Tata Altroz CNG -The New Mileage King With FULL safety


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I have got something very exciting for you, And many of you were asking me about it for a long time. It is, The Tata Altroz iCNG Yes friends! There are quite a few differences, It’s not just CNG. As along with that, You get few additional features as well. So watch the video till end, You’re gonna enjoy it. So let’s begin with the front of the car. I’ll show you quickly as there are no changes upfront, It gets regular front grille. And it is the top model just for your information So you have these projector headlamps, And underneath are these fog lamps, That’s, you know,Yellow And these are the day time running LEDs in white. Let’s move on to the side of the car.
Here when you see the overall, Again, there’s not a big change in the design. It’s the same. Get’s 16 inch wheels. You know, You get these black elements which are the same as before. But I will show you a new feature in the interior But before that I have to show you the boot of this car. So, Whenever you see the boot of any car, For instance this car, Are you able to say if there is a CNG tank inside? You see, You get decent boot space here. Let me just show you. What do you think does it have boot space? Yes it has! But how? How was Tata able to do this? That is the major part of this video. So actually they have given this car the twin cylinder technology. Usually you get one big CNG tank. But here they have divided it into two. Although, the carrying capacity of the CNG is still the same. But here they have converted into two cylinders.
Due to this, As you can see, You can always shut this close. And you get decent enough boot space to carry luggage, Without any problem. That’s a big plus point. Now, Let me show you all the changes made to the interiors. When you see the back seat of the car, So here too now you get leatherette upholstery. Even on this CNG variant, you get leather seats. Meaning, the top model of the Altroz too gets a CNG option. With that, Wait you don’t have to go. You have to stay here. Airbags! Yes guys! Altorz is getting an airbag at the back. So now they have increased the airbags in Altorz. Now come on, I am not going to tell you, You guys have to tell me how many airbags are increased? Before it use to get two of them on the top model. Now how many does it get? 4? 6? I am giving you two options, you tell me Overall the space here is just like before, And there is no problem at all.
You get enough space at the back. You get, Two adjustable headrests here at the back. You get an armrest with comfortable space. So there is a good amount of space in the car to sit. And overall there is no such issue in that regard. So if you are considering Altroz then now it gets more airbags. And still the story has not ended. I will show you a few more things, come. So they story still continues. Now, When you see the interiors then it is Almost similar to the outgoing Altroz Then what’s new? Gets the same 7 inch touchscreen, You know, You get these audio controls And many things are exactly similar in this car. So what’s exactly changed here? One major thing which is new here, Is right on the top of the car. And that is the fact that it now get’s a sunroof. So those who wanted a sunroof in Altroz, Here it is for you. It’s finally here for those who loves sunroof.
And the seats are as comfortable as before. So it’s a good car to be in. Plus, Still the story has not ended! Come closer, Though it is a CNG car, It still gets multiple driving modes. So you can drive in economy mode to increase the mileage of CNG. Tata motors has not provided the exact number, For the CNG tank’s capacity. And there is no clarity on other things too. But it gets iCNG technology. Which means, When you turn on the car, It will first start in the CNG mode. Performance will be similar in both petrol and CNG. So it has been developed while Keeping these aspects in mind. And these are the things that makes it one of the, Best CNG car for you. Well, we have not driven it yet. But very soon we will be driving this car. And of course we will bring a review once we drive it. So, Stay tuned for that.
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