Skoda Slavia – True Owner Review In 2023


Hi Hello! This is Tech How ? First of all, how are you all? Definitely you all will be good. So first of all for Naveen Kanmani Youtube channel a huge support, views, comments You have been extending such an awesome response. And the Youtube channel is going in a very exciting manner after its creation! Next what video we are going to do is… We can keep it as car tour or car review.So whatever I feel I am going to share with you. The connect between the car and myself, certain aspects of that car So I am going to explain completely to you. Everybody asked why did I pick a Sedan? Many asked about that. The reason I chose a Sedan was I have tried every car, did test drive by calling them during shoots and so from SUV I have seen all the cars. I was not satisfied with anything.But if I liked a car very much it was Thar! Because I like Jeep a lot. You can assume that it was a big dream for me. I have so much craze for Jeep. So they launched Thar and I was thinking of taking Thar.
I did a test drive of that too. But the biggest disadvantage was there was no Boot space! We go for shooting regularly and Boots space is very important. So all the luggage, bags and fact we keep it like our house! We dump everything. But there is no space in it. And the other biggest drawback is The seat has to be held to be seated.So can’t make my parents sit on it. It won’t be comfortable so I changed my decision and came out of Thar So after that Skoda was newly launched. The reason I went to Skoda was I have driven SUV and Hatchback. So I have never driven a Sedan! So this was newly launched and I wanted to try. The main thing that impressed me was the Frontage. It looks like a mixed version of BMW and Volvo. So if you see from a distance it looks awesome… So I fell for this! So with the bend I fell badly for it! So you won’t find many cars in this color. I think there is one or two in BMW or Volvo I guess! So this color was unique so I chose this. I have covered the frontage almost I guess. Now lights! It has three models This so is coming often. No idea what to do. Leave it! In the lights if you see..there are three models. Basic, Mid segment and Top Only in Top end because of LED when the vehicle while coming in the dark it looks like eyes. I liked it a lot. So that is why I went to Top end.
Then It is available only in Top end. So I chose this. Come, let me show the sides. So door. Well what is the big deal about it..all doors are same. Well, only in Skoda and Volkswagen only this is there. When compared to other vehicles. So usually we can open only this much. But you can open further and further in this. Are you asking me for this purpose you have chosen this car? But I am saying that this feature is there that is all! The big plus point in this vehicle is this light we can say! The light was major thing. Orelse it is almost same in all the cars. Since it is the latest one the light difference is there. From bulb to Led it is a big advanced model..thinking like that we are cheating ourselves. Did you see? We have kept it worse than our house. But we are not keeping our car properly. Another one of the reason for buying SUV is Because of Boot space. 5.5 l or something! So spacious. I can go inside and sleep. When I went last time to Kodaikanal I went by car completely. I had kept all the luggage,clothes,shoes everything! I parked and threw everything inside. It was very comfortable because the boot space was big Another reason for going for Sedan! Why I had gone for Sedan if you see
I had Creta earlier When I use to go for shooting I use to get neck pain, become tired and it was diesel also I use to feel tired. But since I picked this vehicle I have never felt tired even once! When you say car, we use it for driving and using it regularly The day this sunroof came..I fell for it! In Rajini Murugan, they see terrace,terrace,terrace. I fell for that only For that purpose only Top end. So we have covered outside almost now let us see inside! The main thing is it is for petrol/fuel. So if you press like this it will open. You don’t need keys. It is a bit risky because if we press like this it opens. It has few risks. So that is it. The first vehicle I bought was bullet! So I had a classic bullet! That was my first ever vehicle and after that this vehicle! What are the pros and cons of this vehicle I have to tell about it for sure! Because for people taking after this it will be useful I believe. This car’s advantages if you see..Comfortable! If we are going on a long drive So I had gone to Palani. Myself, my mom, my wife and my entire family. I had travelled for nearly 8 hours. I did not feel tired at all. We went at 140 or 120 and we did not feel anything at all. No shake or wind or any sound from outside! So to that extent this car is very comfortable. So this button is below the steering and when we press we can pull it down or lift it. This is there in all cars. I will tell you. And then with this silver coating they give volume and all.
It gives a luxurious look! So you can raise the volume and if it is a song you needn’t use the touchscreen at all! You can do it in the handle itself and I liked this steering a lot! It gives an imported car feel! All of a sudden, your AC cooling increases by one point itself and on the other hand even if you increase the AC there won’t be enough cooling! No idea why! But I too heard that the AC review of this is bad! The AC is a bit bad in this vehicle. In this the AC doesn’t stay for long inside this! It is a major drawback in this ! Then what all are there in this car and what all are lacking! This is a box. Arm rest. In this you can keep tissues, And I keep lot of rubbish only. Actually they have given the Water bottle holder very small. Only small water bottles can be kept. We can’t keep anything big like a flask and all So big coffee mugs can’t be kept. Only small coffee mugs can be kept. That is one. Then this is the ventilation seat button. Only button has been is not working great! Marshall. Why I liked Marshall because I saw in an acquaintance’s dance class I enjoyed a song so much while listening in Marshall for the first time ! After that speaker,I wanted to buy Marshall badly. And later I thought of buying but A fan from Malaysia gifted me! Even though it was small..I kept it in my car.
Never mind! And this one This was given by my childhood friend saying that it was a marriage gift! This baby is my wife’s gift. Those two Ganeshas and Muruga are from two people who were with me in Creta Yes..I forgot to mention. Another reason for the luxurious look given by this car is The reason for choosing this is this terrace. To open it all we need is to press this button! Pangu, Pangu, terrace! I got carried away by this only! Look here, can you see my hand? Pangu can you see? I got carried away by this. I liked it a lot. Many we have seen on the roads they would stand and go in this. But it has been 5 to 6 months since I bought this but have never stood even once in this. Standing on this ventilation seat and going is a big risk they say but no idea how far it is true! But mostly it is risk only because in 20 or 40 we can stand. But when we put a suddden brake then definitely Like how Vadivelu rolls down from the busit will happen. So there is definitely risk involved so we have to handle it safely Come on..I have been speaking for so long! Let us have a coffee! Come, let’s go!


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