August 11, 2022

Polestar guaranteed Apple CarPlay support for its EVs quite a while back, and it’s at last conveying. As The Verge makes sense of, the vehicle brand has delivered an over-the-air update for the Polestar 2 that makes CarPlay accessible on the Android Automotive-based car. Assuming you’d prefer use Apple Maps rather than Google Maps or really like to converse with Siri in lieu of Google Assistant, you currently have that decision as long as you associate your iPhone.

In 2020, the automaker expected to convey a CarPlay update in January 2021. It’s not satisfactory what provoked the postponement (Polestar refered to “different elements” the previous fall), however the stand by isn’t totally is to be expected. Android Automotive is worked around Google’s working framework, and frequently its administrations. iPhone support was continuously going to be a lower need, especially when you needn’t bother with an Android telephone to utilize Polestar’s underlying usefulness.

You actually can’t track down CarPlay on various other Android Automotive vehicles, including more up to date Volvo models as well as Rivian’s R1T. However, you will not need to stand by lengthy at times. Volvo hopes to add the point of interaction in no time, and it will ultimately uphold iOS 16’s cutting edge CarPlay interface. In that sense, Polestar is only a vanguard for its kin image.

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