halogen lights for the high beam. And below that it gets fog lamp unit. Overall the front looks very attractive. From the side profile, The boxy element of an SUV, Has been maintained on Punch. The tyre size happens to be 16 inches, Which are alloys and helps for better ground clearance.
The typical SUV stance is clearly evident here. You even have an option to choose between single colour, Or a dual tone body colour. So in dual tone the roof and ORVMs get similar colour. Along with that you get passive entry. The handle on the rear door has been placed above and not onto the door, Giving it a very neat and clean look. Also, both the front and rear has 90 degree door opening feature. From the rear the SUV looks very stylish. Simplistic rather, Stylish is not the correct word. It looks quite simple. The tail lamps are slimmer giving it a classic look. So even when you see its rear design after 10-15 years, It will still look pretty neat. More the cuts and creases, Faster the design feels outdated. The boot space of the Punch is of 366 Litres, Which is more than sufficient. Overall you can keep enough luggage when you go on a road trip with your family. So, its a complete thing here. Alright guys, Here we are inside the car. The touch and feel of materials is pretty good in the Punch. The overall theme of black and ivory looks nice and refreshing. It is very simplistic and not many buttons are on the dashboard to complicate the interface. Its simplistic and easy to operate. What I love about the Punch are the seats. Firstly, the seats are extremely comfortable. And has ample bolsterings for side support. So even on those long road trips you won’t feel uncomfortable, At any given point of time. Talking about the features- It has leather wrapped steering wheel, Cruise control, Audio control, And it has a semi digital instrument cluster that is easy to operate. And even provides some vital information like distance to empty, Kilometres of a trip and what all, Which benefits you while driving. So you understand things much better.
It gets 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system, Along with Harman branded speakers. Harman speakers has the best in class audio quality. Definitely when compared to anything in the category. Compare it with any other car of not only in this segment, Or one segment above, But you can even compare its speakers with those of car of 15 lakh price tag. You can clearly feel the difference. The audio quality of Punch is outstanding. It has automatic climate control, Rain sensing wipers, Automatic headlamps, And the list is pretty long. So I am just sharing the feature list for you to see what all this car offers to you. Let’s check the space at the back seat. Before that let me adjust the front seat, so I am seating perfectly there, And now let’s jump to the rear seats. Now before getting in let me tell you the doors of the Punch opens widest at 90 degrees. And that eases the ingress and egress in this car. The door thud feels pretty solid. Now I have enough knee room and headroom here. Even if I sit a bit upright, Still there is no such issue with space and by the way I am 6 feet tall, Just for your reference. Two adjustable headrests at the rear adds comfort on long journeys. The best part is the good amount of thigh support the seats offer. There is an armrest if two passengers are travelling then they can enjoy the ride very comfortably. Storage spaces are in plenty. You have space for bottle in the door pads with some extra space, There is a slot to keep your phone quite easily. And it’s a very comfortable place to be in. You will not feel the lack of space, And can travel comfortably for even 5 hours without any problem. The biggest upgrade has been done in the engine. So let’s go and drive it. So guys here we are to drive the Punch. Turning on the engine, Shifting to the drive, And here we go. So just like before the Punch comes with 1.2-Litre engine with options of 5-speed manual and AMT. But now the engine has been tuned differently. It now feels better than before. The low end torque, Or in simple words the car responds the moment you press the accelerator pedal.
So this is one of the major upgrades. The low end torque has been improved. It is also termed as drivability, Meaning the car responds quickly to acceleration. Overall it is a major upgrade. So if you buy with manual transmission, You will not have to make gear shifts more frequently, And you can easily do overtakes. It was a much needed upgrade in the Punch. It was always a better car to drive. There were no complaints with Punch. Overall the power delivery was late to what we expect. But now that issue has been solved with the BS6 Phase 2. So with the BS6 phase 2 the pollution has gone down, And you will not have any problems for those quick overtakes. So keeping pick-up and acceleration in mind, The overall performance has been enhanced. There is no issue with the ride quality. It is just amazing. In fact the ride quality of any Tata car like Tiago, Tigor, Were always best in their respective category. And even the Punch has amazing ride quality, Also you don’t have to worry about the handling as well. Now you might say that the enhanced performance could hamper the mileage. But no, not at all. In fact the fuel efficiency has been improved. You now get better mileage and performance in both manual and automatic. I think it is win-win situation for both seller as well as the buyer. Now before, the base model of the Punch had missed out with intelligent start/stop system. But now it has been introduced and that will help for better fuel efficiency.
Driving the Punch in city traffic is pretty convenient. And although you have not driven it before, You can still drive it with ease. It is pretty comfortable and convenient. And as the bonnet edges are visible, With perfect size ORVMs, You will have no problem to drive. Turning radius is pretty less, And as you can see how easily I made the U-turn. So, This goes in it’s favour and feels very easy and convenient to drive. Now the question is who should consider the Punch and for what reason. So guys this was our review on the Tata Punch 2023. Punch has always been a value for money product. However, these updates have made the car even better. The performance has been improved, Engine feels more refined, And even the mileage has improved. So I think it’s a clear win-win situation for everyone. And now from the base model itself it gets intelligent start stop feature, Making it a better package. Those who look for longer period warranty, Then for them it now has 3 years and 1 lakh km of warranty. And I think it is a good addition. So overall as I said the Punch was an excellent package, But now it has gotten even much better. Now Take care, Bye!


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