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Even after so many SUVs coming to India, There is this one sedan that people buy again and again, Over any SUV. And it is not like for once. People sell the old gen of this car and buy the new generation. And they continue this process with every new generation launched. Yes, you guessed it right. It is the Honda City. And now with an upgrade, the car gets new features. So is it still worth buying the new Honda City in 2023? Watch the video till the end to know. Let’s go!Honda City has always been a premium sedan. But this time around the approach has been changed. So when launched in 2020, Honda City was equipped with a lot of chrome. But now they have gone minimalistic on chrome, And have added black elements to make the car look sporty. So upfront, The grille now gets black elements, The same can be seen on the lower bumper as well, Only the top part of the grille gets the chrome finish on it. The higher variants get LED headlamps. So 6 lights are of low beam, While 3 of them are for high beam. Coming to the side profile, You will notice the silhouette of the Honda City launched in 2014, Has been maintained here and it is clearly evident.
Also, it has helped to give a good wheelbase to the car. So they have gone with the, why fix when not broken strategy! Just for your information, It is the facelift version of the City which was launched in 2020. There is a camera on the left ORVM, And it activates when you switch on the left-side turn indicator. Additionally, it gets a camera on top of the windshield, Indicating it gets ADAS. So in this car, you just get cameras for ADAS, And not the radars. The Wheel size happens to be 16 inches. And as I said the approach is more toward being sporty, They have changed the alloy wheel design to look sportier, Rather than giving a premium look. The rear of the car does not get any major upgrades. There are some small changes, Only the lower bumper gets some tweaks, While the rest looks the same as before. It has a very subtle rear lip spoiler integrated onto the boot. Also, it gets LED tail lamps. For those who want to know, It gets a shark fin antenna. The boot space of the Honda City varies between the Hybrid and petrol variants. Boot space is less on the hybrid variant at 306 litres due to the battery pack underneath. While the petrol variant has 506 litres of boot space. Come on, let’s step inside. The interiors of the Honda City are plush looking, Specifically since the 2020 model. In fact, each gen of the City had plush interiors. The same can be seen here. Few changes have been made to make it look sportier, Compared to what it was premium.
So they have replaced the wood finish with carbon fibre, And other than that there are few additional features. We will get into everything. The touch and feel of the steering wheel is premium. It comes with leather wrapped steering on the higher variants, And it definitely feels premium and upmarket. It has cruise controls and audio controls on the steering wheel, While the higher variants get adaptive cruise control. The instrument cluster is a part digital and part analog unit, And the digital part provides loads of information. It shows you all the ADAS warnings, And you can customise it completely. Changes can be seen in the touchscreen infotainment system, As it finally gets wireless android auto and apple carplay. It was one of the missing features, And even the Honda cars ranging up to 30 Lakhs missed out on this feature. Honda has claimed that they have improved the reverse camera, Although it still misses out on dynamic guidelines. However it gets multiple modes like top view, zoom, and wide, Making the parking convenient. Also, the car now gets a wireless charging pad. On the hybrid variant, the wireless charging pad is a fixed unit, But on the petrol variant, it has a makeshift option above the cup holders. So if you want to use the cup holders you can easily remove the charging pad. The reason it is removable is that the hybrid variant gets an electronic parking brake with auto hold function, While the petrol variant gets the manual handbrake leaving no space for the fixed wireless charging pad. The IRVM has an auto-dimming feature. It now gets a white colour, very mild, and minimal ambient lighting.
There is a sunroof on the roof, And these seats are very comfortable. When you sit for the first time in the City, You will be really welcome with this comfortable set of seats. The front seats are extremely comfortable and almost feel like a sofa. They are well-cushioned seats and you will enjoy sitting on these seats on those long road journeys. In terms of safety, It has features like 6-Airbags, ABS + EBD, And the list is pretty long. Talking about the build quality, The last gen Honda City launched in 2014, Scored a 4 Star rating in the Global NCAP crash test. In fact, it’s twin sibling Jazz scored the same rating as well. Now being a new-gen car with better build quality, We expect it to score at least a 4-star rating if it is tested at the Global NCAP. Now let’s move to the back seats to show you what space is there for rear passengers. In the second row, there is ample knee room and adequate headroom even for tall passengers like me. People have always preferred to sit in the back seat of the Honda City, And so the focus has been to make the rear seats comfortable. It has a good amount of softness on the seats. And just like the front seats, The rear seats too are pretty comfortable. However the thigh support could have been better, Although it is decent enough. There is a centre armrest, And it has three fixed headrests which are more than sufficient. So overall it is a spacious and comfortable car. There are AC vents, 12V charging port, Cup holders, and bottle holders, for the comfort of the rear passengers. Overall, Honda City should be your priority if you are looking for a chauffeur-driven car at this price point. So enough of the talk, Now let’s go and drive the car. So here we are to drive the car. Turning on the ignition, Shifting to drive, And here we go. Now let me clarify one thing, The 1.5 litre petrol and the 1.5 litre hybrid, Are different in terms of performance. But their original power is maintained. Let me explain it to you clearly. Firstly there are no changes in the performance of the engine except the emissions. But I will still explain you in detail. So it will be helpful for those who are watching for the first time. So, Acceleration has always been the strongest point of Honda City.
Be it the Petrol or Hybrid with CVT/MT. Hybrid feels a bit lethargic for better mileage, But the regular petrol engine has been built for an excellent outright performance. The car can do a drag race or even a quick 0-100 for you, But once passed 100/120 kmph speed, The ride begins to get a bit bumpy. Other than that it’s a very smooth car to drive. Like it is very comfortable and convenient to drive in city limits. Be it manual or CVT or even the hybrid, You will not have a point to complain. The steering wheel is extremely light, The ride quality is just amazing. You will not feel the jerks on most of the bad roads. So the driving experience will be excellent on the City. The handling is just decent enough as the car has thinner tires with the focus being the mileage. So if you want excellent handling then I would recommend you to install wider and grippier tires. Now that doesn’t mean these tires do not offer sufficient grip. But if you are thinking from an enthusiastic aspect for handling, Then you might have to change the tires. Rest, it is the best 1.5 litre petrol engine in the market. No other naturally aspirated petrol engine has such amazing performance. Push the accelerator pedal, And the car moves. It responds quickly. Even in the manual transmission, you will have no problems doing quick overtakes. So this is where Honda City clearly shines. The mileage of the manual or CVT City, inside the city, Is around 12 kmpl. And on highways, if you drive around 80-90 kmph speed, Then you can expect a mileage of around 18-20 kmpl. It will drop if you do high speeds. On hybrid variants, you can expect the mileage to be around 24-26 kmpl. So it may go high if you drive inside the city, While it may drop on highways if you do frequent high speeds.
Else you can expect it to return around 22-23 kmpl quite easily. In terms of visibility, you shouldn’t have much of a problem. If you are coming from a small size car, Then it may take time to get used to the length of the bonnet. Being a sedan the bonnet is not visible. You may take a couple of days or a week’s time to get used to with the car. But you can easily drive it on highways without any problem. Only in the city traffics or for that tight turns you may take time to judge the car. Rest, it’s a very nice and comfortable car to be in. It even has multiple modes of regen braking. So if you want the car to slow down quickly, Then you can set the regen mode at the highest level, And that can be done directly with the paddle shifters. The hybrid variant used to get the ADAS. But now even the petrol variant of City gets ADAS. However, they are completely camera controlled. I’ll tell you about the ADAS features. Firstly the ADAS is available only for the front and not for the rear. And the features are very limited. The camera-controlled ADAS does not work in all conditions. Other cars offer cameras with radar. So as in this car, it is just the camera, The ADAS might not work the best in rain, fog, or even dark light conditions, Which you expect from the camera plus radar-based ADAS. It even has a feature where it pulls you back in your lane. So you will not struggle with features at any given point of time. Also, I forgot to mention a unique feature of the City. It gets a rear sun blind. Now the question is whether you should buy Honda City petrol/hybrid or not. So guys should you buy the Honda City or not? Let me first clarify that the diesel has now been discontinued. Petrol and hybrid are the only options available. So in terms of features and technology, Honda City has always been an excellent package. It gets some minimal upgrades like a wireless charging pad, Wireless android auto and apple carplay, Which are pretty useful.
So I feel even today the City is an excellent package. But if you want features like ventilated seats or any other, Then I would say go for other sedan or may other SUV. But if you want a no-nonsense car that offers you a spacious and comfortable cabin, With beautiful driving pleasure, And offers a complete package, Then in that case the Honda City clearly stands out. Now the question comes, Hybrid or Petrol? So if you drive a lot, Then in that case you can opt for the Hybrid. Or else you will have to wait for many years to recover that cost. Whereas the regular petrol City, Be it the CVT or the manual, Both are equally good for regular driving. You will have no issues with fuel efficiency or performance. So it makes a complete package. Also, the advantage of ADAS on the Hybrid City, Is now available with the petrol variant as well. The only feature it misses out on is the electronic parking brake, And according to me, it is not at all a deal breaker. If you want more options for sedans then there is Hyundai Verna also coming up. And if you are confused to buy a sedan or an SUV with too many options in both categories. So in that case you can join me or my team of experts on a phone call, And get all your doubts clarified. Take care, See you tomorrow, Bye!


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