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How are you all? Friends, nowadays the demand for electric scooters, Is increasing day by day. I am not sure about others, But I really be very excited for that next electric scooter, That can be the perfect companion on daily basis. It isn’t a piece of cake to develop an electric scooter. But there is this brand that has developed a new scooter from scratch. It is a brand which is a two-wheeler manufacturer giant not only in India, But in the entire world. Guys I am talking about the Hero Vida V1 Plus, And Vida V1 Pro electric scooters. Hero claims it to be the right scooter, Considering the current present-day India. We have arrived at Vida Experience Center in Bangalore, To check the reality! Come on, let’s find out. [Music] Guys the experience center is truly full of experiences, And we have the entire lineup of the scooters. Also, you can come here and test-ride the scooters. But, before the test drive, We are here to know more about Vida as a brand. And what you can see right behind me is the interactive wall. Through this interactive wall, We came to know about the journey of Vida as a brand, And also how the V1 was born.
Hey, what is going on over here? This is a configurator -okay So you can configure this vehicle on the screen. This is the pro version. -okay You get three colour options, White, Orange, and Red. -okay You can just see on the big screen how the vehicle looks. [Music] So guys here we are at the experience centre, We saw the interactive wall, And we even saw X-Ray of the scooter to check what’s inside the vehicle. Plus, You can completely configure your scooter. So you get a lot of options to, You know, To experience. So if you are already in Bangalore then I will recommend to, Come into this experience centre and experience this for once. These will soon be operating in many major cities, So you will get to know more about the scooters in a lot more detail. Here you get to all those things about the scooters, Which usually you do not get to experience. Now let’s check the scooter itself. So Guys, here we are. Vida V1 Pro. The scooter has a very simple and minimalistic design language.
There are not much of unnecessary cuts and creases, And it looks futuristic. The headlamps get a projector setup with LEDs, And the Day Time Running lights are designed like this symbol. It is basically an initiative of the Hero Group, Called We Care. It is for a noble cause and I am not getting much into details. You can go and search more about it when you get the time. Just like the headlamps, The tail lamps too get the similar design treatment. The tyres are thick and comes with 12-inch alloy wheels, And gets disc brakes too. The simplistic design can be seen on the side angle as well. They have not overdone with cuts-creases or edgy design, Making it look pretty neat. Also, it is one of the very few electric scooters to get a main stand, As well as a side stand. When you look at the rear of this scooter, Again, it looks neat, and as I said, You get design elements for tail lamps too. The combination of the body colour and matte black finish you get across the body, That looks just amazing. Now just take a look at the keys of the scooter. It doesn’t look like the key of any scooter. But feels like a car-key that looks premium, And gets a few controls on it.
Through the key, you can turn on the lights, Which is the follow me home feature. Second, if you are searching for your scooter, Then you can just press a button and find your scooter. And third, if you want to unlock the boot, Then you can do that also from your key as well. This is what the front of the scooter looks like as you sit on the scooter. The overall quality of the switchgear and even the fit and finish is pretty good. Let’s understand them one by one. On the left, you get the usual controls for horn and indicators. Along with that, you get a button for hazard lights as well. On the right side of the handle bar you get the kill switch, And a SOS switch too. It is an emergency button in which you can save up to three contacts. So when you press the button, It will send an alert to your saved contacts. But the standout feature is the cruise control.
Yes guys, this scooter gets cruise control. And I feel it is a fantastic feature, Because while driving on open roads, This will add on to your convenience. You even get multiple riding modes, And that can be controlled using this switch. It even has a reverse mode which can go up to a maximum of 3kmph. And that will be very useful to you to reverse the scooter, Especially when you park it on a downhill. It gets a 7-inch digital instrument cluster. And the usability is pretty good. There is absolutely no problem to use it. The display is bright enough, And you will not have issues while driving under direct sunlight, At any given point of time. You can even store documents like the registration certificate or Your driving license, inside the touchscreen itself. With that, you have the option to change the theme of the display, And even adjust the brightness of the touchscreen, For a brighter experience from the display. Other than all these the scooter comes with connected tech as well. So basically you can do many things through the mobile app itself.
You can track the live location of the scooter. And you can even set the navigation from your phone, which will be visible on the touchscreen display. So you will not have to struggle to check your phone for maps, You can clearly see it here. You get an option to diagnose the health of your scooter, And you get a lot more things too. For instance, you get a custom driving mode. So that can be fine-tuned through your mobile, And you have more than 100 combinations to set the regen level or, Even the acceleration. So you can customise literally almost everything, According to your riding style. So the fourth mode which is the custom mode, Get so many combinations and that makes it very easy. So it is clearly evident that Hero knows how to build a premium electric scooter, And Hero has even worked on the attention to detail on this scooter. By the way, this cloud-like symbol shows that it will directly get the OTA updates. Talking about the boot, You can access the boot in three ways.
First is through the touchscreen, Second is through the physical button, And third option is on the key. Forgot? So this is how the boot opens. And you can even remove the rear seat if you have to load more things inside the boot. Or you can set both seats, Like it is right now. So you have the option to customise. The boot space you get here is of 26 litres, And it is divided into two sections. You can easily keep a full size helmet inside the boot. The second compartment basically gets a charger. And you do not need to carry it separately. You can easily keep it in the compartment. Unlike in other scooters where the helmet alone eats up the boot space. Plus, as you open the charger compartment you can see a couple of batteries underneath, So in the Pro variant, you get two batteries, Of 1.97 kwh each. Also, both the batteries are removable. So you can easily pull out both your batteries, And easily take your home to charge them. Or else if there is a socket in your building, Then even there you can charge the batteries with this charger, From the scooter itself.
Depending on which scooter you buy, The charging time can vary from 5 to 6 hours. Additionally you have an option of fast charging, And through that you can charge the scooter from 0-80% In just 65 mins, which is fantastic. Talking about the range, Then in real-life conditions the V1 plus returns the range of 90 km, While the V1 Pro returns 95 km range in the real life. The batteries and motors are dust and water resistant. So the batteries get the ip67 certification, While the motors get the ip68 certification. But I think we will have to wait for the Mumbai rains to check that out. And that’s when we will go and experience in a lot more detail, What say? Alright guys now we are riding the scooter for which we have come here. So, let’s go. Just look at the pick up! It feels really quick. So the V1 Pro does 0 to 40 in 3.2 seconds, While V1 Plus takes 3.4 seconds, Which is also pretty much quick. What I like the most about the scooter is that it is very easy and nimble to drive. The motors pull the scooter even on steep bridges, And it has a gradability of 20 degrees which is the best in its entire category.
The motor generates 25 NM Torque. And the peak power is 6kw which is pretty good. The top speed is around 80kmph. And it is very comfortable to drive. Also, there are more than 100 Vida fast chargers, So even if you plan to go for long distance you do not need to worry about the charger. You will in fact love to push the scooter lot more. So guys this was our experience with the Vida V1. Overall it is an exciting scooter with amazing power on offer. Overall what I like is the design and features and technology it has to offer. Plus the service network of the Hero in India is incredible. Also the range in an electric scooter is very important. And so I cannot wait to do a proper range test on this scooter. The warranty you get on the battery is for 3 years and 30,000 km. While with the electric motor, you get a warranty of 5 years and 50,000 km.
Is this the best electric scooter in India? Well, I can’t say as of now. But it is definitely one of the best electric scooters in India. Also when anyone of us thinks about the reliability in the 2-wheeler market, The Hero instantly comes in our mind. And that’s where my trust comes on this product. So guys this was our experience with the Vida V1, Hope you enjoyed the video. And if you have watched till here then one like is all we expect! Plus if you have not subscribed to us then do subscribe to Motoroctane right away. Now if you are confused about buying a new car, Then you can get on a phone call with me or my team of experts, And get all your doubts clarified. Visit, Fill up some of the details, And book your call timing. Now isn’t that very simple? So, I will see you tomorrow with an all new video guys, Take care, Bye!


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