The Biggest SUV From Mahindra – Mahindra Alturas G4


welcome back TECH HOW is here, the real top-G of India’s here Outsider top-G is now inside But if you see the last video of ours There a car name was mentioned which is a real Big Daddy Mahindra calls Scorpio N real Big Daddy of SUVs XUV 700 is very big but the real Big Daddy of SUV is this Mahindra alturas G4 Mahindra’s most expensive car till date whose retail price was almost of 38 lakh rupees, The most expensive Mahindra launched till date But was it worth of 38 lakh? And should you consider this car right now In which from front if you see, you can see it so very big car In which you get this high beam light or projector And this is its LED bars and this Chrome is here externally.
This is its front Chrome grill where you get Mahindra’s vertical slats And this is Mahindra’s logo which is not suiting on this car very much The new Maruti logo of Mahindra would have looked more cool This is it’s 360 degree camera and this is your parking sensors And this is of Chrome a great work is done which is looking cool And this is the flip key of this car where you get Mahindra’s logo and Chrome buttons But if you see from side, this car is very unique and very big In which the length of this car is almost 4.9 m You can call it the biggest car except of MG Gloster I don’t count that of this segment So you can call it the biggest car In which you get 18 inch alloys which looks okay But the foreign version of it, Daxton one You get of 20 inch in it which looks cool This car is very big from side where you get big ORVA You get 360 degree camera here But the owner of this did some of Qualis work in it stuck stickers and all Then you can and why Mahindra made this accessory? And if you see it’s door handle is very cool Where you get a Chrome lining which looks premium And you get request sensor in it You get Chrome lining here and here too And the roof rails on top is functional one You can add your baggage here and it is fully tight But it’s quarter glass or quarter panel is very small I was touching it in a very weird way, it could have been a bit bigger But the designing issue comes here, if you see. This panel is so big but there is nothing designing in it Which looks cool Daxton had logo too. So they could have written here something cool like top-G or tell me? At Mahindra’s logo only Add new logo here and Old logo in front If you come at back it is very big You can assume this car of 50 lakh or 30 lacs If you know this is it’s tail lights LED one Where you get LED bars and this is Mahindra’s logo And here just like Daxton you get many big logos at back And here you get Alturas G4 written What does G4 means? I think which is 4 wheel drive So which is 4×2 is that G2? That too is G4. this is Chrome too in this car There is too many Chrome in this car if you like Chrome Then this car is right for you and the real cool feature is Which doesn’t come in Scorpio N or XUV is this. See, this you don’t get this in XUV how cool it is You get great space in this car and everything black And black is great.
Which car reviewer will do such thing in the world but I’m doing it. Oh god this is not stopping. It is closing I meant that it’s not stopping I was about be topless from top-H But don’t take risk in it, sensors work sometimes Sometimes they don’t work. we had checked this before So it worked earlier but now it didn’t. so, there might be any accident Let’s move inside it, just press request sensor and car will open If you see the car gate looks very premium Where you get this leather of good quality And you get all of its 4 Windows automatic one Here you get controls of memory seat And obviously as it’s memory seats you will get everything electronic function And it is 8-way adjustable And on the floor you get alturus G4 Logo illuminated one, So that you remember which car is this And it’s seat is kind of premium where you get diamondy effect And you get puffuration in middle Because you get ventilation function in this car But if you see it’s gate I think it’s less open angle in it Normally they are less in SUVs but altros have a lot. So Altros is better than Alturas in this term. And right now you might be hearing some sound of outside It’s insulation is very cool I haven’t seen this stronger insulation in any other car In this price and you get this dashboard in it Which is very premium where you get wooden type finish in it And you get leather finish in it, which is very premium Here you get all the AC controls in it And so many AC controls I haven’t seen At top you get 8 inch screen where all the controls are there And this is its ventilation seats And this is a cool feature of ventilation I am feeling air at my back, Let me turn on yours too.
It’s coming? no? now? No. I am feeling it. And if you say it’s speedometer and all Then you get half analog and half Digital in it It has screen in middle and the other two are analog And this car has been Run 69000 km So, it was destined for us to make review at this point of time And I will show you one more cool thing, see here, If I press this button our 360 degree camera is on Isn’t it looking like a Fortuner from here? Yes it is looking like Fortuner. And there is no sunroof in it so I think they have added of Fortuner here And it’s touch is decent it is same like in Fortuner It’s nothing like you are losing something but nothing like you will get extraordinary And you even get SD card slot if you want To play your old songs you can add in slot and play And here you get a big thick Centre console Like a premium car and maybe this is its cigarette that Is that cigarette burner? I think we have to keep it on in it How do you know? Like that only. And you get it’s transmission here Where you get a wooden effect and this is Mercedes transmission Just like SsangYong or Daxton. Then only you get W and S button Other than that this is very cool part of it Where you get a peb means parking break And you get auto hold for keeping the car on auto hold And this is the control of its four wheel drive system Where there is 2h, 4h and 4l And this is it steering where you get all this controls Of it’s audio and this control of this MID How is the touch feel of the buttons? It’s just like the XUV ones.
If you see on roof I like that head legger very much It is of black colour which not looks dirty And looks premium too and at back you get great leg space And you get great space from the front seat I did my seat back to it’s highest And my height is 6’2 so I can be the most long car youtuber of India? Faisal Khan will come to Delhi and will beat you Left foot on the break, right foot on the accelerator, Driving the motor and off you go One cool feature which I like that in the back seat you get auto down function in it. Which is available in less cars, most probably in luxury cars And you are getting in this and this is the back AC vents here And it’s looking great it’s it has a silver effect And look at this, this is very thick This is it’s Centre arm rest and if you press like this So you can keep anything here, we have bought bottles. But one thing I don’t like about this car That it’s door opening handles is of plastic effect Sweet looks less premium, if could have been in metallic effects Then it would look more cool and at back you get decent space And it’s not like you will sit very comfortably I won’t sit but if you want to make your kid sit you can easily do that And have great fun you can give punishment too. No not punishment, to the children’s. Children will sit in Altrus that are 9 airbags in this car Children will be safe in the back too. And if you see its’ interior from back it is very wide car And you get sunroof and does of the size of Rexton This car has very much Rexton It’s not so cool.
We don’t want to make it G wagon. Now let’s drive and see this car Let’s enter it and D and even if I press accelerator it won’t to work And if I wear seatbelt then this car will run This is a cool feature, if that is irresponsible man it’s good for him. You have to wear the seat belt then it will move forward And the steering is just as light as Rexton And this car is really very cool in driving Suspension of this car is extremely good And I am not saying just because I like this car It’s suspension is really great and if you see in drive terms Then you get 2.2 litre engine in this car In which you get 170 around horsepower And 420 NM torque and if you see in recent terms, The car coming nowadays gives you more power But it’s not like you will feel under powered in it If you accelerate it this car performs great And obviously you won’t be doing 0 to 100 from this car And it is very much luxury oriented. Yes. And it is very much luxury oriented Oh horsepower. Is it horse or donkey? This car’s height is less as compared to N Denver or Fortuner, that has some more height. Because this is luxury oriented and Rexton was like this too. It has less height too as compared to Fortuner Or N Denver of that time And we have added one more segment in our car reviews which is top-H offroads So we will check extreme capabilities of their car in that Till what extreme it can go and we have an obstacle in front of us So great off roading? We did off roading. Our obstacle of extreme condition We have pass that and this is now top-H certified off Road You can do off roading in it and it was on 2 wheel drive We haven’t even engaged it on four wheel drive right now And if you want to buy this exact car, I have drive this. It is exceptionally driving better so you can buy from Diwan Motors You can see the number on screen you will get great deal They are retailing of around 24 lakhs And it has Run 69000 km So lucky number 69 And this was it in today’s Topic. Bye Bye


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