In the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, Johnny Depp’s most memorable character was Captain Jack Sparrow. It is, nonetheless, also among the best characters in movie history.
It’s genius that Depp is infamous for claiming that Keith Richards was his inspiration. Jack Sparrow is a lusty, curiously masculine, and permanently drunken train wreck. He might, however, be the most intelligent pirate ever. Or at least the most fortunate.
In addition, Johnny Depp received an Oscar for The Curse of the Black Pearl’s best actor in a leading role.

Mr. Scissorhands
One of Johnny Depp’s most incredible performances was in the role of Edward Scissorhands.
Depp effortlessly portrayed the character’s suffering.
The makeup artist for this movie received an Academy Award nomination for Best Makeup.

Johnny Depp portrayed the title character from Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice in Wonderland in the 2010 adaptation.

Willy Wonka’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
British author Roald Dahl created the well-known character Willy Wonka in his 1964 book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Johnny agreed to be in the 2005 film. He was one of the greatest on-screen avatars at a difficult chore and made it seem effortless.
Whatever role he plays, the actor invests a lot of himself in the role.

To the woods, Big Bad Wolf (2014)
Johnny Depp makes one of his best character changes in this movie. He was wearing a zoot suit and a fedora. Atwood won an Oscar for best costume for the movie.