New Tata Harrier petrol Has Everything To Beat Mahindra In 2023


Hey Guys welcome back to TECH HOW. So our first news is MG hector New facelift has launched in which you get big grill in front Which is really bag with that you will get some Chrome accents in front You get new headlights and tail lights in this car And you get A-desk level 2 in this car With that you get some updates in interior Like a very big vertical screen in its dashboard Which is new from earlier and you get UI and everything different I really big screen with that the dashboard in this car Has difference in the designs The centre console of this car is different too. And with that the buttons of its Windows and all Are different too and you get some more additional features From which the car is made advanced And now this car cost 14.71 lakh rupees to 22.4 to lakh rupees Ex showroom India Which is okay according to me because you get great Technology And great features But then the next news which is very great That Thar 4X2 has launched in a great price In which it’s AX version cost up to 9.99 lakh rupees ex-showroom India So you are getting a Thar in almost 11.50 lakh rupees In which you get decent off roading.
You get rear wheel drive powertrain and great powerful engine You get thar’s brand name so technically this car is value for money As compared to Creta or Seltos etc Which is coming in this segment and the brand name will be more in this car As compared to all those cars because they are very main stream And if you want it’s LX version then it is of 11 lakh rupees ex showroom India or around 13 lakhs on road which is value for money too according to me Because you get the right power in this car with LX’s alloys And 1.5 l engine is great package according to me then 2.2 l engine Because you get almost same power in 1.5 l which you get in 2.2 And with that you will get great efficiency Great refinement, less vibration, So it’s a great car go and buy this And enjoy. just if it had an automatic option too in it’s 4X2 then it would have been a more great package.
But then it would have been more expensive And then people wouldn’t have bought 2.2 So it is a great package in 1.5 l You will have great fun and the detailed video on this car is uploaded on carversal Go and check out and then the next news And I felt right, that Hyundai’s ionic 5 Has officially launched in India And the price of this car is 44.95 lakh rupees ex-showroom India Which if you see technically is very value for money Is very great because the Kia’s EV 6 Had price of 70 lakh rupees Ex showroom India And this car is almost 25 lakh rupees cheaper than that And the car is almost same in which you get same platform Same size, same battery, 216 horsepower and 631 km range A-desk level 2 and almost best feature of Hyundai And it’s fit and finish will be better than BMW’s 3 series But one thing is the price which have quoted of 45 lakh rupees This is only for the first 500 customers After that the price will rise a little So if you come in first 500 customers which you can easily Because it’s not like on electric cars in India 10K booking are done So book ionic 5 in 45 lakhs And have great fun and its definitely value for money Because it’s on road will be around 47, not much difference, And you can get almost best car in 47 lakh In which you get best features, powers and best looks Just if it had any other logo than Hyundai it would have looked great Because Hyundai’s logo looks kind of cheap If this car would have been of BMW then it would be of above 1 crore. Then then next news and great news is that Lexus RS.
It’s booking has started and we have covered this car in auto expo If you haven’t seen that vlog then it is uploaded on carversal go and check out We enjoyed a lot in auto expo and did a whole tour And our RX is a cool car which is pretty much based on rap 4 Kind of a premium version of that and it will have two versions in India which are RX350H and RX500H And you will get 2.5 l engine in 350H In which you get 250 horsepower but in it’s F sport version, 500 one, you will get around 350 horsepower in it. And you can go from 0 to 100 in around 6.2 seconds in that car Which is great and the look of the car is very unique and different In which there is new grill in front and you get new lights New body lines but there is only one problem That this car is based on rap 4 so the experience turns a little bad And it’s price will be very costly around 1.5 crores So it’s not value for money in that price And there were many great cars in Lexus stall Which is uploaded on carversal video Go and check out it was a very great video Then the next news is that Suzuki Has unveiled their new SUV which is named fronx.
Which you can call a better version of Baleno In which you get very different looks like coupe And very unique looks and Suzuki has really worked hard on this Because from front it looks kind of premium car And from sides and from interior too it is kind of decent And very big looks from behind And I had covered this car too in auto expo And had asked Suzuki What will be its Ncap rating and they answered very well And it’s price will be of around 10 lakhs in India Which is great and Suzuki have used their brains in this Because the car is Baleno but the price they can sell it on premium And then can earn great and then the next news is That Jimny has launched in India means unveiled in India In which you get the same looks from front but you get 5 door version on side Means you get 4 doors on sides and one at back And I didn’t liked it much when I went there Because the height of the car is less And you are not getting the proper SUV feel in this car And I get a feel like a box, like a commercial vehicle And it’s three door version was the real one in which we had fun It’s just feeling like this one is made for India It’s price in India is not confirmed yet but can be around 15 lakhs For the top end spec but the demand for this is very right Because Suzuki has garnered around 3000 booking Within around 2 weeks which is a great number And if it had great PR which would have been done by me Then we would have reached 15K booking but no issues Suzuki Didn’t did great PR Then the next news is Tata Motors has unveiled their petrol engine options.
Which will be used in their future cars as well as existing ones. which is great and one among those is 1.2 litre TGDI engine. In which you get turbocharging and Tata Motors already had 1.2 litre turbo engine But this is great then that because in that you got 170 NM torque But you get 225 NM torque in this one And you got 120 horsepower in that and 125 horsepower in this one And you will get great efficiency in this engine from earlier And great refinement, And this engine is compatible with E20 Means ethanol compatible So this engine will run on our sugarcane fuel But the main attraction is of Tata’s new 1.5 litre turbo engine In which you will get 170 horsepower, 280 NM torque And this engine is going to be used in Harrier, Safari and curve which is going to be launched next year of this brand. So this is a very strong engine because all the cars of this segment For example Jeep compass or Alcazer or Hector The petrol option of all these have horsepower less than 170 You get around 150 or 140 horsepower but in this you are getting 170 horsepower You get 200 horsepower in XUV 700 no issues and it’s torque of 280 NM is great too.
Because you get less in all other cars. that XUV’s petrol engine have great power. but the fuel efficency is very bad, comes around 6-7-8. my car has of 7 so the efficiency is bad. So Tata’s engine size is small, 1.5 liter, so if Tata can offer around 10 efficiency in this engine in city like I drive then it will be great, and Tata motors can create a great USP. So, launch these engine in your Harrier, Safari and increase your sales, you even needed a bit upgradation. And from upgradation I remembered that Tata motor’s Harrier and Safari facelift has unveiled in which there are not many upgrade from outside. but you get great upgrades in interior. like you get a new 10-inch screen in which you get new UI and all. new seats and new theme in its interior and you will get some more updates in it’s features and all. like you will get 360 camera or A-desk. So, Tata motors is performing great. I am going to buy Tata motor’s share tomorrow on Monday. We will earn great money.See you in next article. Bye Bye


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