One Of The Best New Electric SUV FROM HYUNDAI in 2023


Hey guys! Welcome to TECHHOWW.ONLINE, How are you all? Friends today we have another, All new electric SUV, From Hyundai. Although Hyundai’s Kona is already in the market, But now we have the all new SUV, Ioniq 5. So why is this different? And why have they introduced it? Firstly you will not have the option of, Petrol or diesel in the Ioniq 5. It is a born electric car. Meaning, It has been developed as a completely electric, To give you many benefits. Watch this video to know what it has to offer. Regarding pricing, I am putting pricing underneath for you, To give you an idea of how much it cost. So let’s get into the video to understand what the Ioniq has to offer.Starting with the front of the car, First thing you gonna notice is, The bonnet is quite lower than other SUVs. Take any SUV from Hyundai, For instance, Venue, which is a compact SUV, Then even Venue’s bonnet is higher than this. So the reason is, Being an electric car the car should give a longer range. And for that very specific thing, It gets low bonnet for better aerodynamics, And the range should go up. In fact, its bonnet is completely closed to improve aerodynamics.
Also if you notice then the Hyundai logo which usually is on the grille, But here it has been placed on the bonnet itself. You get a 360 camera on its grille. The headlamps get a unique treatment that is different from, Other Hyundai SUVs. You will not see any relation in design elements, When it is side by side with other Hyundai SUVs, Unless compared to cars from the Ioniq range. So overall the front of this, Looks quite different from other Hyundai cars. The headlights get all LED treatment in them, But unfortunately, I won’t be able to test and show you how effective they are. So to know how sharp they are or how bright they are, You will have to wait for a while. Now when you see the side profile of this car, You will think it is a small sized SUV. But actually, it is decently long enough. It is marginally shorter than the Tucson or XUV700, In its overall length. Now the biggest advantage of being a completely electric car is, The wheelbase. The distance between the front and rear wheels is about 3000mm. So when compared to other petrol or diesel cars in this category, It really has a longer wheelbase than most of them.
Due to that, it frees up a good amount of space inside the car, Which can be used quite easily. It comes with 20-inch alloy wheels, And different style door handles. So the front door handles are closed when locked, And pops open when unlocked. Just like higher variants of XUV700. While for rear door handles, You have to press with one hand and pull it manually. So you may have to use both your hands. All in all, it is a bit tricky to open the rear door. One more thing you will notice is that it is not a tall car. So just like the low-set bonnet, the height is small too. This has been done on purpose so that passengers sit a bit low, And to make it more aerodynamic for better range. While coming to the rear you will notice, The charging point has been placed on the rear fender. And when you just press it once, It pops open electrically. So yes, It is for the first time I am seeing it getting electrically operated, At least on cars in India. And it gets both AC and DC charging options.
Once you come back you will see the design resembles the front. The styling of the front and the rear is quite similar. So just like the front closed grille, You get a similar pixel type pattern here on the back as well. It has an Ioniq 5 badge on the boot. And just like the headlamps, The tail lights too get square type design style. The tailgate is operated electrically. The boot space here is amazing. And can easily keep a lot of things. So the main aspect of this car is the interior. Being an electric car, it gets a lot of new things and patterns inside, Which possibly you might not have seen in other Hyundai cars. So let’s step inside the car to show one by one all of them. So, Let’s go. The interior of the Ioniq 5 looks quite futuristic. In fact, let me turn on the car,. So you get these two screens. Also the dual screens of other brands, They get black element between the screens. To give it a one piece appearance. But here it gets white colour element, To make it differentiate from the rest. Overall the interior styling is really good. If you notice then it doesn’t get too many buttons and is quite minimalistic.
For AC control you get a few buttons, But for rest it has a touch panel. So once it is off, it looks completely blacked out. It is a very simplistic design and doesn’t get too many buttons. The steering wheel itself is quite unusual from the regular Hyundai cars. You don’t get a Hyundai logo here. Instead, you get a square pixel pattern, Which is translated from the word Hyundai. You get steering mounted controls along with a drive mode selector. So on the left you get the audio controls, And on the right you get cruise controls. Also the gear selector is not in the center, Instead, it is just behind the steering wheel. So it gets a knob and a display to switch between drive or neutral, And a button to get into the park mode. Rest everything is similar with headlight and indicator controls on the right, And wiper controls on the left. The digital instrument of this car is quite easy to operate. Hyundai is always known for making user-friendly interface touchscreens, And is quite easy to use. So if you are not a techy person then you can easily get accustomed to it, The UI of the touchscreen is very simple, And not a complicated system.
It’s quite easy to understand and operate as well. You get a massive panoramic roof, It is not a sunroof but a moonroof, So the glass always remains closed and cannot be opened. The front seats are nice and supportive, And both the front seats are electrically adjustable. You even get extra thigh support for the front seat, Which can be raised to sit comfortably. The biggest advantage of an electric car is, The kind of space it offers inside the cabin. So as you can see, You have a lot of space down here. And right now I am sitting a bit cramped, But that’s just to show you guys the amount of legroom you get here. You get space underneath here, As there is no gearbox being an electric car. So you won’t have such issues, As the motors are placed in the front and the rear. By the way you get Bose branded speakers in this car, Which we have heard in other Hyundai cars also. And here you get similar audio quality speakers. One more thing I would highlight is that, You can adjust the co-passenger seat From behind with help of these buttons. Plus, You can even adjust the rear seats from the front. Which is a very unique thing. So the rear seats too are electrically adjustable, And the controls are in the front too. Talking about the features, You get a huge list in this car. You get ventilated and heated front seats, Heated seats for rear passengers. Also it has 360 camera, Wireless charging, Electrically adjustable front seats, Single pane glass roof, And the list is pretty huge. Talking about safety features, It gets 6 Airbags, ABS + EBD, Traction Control, ESP. It also gets an electronic parking brake with auto hold, And it is on the right side. Generally we see the parking brake in the centre so I missed it, But here it is nicely integrated on the right side of the dashboard. Also here not only the armrest, But the entire center console gets a sliding mechanism. You have two cupholders in the front.
You get 2 USB charging ports at the back, While one USB and one 12V charging points in the front. You have bottle storage in the doors, Glove box has decent space, Overall along with features, They have also taken care of the utility part in this car. Especially the storage space below the front armrest, That’s a huge thing to give. Like if a lady sits here, Then she can even keep her purse in the center storage. Now let’s jump to back seat to check the features, And what space it gets for the rear passengers. At the back, you get amazing knee room, With adequate headroom, The floor is completely flat so three people could easily sit in comfort, And will not have any problem for 3 passengers to travel. You even get three adjustable headrests. And, You get manual sun blinds too. Also, the rear seats get heated function. Along with electric operation to slide, And manual adjustment to recline the rear seats. So overall the rear seats are comfortable place to be in. Thigh support is decent enough, not the best in this category, But the best part is you have loads of space. As the center console is slidable, The AC vents are on the pillars, Which cools the side passengers effectively. However the center passenger will have to depend on the front AC. So overall the space is pretty good and comfortable. Now it’s time to go and drive. Alright guys, We are set to drive the Inoiq5. Turning on the car, Shifting into the drive, It has electronic parking brake so I don’t need to release it, And here we go. Let me get into the sports, And show you the acceleration.
This thing is damn quick. So the claimed 0 to 100 acceleration is 7.6 seconds. I will mention the power and torque figures for you. Generally, I see the power and torque figures, Just as numbers. As many cars get less power on paper, But offers an amazing performance. In case of Ioniq5, The power figures are awesome, And also has that fun-factor in driving. One more important thing I would like to highlight is that, Although it looks small, It is actually a big and wide car. Still you won’t face any issues while driving, At any given point of time. As it is pretty easy to drive. The steering wheel is absolutely light, And has a good amount of feedback too. And the ride quality I was expecting from this car, It turned out to be a lot better than that. Now since this is a born electric car, The entire ride, handling, and ground clearance, Has been taken care of accordingly. We were two in this car and we rode it to many places in Goa. But not even once we felt that the ground clearance is low, We were very comfortable.
Hyundai claims that the laden ground clearance of this car, Is the best of all Hyundai’s. Which means when the car is fully loaded the ground clearance it has 163mm. So there is no doubt of facing the issue of ground clearance. Third is handling. Now I’ll be very honest we have not driven it a lot, And did maximum speeds of 80 kmph. What I really liked about the fact is that, It really feels pretty confident. And it is much more comfortable, And easy to drive at any given point of time. So overall you will not face problems with the drive quality. And even I don’t see the area of concern while doing higher speeds. Okay, so let’s talk about the claimed range. So the claimed range of the car is somewhere around 631 km, But when I started the car in morning in normal mode, That time it showed a claimed range of 400 km. So even if you get a range of 400 that will be more than sufficient, But if you get this car, Then I am sure you will drive it aggressively, And not with comfort at any given point of time. So with that style too if you get the range of 400kms, That will be pretty good. And as it gets regenerative braking, You can definitely level up your range to a great extent.
So let me tell you what regenerative braking actually is. Suppose you are driving on a certain speed, Let’s say 50, Okay? So if you are driving on 50 and release the accelerator, The car will slow down faster. This will come in use when there is a speed breaker in front of you. Like you left the pedal and regen starts on the higher settings, It will slow down quickly and store that energy in the batteries. So this helps you to increase the range. Also it will improve the range while coming down hills. And if you have never heard about this term, And think I am sounding more scientific, Then you will learn about it once you start driving electric cars. It is quite convenient to drive this car. What I really liked about it is the ease of driving. It is very easy and comfortable to drive. You get two chargers with this car. One is 3.3kw normal charger, Which you can normally plug-in anywhere while travelling, Otherwise you will get an 11kw home charger. Also it can be charged with 350kw output, Which can charge the car from 10% to 80% in 18 min, But unfortunately, We don’t have even one 350kw charger available in India. Soon we will see 150kw might just start to get a little bit common.
Hyundai will offer in the coming days, Kia too will offer in their cars, Because EV6 and Ioniq5 are like, Seltos and Creta, Brothers and sisters. Both are based on same platform with many similarities, Of course both are tweaked differently and both looks different with different interiors, But that’s what they have done in common. One more thing I would highlight is that, It gets a proper charging point in the second row. And with that you can charge your laptop or any other gadgets, So you can do that also quite easily. Also on the exterior you get a sort of socket, They call it M socket if I am not wrong. And through that you can connect anything you want. Like suppose you have a electric scooter, Then you can connect that charger to this car and get it charged. Or if you want to go on a camp, And you just want to heat something through that electric point. Or you want to use a hair dryer, Worst case I am telling you, So you can just connect to it and use it. So these are the options you get which is called as V2L, Vehicle to load. This car even comes equipped with level 2 ADAS, So you get all the front functions like adaptive cruise control, But you also get radars for the rear too. Suppose we are in reverse, So we saw in Alcazar, Sorry in Tucson rather, Where while reversing there was someone passing by, And the car braked for us. So all features are available in this car too, Which will work as additional safety for you.
Now the question is shall you consider Ioniq 5 or not? So guys this was our review of the Ioniq 5. And I hope you got the information you were looking for. And if you still have doubts then we are always available to support you guys. Now, If you have the confusion if you should get the Ioniq5 or the EV6, Or maybe the BMW i4 which is lot more expensive, Even the EV6 is expensive. So if you are confused between this or an SUV like Fortuner, You know all those big sized SUVs, You are going to stay confused. Because at the end of the day choice spoils everything. So in that case you can get on a phone call with me or my team of experts, And get all your doubts clarified.


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