Mercedes GLC Coupe 2024 Review


You wanted to see the all-new Mercedes GLC Coupe? We deliver! Here it is in the new generation with Thomas on Autogefühl for you in 4K, full screen, full length. Let’s go! And this front here will look like this in the Avantgarde trim. And in the AMG line, the GLC SUV has a different Avantgarde front grille. Here, you always get the sportier front grille with a microstar pattern. However, if you have the AMG line like we have here today, then in the lower part, you have these sportier accentuations in the lower part. LED – see the small signature here, two-dot design. Optional DIGITAL LIGHT – we have it here for even more high beam performance. The length is at 4.76 meters or 187 inches. That means it’s a little bit longer than the predecessor and also a little bit longer than the SUV brother. We’re soon going to take a look at the trunk and how this affects it. And we can see here the obvious thing – the falling roofline, minus 3.5 cm lower if you compare it to the SUV, forming this really strong hip area. So, very sensual design. Do you love it or do you hate it when you go SUV Coupe? Tell me in the comments. Which team are you on? Then the wheels – 19-inch standard with AMG line. These are the 20-inch wheels – really massive style in black. And if you want even more black, like the side mirrors and also the frames here around, you could go for the Night package. But I think the chrome contrast here works very well.
Talking about contrast, you have these sidesteps here and they look kind of cool – I think at least, and maybe you don’t. They also have an aerodynamic advantage. The only disadvantage is when they are dirty, you might also put stains on your pants. So, let’s imagine you prefer the Coupe and you’re in discussion with your home government. Then you could get a very good argument for it. Because this one is the more efficient and more aerodynamic form if you compare it to the SUV, just the wind flow is better actually. What is the same with the SUV is that you can optionally get the air suspension both front, rear axle, that is combined with the rear axle steering, and up to 4.5 degrees, the rear axle can steer in the opposite direction than the front wheels, reducing the turning circle by a meter. And that, I can tell you, helps massively. And also, up to a threshold of 60 km/h or 40 mph, you are just more agile in corners at slower speeds. It’s definitely a technology highlight and it also sets it apart in this very aspect from the competition. The only difference with the Coupe here is that you always start with a fixed sport suspension. Then you have to go optionally. The SUV would have the choice between the sport and the comfort suspension, actually, the non-adaptive one.
Visually here, yeah, that’s of course something different. Look at the light signature here. And if you look very, very closely, you can see this middle part here is actually not equipped with a light, but it is also not completely black. It is a very, very dark red, like the color of the tail lamps. In the lower part… Autogefühl fake exhaust police alert because these are just beauty tips. The key fob, a very good impression indeed, and the door closing sound. Also very solid – I like that. Inside of the doors also looks like very good quality from the build quality. And here we also have the optional Burmester sound system. Here, not the biggest fan of the seat controls in this new generation – they don’t give a real feedback, it’s just while touching. Also, this one-button design here, for example, for the seat heating. You have reasonable space here at the insides of the doors. Then let’s take a look at this AMG interior, where you have these perforations at the side of the steering wheel and also the two horizontal spoke design. And seats. They are available with full Artico leatherette, for example, or also in the AMG line in Europe, leaves microfiber on the inside. This is the optional animal skin equipment, but you can get the same look and feel also animal-free. They offer the choices.
Then let’s get inside. At 1.89 meters or 6’2″, I still have some headroom left. And there is big news here with the new GLC Coupe generation. Because one of the things that customers complained about this vehicle majorly was that there was just this very small roof here – you couldn’t really say it is a panoramic roof. Now they have a panoramic roof, and you can open it with this slider here. And you can see it moves over. You can also see it from the outside there – hello! It has a substantial opening. You can also see it here from the interior. So this is a big step forward, especially for existing customers, of course. The steering wheel goes up and down electronically, and the seating position overall is quite comfortable indeed. Really looking forward to the situation in the rear seats. There we are with the rear. So that’s the same equipment here, of course. And also the inside of the doors – once again, you don’t see hard black plastic or something just in that area. But here, everything is covered. And lovely how the ambient lighting is also integrated for the rear passengers. That’s pretty cool, actually. So we know that the GLC has a longer wheelbase now in this generation. That means a little bit more legroom. Of course, it’s not super plentiful because when you have a tall driver, it still works, especially here with this recess. So it’s okay, actually. And headroom – yes, of course, you always lose some if you compare it to the GLC SUV. But here, I do fit in here. I can even put a hand over my head. Again, it’s better than a GLC SUV, but I think I can live with that compromise.
The only thing is that the rear bench is a little bit steeper. What about the middle part here? It’s actually feasible – that works maybe for shorter trips. Not the ideal position, but it actually works. So overall, I think you can live with the compromise that way is offering here. In the middle part here, you have once again these very nice air vents, also with a clicking sound, and then also a separate climate unit. Interior cockpit overview: To me, the cool thing is actually that you’re not stuck with the high gloss black; you can also go for this mesh structure. And I also heard there’s a carbon fiber coming up. So really cool that we not only have this high gloss black all over the place, actually. Vertical screen – soon more details for that. And of course, very obvious, these air vents here – illumination inside, clicking sounds. That’s also cool, actually. Just that they’re not 100% aligned here. Yeah, I told them that and they’re looking into this now. And what’s also pretty cool is that when you change the temperature here in the lower part, here there’s always this fact that goes warmer and colder, also visually in the air vents. The steering wheel in this new generation looks cooler, feels better actually has a better size – just a sporty approach. In combination with air suspension and rear axle steering, also more direct – very interesting. And very cool shifting paddles here as well. The only thing is that these hashtag capacitive BS buttons here to control them while driving – you get used to it, but still, it’s worse than with real buttons to control it. But what you can control with it’s pretty cool.
Here we go – you can pick different styles, for example, sport, or map full screen. Or what about the off-road gauges? They are standard actually, not only come with the off-road package, and have the best visualization as for showing off. And there’s also an off-road mode for the optional head-up display, which also looks coolest. And guess what? Here in the infotainment system, the off-road view also looks coolest, actually. If you want to see the special off-road see-through bonnet camera in action, check out our SUV GLC review. Here in the lower part, you have the climate unit, then with the touch here once again and close up. It works. I still prefer the physical knobs, but am I too old for this? I don’t know – tell me in the comments. The visualization here itself is pretty cool. The hybrid here, the plug-in hybrid, also has a battery hold function that can keep the battery status and so on. 31 kWh is the capacity – pretty massive for a plug-in hybrid. So you can go full electric, like 100 km or 60 miles or something. That’s cool. That’s the internal map. But you can, of course, always go for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. And then the integration looks like this. And yeah, the Burmester sound system is really cool. This, by the way, is one of my favorite songs of all time. And yeah, it sounds just amazing with the system. And even more obvious is the capability of the system – pure, the sound comes from the front, like in a concert, and then switching to 3D surround, it’s all around. Hear the difference? Amazing, right? Pure. Surround. And here you have cup holders.
They are some… that’s magic, right? Look at that once again – tada! But then again, they don’t hold heavier or glass bottles that tight, actually. And then you have two USB-C chargers in the front, also an inductive charging pad. And overall, yeah, quite some space. Well, probably you can’t split water of the ocean, but at least you can split the armrest here. This privacy glass is actually standard both for Coupe and SUV. You can depict it if you don’t like it. But at least for the Coupe, I would strongly recommend you to stick with it because then you can only hardly see what’s in the trunk. Well, why is it important? Let me tell you. Here, folding or flipping the logo is opening that one. And then you can actually see what I mean. The backpack fits in here, but then in the Coupe, because of the limited height, this cover here doesn’t go over it. So I would actually, in the Coupe, remove this one and just rely on the privacy glass. Then here the width is actually more than a meter or 40 inches, so good width overall. Let’s say the height here. The question is, where do we measure it as a Coupe? The highest point would be more like 60 cm or 24 inches. But here, it’s only about 37 cm or about 14 inches. So this is the thing you lose. However, the total length is where you gain with the Coupe. Where the SUV would end like here, you are here at about 105 cm or 41 inches, right? Yeah, 41 inches. So longer trunk for the Coupe indeed. So flatter, but longer. And you also lose some of the liter figures here because you cannot change it that much. So overall, then liter figure comparison is 600 liters for the GLC SUV and 545 here for the Coupe, a little bit less for this plug-in hybrid here. This is the plug-in hybrid actually. And then on top, it’s the same actually, but below, the plug-in hybrid has just this very small hole here. And the normal non-plug-in hybrids would have even more space than here underneath. The seat folding mechanism is really cool. You have this button right here, and then that’s on the other side.
That’s a very easy solution and also goes completely flat into the seats as I would be driving. That’s substantial, almost 1.85 meters or 73 inches. Yeah, that’s under the hood, has to be right? Then opening the hood, about the engines, you get 2-liter 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines and also plug-in hybrid, both for petrol and diesel. And then there will be the 6-cylinder diesel, mainly because the German market still asks for it for towing and so on. 2.5 tons is the maximum towing capacity. The plug-in hybrid is a little bit less, it’s around 2 tons. And now I am passenger with Dominik Voogdt, the team leader for testing for mid-sized vehicles at Mercedes. I’m not driving myself because at this point it’s not allowed yet with the GLC Coupe, but he is the guy who has been doing the testing. So this technology, the rear axle steering, is something that makes the car more agile at lower speeds and more stable at higher speeds, and especially reduces the turning circle. What else have you done if you compare it to the predecessor generation with this new GLC Coupe here now? Yes, concerning the suspension, we have the complete air suspension that we developed for the S-Class. So we have a very comfortable ride comfort if you drive in the comfort mode, and if you change to the sports mode, you have a very strong, stable, and sporty behavior of the car. It’s actually the air suspension from the S-Class? Yes. Is it the very same one, or… It’s the very same one with different parameters. So platform-wise, the GLC is not only closely related to the C-Class, but then also even to an S-Class? That’s right.
The S-Class was the first car of Mercedes rear architecture too. Then we brought the C-Class. But in the C-Class, for example, we don’t have the air suspension. So another thing, especially turning at higher speeds, you also worked on NVH noise probation (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness)? Right. Basically, it means it’s more silent, especially at higher speeds. So how much more silent is it in comparison to the predecessor? And how did you achieve this? What did you do? Especially at higher speeds, we have the air noise around the car, and what we brought in the GLC SUV and the Coupe, we put the mirrors on the door. And now here, we have what we call ‘Bitumen Doppler Bleche’. It’s kind of… Listen and repeat ‘Bitumen Doppler Bleche’. That’s Daimler speech. But it’s on the tunnel, and so we reduce that. You measure the noise of the engine. It’s like a double sheet that is isolating the noise? Double sheet. And between the two sheets, there is bitumen. Interesting. In addition to that, it’s also a thing that we did first with the S-Class. We have foam in the pillar, and so we have a very good noise vibration behavior also. Once again, rear-axle steering here. Look at that! Wow, that almost turned like a standstill. Yeah, that’s really amazing. So I have also been testing this vehicle here in the normal SUV shape so far. Of course, you can tune into the episode of that, and I really felt that this is also what’s setting it apart from the competitors because the competitors don’t have it in this segment, actually. And when you have this combination of air suspension and rear axle steering, you have more comfort and at the same time more agility. And also like this, parking in and out of basement garages and so on. I will drive this one here myself very soon, and so far, you can tune into the GLC SUV review or also the comparison to the X3.


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