Maruti Vitara vs Creta vs Hyryder vs Seltos vs Kushaq vs Astor vs Taigun In 2023


Hey Guys! Welcome to Tech How! How are y’all doing today? Friends, last time I made a review on the Grand Vitara for you. And you said that you want a comparison of the Grand Vitara. So for that reason, I’ve got the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder. But we didn’t stop there. It’s TECH HOW’s Maha Comparison and we stop here? Not at all. So for that reason we have with us the Hyundai Creta, the Kia Seltos and if you see there, there’s the VW Taigun, the MG Astor and of course, we also have the Skoda Kushaq. So this is a Maha Comparison from Tech how. After watching this video, if you’re considering any car, all your doubts will be almost clarified immediately. So, without wasting much time, let’s get into the video where we’ll be doing a lot of tests by which you as a car buyer, will get a lot of clarity. And these tests will be such if three people can sit in the second row or not, How much is the boot space? How’s the music system? How’s the throw of the headlights? We’ll do all these tests that you can’t do in a dealership. And no one else will do such tests for you. So if you watch the whole video, you’ll get complete clarity on this. And we’ll also mention each and every test in the timeline too.
And yes, if you’re still confused that which car you should buy, you can connect to me or my team of experts on a phone call and clarify all your doubts. And no one else gives you this service too. So if you look at the designs of these cars, it’s a subjective topic. Maybe you’ll like the Creta’s design and I like the Grand Vitara’s design. It’s a personal taste. So for that reason, I won’t be explaining the design. However, I’m going to show one-one aspect of each of the cars. So if you talk about the keys, You’ll notice that the Grand Vitara’s keys and even the Hyryder’s, it’s very simple. Here just lock and unlock features are available. Whereas, when you look at the Creta’s keys, or even when you look at the keys of the Seltos, Here there’s lock, unlock, boot-opening and along with that, now you also get the remote-start feature as well. The Creta that we have with us is the older model. So for that reason this feature has not been shown here. But now this feature is also available in the Creta. After that, when looking at the Kushaq’s keys, and even when looking at the Taigun’s keys, here you get lock, unlock and boot-opening options. And this key swipe opens too. When looking at the MG Astor’s keys, even this is quite simplistic. Here you get lock, unlock and boot-opening options. Overall, when you look at all the cars, the roof rails are available on all the cars. If you look at the wipers on the cars, there are two types. There’s a framed and a frameless.
The frameless are the expensive ones, almost 3 times as expensive. And they clean the glass better. So when you look at six of these cars, So basically everyone except the Astor offers regular wipers. And just the Astor offers high-end quality wipers. When talking about the ground clearance, the Astor gets 180 mm of ground clearance. The VW Taigun gets 188 mm. The Kia Seltos gets 190 mm. If you look at the Hyryder, or even the Grand Vitara, both of these get 200 mm of ground clearance. The Creta gets 190 mm of ground clearance. And the final car, the Skoda Kushaq, it gets 188 mm of ground clearance. When talking about safety, I’m taking the Global NCAP rating as a benchmark. The Skoda Kushaq, it’s the safest SUV in India with a score of 5 Stars completely. In the whole category and even the final score that it scored, there the Kushaq has scored the highest among all.
Now when you look at the Creta, the Creta has scored 3 Stars out of 5. The Maruti Grand Vitara and the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder, These have not been tested yet but both these cars have been made on the Brezza’s platform. And Brezza has scored 4 out of 5. They should be getting 5 stars because they’ve done quite a lot of changes in the car. So since the scores are not out yet, we shouldn’t claim anything. After that comes the Kia Seltos. Even this has scored 3 stars out of 5. Whereas when we move towards the VW Taigun, this too comes with the Kushaq as the safest car. Among the safest cars in India. The Kushaq and Taigun, both have scored exactly the same. Now, the MG Astor has not been tested yet And there are no results on this as of now. So due to this, we won’t be able to reflect more on that. When talking about the tyre size, the Grand Vitara and the Hyryder both get 17-inch wheels and the size of the spare wheels is also 17-inch itself. You get 17-inch wheel on the Hyundai Creta but its spare wheel is a size smaller which is 16-inch. You get 17-inch wheels on the Skoda Kushaq too but the size of the spare wheel is 16-inch. In the Kia Seltos, you get two sizes of wheels. 17-inch on the higher and now there’s a new variant, the X-Line where you get 18-inch wheels. So both have spare wheels of smaller size.
You get a 16-inch spare wheel with it here. In the MG Astor, you get 17-inch wheels but the size of its spare wheel is 16-inch. Even on the Volkswagen Taigun, you get 17-inch wheels but the spare wheel size is 16-inch. When talking about boot space, the Grand Vitara and the Toyota Hyryder come in two types. First, the strong hybrid where because there’s a battery underneath, the space is compromised. It gets around 256 litres of boot space. So overall, not much of your luggage fits in here. Whereas, in the regular mild-hybrid, there all your luggage fits in easily. The Hyundai Creta has a boot space of 433 litres and here all, all of your small, medium and large suitcases fit in easily And you can stuff in some extra backpacks too. The Skoda Kushaq has a boot space of 385 litres and still You can fit in all the small, medium and large bags and also carry some extra luggage.
So don’t go by numbers. In the Kia Seltos, you get 433 litres of boot space due to which you can carry small, medium, large and also carry some extra luggage too. Now the MG Astor has 488 litres of boot space in number but in reality it offers the smallest boot if we compare the non-hybrid version of the Vitara. Here hardly two bags fit in and a backpack with it too. In the VW Taigun also you get quite a lot of space. So you can carry a lot of luggage in it small, medium, large suitcases and you’ll notice that quite a lot of space is still left. When looking at the second row seats, in the Vitara and Hyryder, the strong hybrid, The seats are 60:40 split but folds completely flat. But, when looking at the mild-hybrid of both these cars, the seats do fold but stay a bit reclined. In the Hyundai Creta, the seats fold completely flat And as you can see it folds in a 60:40 split. Whereas, in the Skoda Kushaq, it’s 60:40 and also flat fold but there’s a step in between which might be a problem in terms of practicality. In the Kia Seltos as well you get a 60:40 split and it folds completely flat. The MG Astor, this is one such car where the seats don’t fold completely flat but you do get a 60:40 split in this as well. The VW Taigun also gets 60:40 split And the seat folds flat but there’s a step here too between the boot and the seats which may cause some inconvenience. So guys, let’s get inside the cars and I’ll explain every feature one by one.
But before that, here’s an important point to remember for you. Do you know which is the most complicated part in your car? The Engine. It’s not just the most complicated, but the most expensive part too. So whenever you cold-start your car, which is when you start the car in the morning, that’s when the engine’s wear and tear is maximum, upto 75%. And along with that, these are SUVs. So there’s a heavy load on these. I mean, maybe you’re carrying more people in the car or you’re going off-road, you know, you’re pushing your car on tough terrains. The load increases on the engine. Now why am I telling this? Because your engine’s wear and tear increases, which means your engine’s life reduces. That’s why I recommend you, fully synthetic, Castrol Magnatec Engine Oil. Firstly, it’s BS IV ready, Plus, you get dualock technology in this, Which, the wear and tear during start-stop, protects it at that time. And even during heavy loads, it protects it. And overall, your engine life increases and cuts down on your expenses in the long run. When you look at the Grand Vitara’s interior, It looks quite premium if you look at it through Maruti’s standard. The touch and feel of the materials is good here. Soft touch elements have been used in quite a lot of places. Somewhere it still has some hard plastics used. But overall when we talk about this category, it’s not the car with the most premium interior. Yes, you’ll definitely find such things that it shares with the Brezza.
And somewhere it’ll remind you of the Brezza if you look at the dashboard. Now the seats in this car are quite wide. Which means you can easily sit, if you’re lean or wide, it doesn’t matter. You can comfortably sit and go and Maruti’s seats have always been good. So this, you get its continuation here. When talking about the unique features, so you get All Wheel Drive (AWD) system, and along with that, a full hybrid technology is available with this. And both don’t come in one car, both are made available in different variants. Now, the panoramic sunroof that you get in this car, you also get a net with it due to which the sunlight can easily intrude inside the car and heat the cabin. So just for your information, all these cars go above ₹20-22 lakh, the top end models. And still you don’t get 3-point seat belts in the second row in all the cars. You just get two of them, you don’t get it for the third passenger. Just some cars offer it and Vitara is one of them. When you look at the Hyryder’s interior, it’s quite similar to the Vitara. Now actually both the cars are built in the same plant, Made by the same manufacturer and in the same assembly line. And there are a lot of similarities in them. I’d say it’s identical from the inside. There’s not much of a difference. Maybe just the colour.
One’s brown and one’s full black. Such minor differences here and there and nothing apart from that. So when talking about its touch and feel, here too, you get a mixture of both, soft and hard plastics. There’s nothing to complain about the fit and finish. It is a premium interior but not much that I can say it’s the best in the category. Overall, its seats are also quite wide and comfortable. You can go on long trips easily without any problems. And yes, this particular variant that I’m sitting in right now, it’s V, not the top of the line variant. So when you look specifically at this car, you’ll feel like it offers lesser features than the Grand Vitara. But it’s not like that. Just like we had the top variant of the Grand Vitara, We’ve got the mid variant of this one which is an All Wheel Drive (AWD). So for that reason you might see some features that are missing. But, in the top models of both these cars, the exact same features have been made available. Now when I talk about the unique features of this car, so there are two of them here, One is that you get a strong hybrid. And second, you get an All Wheel Drive (AWD) system. So both these, you get the same in Vitara and this one as well. Now it’s the turn of the Hyundai Creta’s interior. Its interior, touch and feel is also quite good. Of course it doesn’t feel too premium.
You get hard plastics here too. But overall, its interior is really lovely. Now if you get the Turbo Petrol variant, you get the black and red interiors. Whereas, if you get the regular variants, you get black and beige interiors. Creta is also very feature rich. Especially when you talk about the higher trims. But in the base model, the features are next to nothing. Its seats offer good comfort if you drive in the city. But if you go for long drives, After 3-4 hours, you start feeling that discomfort. Creta also offers some unique features such as Electronic Parking Brake with Auto Hold. You get sunblinds for rear passengers in this and Seltos too. And Creta and Seltos offer a Diesel engine not only with the manual, but even with an automatic. So, all these are its major plus points. When you look at the Kushaq’s interior, it is quite good. The touch and feel of the materials is also good. But they don’t feel too premium. Along with that, because this is the Monte Carlo, you get this black and red interior. Otherwise the regular versions have different coloured upholstery and interiors. Now, the Kushaq’s seats are comfortable. Along with that, they are firm. Due to that, when you go for long trips, you won’t face any problem with respect to comfort. And you won’t feel tired easily. And yes. You get two unique features in this. Firstly, cylinder deactivation. And it comes only with the 1.5-litre petrol due to which, your overall mileage is increased. And second thing is that, in the base model itself, You get quite a lot of safety features that other cars do not offer.
At the same time, in Global NCAP, This car has scored a complete 5 stars, which no other SUV in this category has not scored. When you look at the Kia Seltos’ interior, it looks quite plush and tech-loaded. The touch and feel of the materials in this is really good. And overall, its cabin is also quite good. This cabin feels a bit smaller to me. But that’s not what everyone will feel. And along with that, in the GT line and the regular variants, HTK, HTX… The interior trims, the colour, it’s different. It’s black in this and you get a beige sort of interior. So that’s a slight differentiation in colour. And when you talk about the front seats of this car, these are decent enough. It could’ve been wider and the support of these seats could’ve been better. But nothing else is really an issue. Everything else is very good about this car. By the way you get quite a lot of features in the Seltos. And three of them are unique. Firstly, the Blind View Monitoring. Second, in the diesel, IMT has been made available. And third, not the most important, but you get ambient lighting available in multiple colours which keeps on changing with the music as well. Guys, if you look at the Astor’s interior, it’s quite premium. Compared to every other car in this category, the most up-market interiors, feel, to touch and to feel, Out of all you’ll like the Astor itself. Here you get soft touch materials majorly everywhere. And the list of features is also quite long with this car. By the way, when you talk about the front seats of this car, they are quite comfortable. While on long trips, you won’t feel tired very easily.
If I have to tell you its major pros or unique features, you get Level 2 of ADAS in this car that no other car in this price point is offering you today. After that, you get an AI Assist, which is a virtual connect system, that basically can talk to you. Along with that, from the base model itself, you get disc brakes in all four wheels. And you also get an Electronic Parking Brake with Auto Hold as well. One downside about this car is that, the Panoramic Sunroof of this car, there you get a net sort of a finish for closure. So the cabin is exposed to a lot of sunlight and heat. When you look at the Taigun’s interior, the touch and feel is good though. It doesn’t feel that premium but its build quality is quite great. Overall, the cabin of this car is very good. The seat comfort is also good. Like I said, same as Kushaq, it’s a bit firm. And overall, if you’re going for a long trip, these seats are quite comfortable. Now if you see the unique features of the Taigun, it’s similar, like the Kushaq. Firstly, in this you get multiple features of safety from the base model itself. And along with that, you also get cylinder deactivation too. By the way, in the Kushaq, you also get a subwoofer, That the Taigun does not offer as an extra. Talking about getting in and out of the car, it’s not that difficult to get in and out of the Grand Vitara. You can easily get in and out of this car but height is a bit more so for that reason if you’re an elderly person, you may face some problems in getting in and out of the car. The same story goes with the Hyryder. The doors also open nicely, quite wide.
So getting in and out won’t be much of an issue. If you’re older, maybe you’ll face some problems getting in and out. Getting in and out of the Hyundai Creta is quite easy. It’s very comfortable and easy to get in and out of the car because you won’t have to put much effort here. The Skoda Kushaq has the best entry and exit. You can easily get in and out of the car. I think it is the most convenient car to get in and out of. Kia Seltos also has a similar story just like the Creta. Just the Creta’s doors are a bit wider compared to the Seltos. So getting in and out is easier in the Creta. Whereas getting in and out of the MG Astor can be a bit difficult. The car is at a good height but, the rear door, You may have some inconvenience there to step in and out comparatively. The Taigun too, just like the Kushaq is the best car to step in and out. You can easily get in and out of this car. And the Kushaq and Taigun have scored the highest here. In the driver’s seat adjustment, in the Grand Vitara, you get manual seat adjustment. The same story goes with the Hyryder. Here you get manual seat adjustment only. In the Hyundai Creta, you get electric seat adjustment. At the same time in the Kushaq too, You have to manually adjust the seat for the driver. Kia Seltos offers you electric seat adjustment.
Even the MG Astor offers you with electric seat adjustment. But, the VW Taigun offers manual seat adjustment for the driver. In the Maruti Grand Vitara, you can adjust the steering both for height and reach. Same thing for the Hyryder. You can adjust for both height and reach. You get a telescopic steering wheel in both. In the Creta, you can just adjust the height. Reach adjustment is not offered here. In the Kushaq, you can adjust for both height and reach. So this is also a telescopic steering wheel. In the Kia Seltos, you can adjust the steering wheel for height and reach both. In the MG Astor, you only get height adjustment. Whereas, in the VW Taigun, you get height and reach, both the adjustments. The quality of the Maruti Grand Vitara and Hyryder’s touchscreen is quite good. Usability is also very easy. The UI could’ve been a bit more simplified. The Hyundai Creta’s touchscreen system is the best. In terms of usability, response, each and every thing is the best for sure. Along with that, the Skoda Kushaq’s touchscreen system is also quite good. What I like is the brightness of it. The response is also quite good. But the UI is a bit confusing here. The Kia Seltos, again like the Creta, has got a really nice touchscreen. The usability is also very good. And again, it is the best touchscreen of all.
The response, the UI, everything. The MG Astor’s touchscreen system is a bit laggy. Could’ve been better in terms of usability. We didn’t really like the touchscreen response much. The Taigun’s touchscreen system is also quite good. It’s quite bright, it’s responsive. And it’s the same that’s been offered in the Kushaq. In terms of reverse cameras, the Grand Vitara and the Hyryder, the camera quality of both is very good. These come with 360° cameras. However, when you use it at night, The clarity could’ve been a bit better. The Hyundai Creta’s camera quality is outstanding. But here, just a reverse camera is offered. Overall, the throw is quite good in the dark too. The Skoda Kushaq’s rear camera’s quality could’ve been better. And at night, quite a lot of grains are evident. The Kia Seltos’ reverse camera is very good. Its 360° camera is the best in this entire category. And you won’t find any problems at night either. The MG Astor’s 360° camera, it’s the one that needs the most improvement. You get a camera quality like the cars that cost just 5-6 lakhs which is not fair for the buyer. In the VW Taigun too, the reverse camera that’s been offered, The quality is decent. And you’ll see a lot of grains at night too. [Music Test] [Horn Test] [Door Thud Test] When talking about the storage spaces, in the Grand Vitara, you get space in the front door pads for a 1-litre bottle, and rear door pads can accommodate a 1-litre bottle. There are twin cup holders at the front. And you get two of them behind as well. Its armrest is quite deep. Can accommodate a cup easily. And its armrest is adjustable too. At the same time, its glovebox is deep too. Two 1-litre bottles can fit in comfortably. At the rear, you get space to keep your smartphone, for the rear passengers.
The Hyryder also has the same story. A 1-litre bottle fits in the front door pad. The rear door pad accommodates a 1-litre bottle. You get twin cup holders at the front and at the rear as well. You get an armrest at the front that has quite good storage. And the armrest is adjustable too. The glovebox too, is quite big enough. Here, two 1-litre bottles can fit in easily. In the Hyundai Creta, the front door pocket accommodates a 1-litre bottle. And a 1-litre bottle at the rear. Whereas, it’s got two cup holders at the front. And at the rear too, you get twin cup holders. There’s storage in the armrest but it’s not that deep. Just as you can see that the cup doesn’t fit in completely. And its armrest is not adjustable. In the glovebox, two of 1-litre bottles fit in easily. At the rear, you get an extra storage space to keep your phone. The front door pads of the Skoda Kushaq can accommodate two 1-litre bottles. And at the rear door pocket, 1-litre bottle fits in easily. At the front, you get twin cup holders. You get twin cup holders at the rear too. You can keep a bottle in the armrest. And its armrest is adjustable too. You can fit in two bottles easily in the glovebox.
you can keep your phone in the front and at the rear too, you get extra storage to keep your phone in each of the seat pockets. In Kia Seltos, the front door pad can accommodate a 1-litre bottle. The rear door pad accommodates a 1-litre bottle. There are two cup holders at the front and at the rear too. There’s storage in the armrest but it’s not too deep. In the glovebox, two 1-litre bottles can fit in easily. And yes, at the rear, there’s space provided to keep your phone. In the MG Astor’s front door pads, two 1-litre bottles can fit in easily. And the rear door accommodates just one. You get twin cup holders at the front and two at the rear. There’s storage in the front armrest but it’s not that deep. Along with that, you can fit in two 1-litre bottles easily. You get phone storage at the front but there’s none at the rear. In the VW Taigun’s front door pads, two 1-litre bottles fit in and the rear door pad also accommodates 1-litre bottles each. You get two cup holders at the front and two at the rear. You can keep a cup in the armrest too and it is adjustable too. Along with that you can keep two 1-litre bottles in the glovebox easily. There’s storage for the phone provided at the front but not at the rear. Now coming to charging points, the Maruti and Hyryder offers you with two types.
If you opt for the Hybrid, you get a USB, 12V and a wireless charging pad. And the rear passengers get a USB and a Type-C. Whereas if you opt for a non-hybrid, here you get a 12V and a USB. And at the rear, you get a Type-C and a USB. Hyundai Creta offers you four charging points at the front. A USB, fast USB, 12V and along with that a wireless too. And the rear passengers get a fast USB charging point. Skoda Kushaq offers you two Type-C charging points at the front, one wireless charging and a 12V charging port. And the rear passengers get two Type-C charging ports. The Kia Seltos also offers you four charging points at the front. A 12V, a USB, a fast USB and wireless charging. And the rear passengers get a fast USB charging port. The MG Astor offers you a 12V, two USB and at the rear, it offers two USB charging ports. The VW Taigun offers you two Type-C charging ports for the front passengers along with an option of 12V too. And a wireless charging pad is also offered. And for the rear passengers, it offers two Type-C charging ports. When we made three people sit in the second row, in the Maruti Grand Vitara, surprisingly three people couldn’t sit comfortably if I talk about shoulder room. Whereas, knee room was decent and headroom could have been better. Due to the panoramic sunroof, the space feels a bit less.
The thigh support is also decent enough. Same story goes with the Hyryder. Three people just sat in, not very comfortable. And along with that, knee room is decent but headroom could’ve been better and thigh support also could’ve been better. In the second row of the Creta, three people could sit very comfortably. There’s been no complaints. Knee room is good and there’s enough headroom too. Overall, thigh support is decent. In the Skoda Kushaq, three people won’t be able to sit comfortably. Two people will be more comfortable. Knee room is plenty and there’s no issues with the headroom too. And overall, the thigh support here is quite good. In the Kia Seltos, three people could sit. Knee room is plenty and headroom is enough too. So overall, it’s a spacious car. Thigh support is good too. In the MG Astor, it’s very difficult to accommodate three people. There’s quite a good amount of knee room. Headroom is decent enough as well. But the thigh support could’ve been better. In the Taigun as well, three people would be a tight fit. Specifically, when talking about the shoulder room. Knee room is plenty. Headroom is decent enough as well. But the thigh support is pretty good.
So guys right now we’re here inside the Maruti Grand Vitara. We’ll be driving it. Here you get two petrol engines. One is a 1.5-litre mild hybrid. And the other is a 1.5-litre strong hybrid. Alright, let’s start driving this car. Let’s shift it to drive mode. And here we are ready to go. By the way, the model that I’m driving right now is the strong hybrid. So this engine has been developed by Toyota. And its power, it’s very good. I mean, if you have to drive in the city, you can easily overtake. You get more than sufficient punch that you can go at speeds like 100-120-140 kmph. And you won’t have any issues with respect to stability too. The ride quality of the car is good. Fantastic ride quality. When you drive on bad roads, you won’t actually feel the potholes in most cases. It’s that good. And along with that, there are no complaints with the handling of this car.
Now I’d like to show you something. Specifically, I’ve come to a signal just to show you this. Now just as I reach the signal, the car’s engine shuts down. In most cases it remains off. And everything’s working on the battery. The AC, music system and all. And still when I’m driving the car, It’s driving using the battery itself as of now. Just as I push hard on the accelerator, the engine activates, Now the power is produced by the engine. So basically, when there’s no need of extra power and if there’s enough charge in your battery, then the car would always drive on battery power itself. So it feels so silent, I mean, you ride in a silent way. And it’s really beneficial in the city because When you drive at lower speeds in the city, That’s when your battery is majorly active. So you won’t require much fuel to drive the car. So if your petrol engine gives you an average of 15-17 kmpl, this car would give you an average of around 20-24 kmpl on the hybrid. I’m just sharing an approximate comparison of 1.5-litre hybrid and mild-hybrid. By the way, in this you get good performance too because the boost that it gets, from the electric motor plus engine, it offers quite a good pick-up easily, especially at lower speeds.
Like if you go at speeds like 20-30 to 50-60 kmph, you get a pretty good boost. And if you drive more in the city, You’ll get really good mileage too because of the hybrid mode itself. Now it’s time to drive the Hyryder.
I’ve turned on the car, shifted it to first gear, and here we go. Alright, by the way, before I start driving the car, let me tell you that the information I shared with you about the engine on the Grand Vitara, the same engine is what you get in this too. The second engine that you get here, it’s a 1.5-litre mild hybrid. So I’ll speak more on this. So this engine, you get it in the lower trims of the Grand Vitara too, and you get it in Toyota too. Now this engine, it’s Maruti’s K-Series engine. You get it in the Brezza, Ertiga, all these cars. We’ve already experienced it in the XL6 too. If you’ve already driven a Maruti. And its power is quite decent enough. I mean, the torque is really good. I mean, it’s like you can easily pull the car in the third gear itself from almost the speed of 0. So torque and all is very good. And if you have to overtake in the city, you won’t find any problem. But as soon as you go on highway, you want to go fast, above 100 kmph, that’s when you have to struggle a bit. You have to take some effort and overtake and it takes much of your time and hard work over 100 kmph specifically, if you want to push the car. So if you’re an enthusiast and you want high performance, So you won’t get it here. But if you have to drive within the city, then you can drive it seamlessly.
There’s no problem at all. Because its mileage is also very good. In the Brezza, we used to get a mileage of 15-16 kmpl, In the city with mid-level traffic. So you won’t have any problems with respect to fuel efficiency. The ride quality of this car is really good. You can take it on bad roads, care-free. There’s no issue as such. You push it all day long, there’s no problem. And with respect to handling, there’s no compromise. So they’ve taken care of such things. The steering wheel is really light too. And you’ll really have fun driving this car. But, the 1.5-litre strong hybrid engine that’s offered, for which you almost pay ₹2.5-3 Lakhs extra, it is more powerful and more fuel efficient too comparatively. So this is a major differentiation we have with this car. If you have to drive the car a lot, That’s when I’d suggest you to pay ₹2.5-3 Lakhs more and get the hybrid. Otherwise, the extra amount that you’re paying, You won’t have much benefit from it. Even when you drive it in the city, You can drive it easily.
You can easily take U-turns, Visibility is fine too. Visibility, overall, I mean, if you’re driving a big car for the first time, you’ll take a day or two’s time to get used to it Because its bonnet is a bit bigger in size. So guys, now we’re here in the Creta, Let’s start the car, shifted it to drive, And here we go! Now, what’s the speciality of the Creta? You sit quite high. You can see the edges of the bonnet to quite an extent. And in this car, it feels like driving a bigger car. It’s not difficult to drive, but it feels big. Which is a good part. It’s a very nimble car, you can drive it easily, you can push it. You won’t have any problem pushing the car. But, it gives you a big car feel that mostly other cars, the Grand Vitara gave it, Hyryder gave it and the Seltos too, The rest of the three cars felt like I’m driving a slightly raised sedan. But with this, you get an SUV-like feel. You sit quite high. And the way this car drives is, you’re comfortable sitting in a high seating position. And overall, even the acceleration of the car, the handling, There are no complaints as such. Yes, the ride could’ve been slightly better. But there’s nothing major on that downside. And here you get plenty of engine options. You want a low powered petrol engine, you get that too. You want a regular engine, if you want a petrol engine with high performance, You get that too. It’s called the turbo petrol. If you’re like you want a diesel, like, you’re a diesel fan, So you have an option of diesel too. Whether you want a manual, an automatic, an IMT, All the options are available with this car. So as a consumer, as a user, the options offered are plenty.
But it’s not as confusing as the Seltos. The Seltos has got a lot of variants that you can get confused at the end of the day. Hyundai here has been selective that no, in the 1.5 turbo petrol, we won’t offer manual but just automatic. So there are quite a lot of such parameters that Hyundai has defined after learning the Indian Market for years and that clearly pays off here. Today, a buyer in this category, needs a petrol and There are quite a lot of buyers who need only diesel. And the Creta, it’s a proper fulfilment happening right there. And its mileage is also good on the diesel. The regular 1.5-litre petrol that it offers also has good fuel efficiency. And the turbo petrol, it gives you a decent enough fuel efficiency. Now if you’re halting at the signal, the car is absolutely quiet. There’s no noise as such. So to quite an extent, the car is quiet. Before I end this talk, let me tell you, if you’re driving the Creta for the first time and you’ve driven just smaller cars, You’ll get used to this car in a few hours itself.
Driving it in the city, taking a U-turn, driving in traffic, driving it on highways, want to overtake, there’s no problem. You can easily do it with the Creta. Guys, now it’s Kushaq’s turn. Turned on the car. Put it in drive. And here we go. So the speciality of Kushaq is that, You get the power from the moment you go. You’ll never feel the need for more power or you know, could have been extra. Nothing at all. Whether you drive the 1-litre or the 1.5-litre. You will love the overall drive that this engine gives you. And the ride quality of this car, it’s very good. It feels like a true Skoda. In terms of ride quality, you’ll enjoy driving this car. No matter how much you drive on bad roads, in handling, you will not have any complaints. Even the steering feel of this car is very nice. Not too light and not too heavy. It gives you good feedback, the steering wheel. Which is what I really appreciate about the Kushaq. And all these points about this makes it one of the best driving choice.
If you want such a SUV that’s fun to drive. I mean, don’t we say? Best drive quality. I think this is where this car scores easily. And even look at this, I’m going over these small rumblers, but it doesn’t feel like anything. Some noise was there but it didn’t feel like the car’s shaking, or I’m shaking inside. No. Not at all. Even when you drive in on ghats, you know, you push it around straight roads, There won’t be any problem. You’ll enjoy driving this car. And because of the paddle shifters here, you’ll enjoy pushing this car overall. Look, this car, to get used to it, maybe you’ll take a few hours. Not more than that. But yes, the edges of the bonnet are not visible. That’s the only thing. But if you’re driving in the city, it may take some time for you to get used to it. Otherwise you won’t have any problem as such.
You can easily turn it in the city, drive it. To overtake is not a problem at all with this. This is very easy. And if you opt for the 1.5-litre engine, which is more expensive, then you’ll enjoy driving this car very much. Now the 1.5-litre engine is suitable for them who have it in them that performance is extremely important. Rest everything comes after the performance. For them, this 1.5-litre engine becomes more vital. Or else, the ones who want good enough power with features, the 1-litre petrol is more than sufficient for them. So guys, we’re now in the Kia Seltos. We’ve switched on the car. Put it in drive mode. And here we go! Now, in the Seltos, you get a lot of options. Want petrol? Turbo petrol? Want diesel? You get everything here. And in that too, it’s not like there’s just one transmission. Whether you want a manual or an automatic, everything’s been offered to you here. It’s like here’s our full package, pick any one you want. And literally it’s just like that. In terms of engine options, you get everything. So when talking about the 1.5-litre petrol engine, this engine is suitable for those who drive daily. But when you don’t drive much, let’s say you drive just for 10-15 kms daily or 20 kms, you don’t really go fast on the roads. Then that engine is suitable for you. You get quite good performance. In the city, on the highway, while overtaking, You won’t face problems with it though. Plus if you feel that you don’t want to spend much on automatic, but you don’t want the clutch either. Then, the IMT is also made available for you. The second engine that you get is the turbo. It’s a 1.4-litre petrol turbo engine. This will give you more power. This is suitable for those who want to go fast but who don’t need a diesel but you enjoy driving fast. But you don’t want a diesel, just petrol. So for them to, a manual and a 7-speed DCT options are available. The third engine that you get is the 1.5-litre diesel.
In this too, both manual and automatic options are available. Now, the speciality of the Seltos as a car is that though you sit inside the car, though it’s called an SUV, but if you sit in and drive it for the first time, You won’t really have much problem as such. You won’t feel like the bonnet is big or it’ll be difficult to turn. You won’t face any such issues at all. You can drive this car easily in the city, on the highway too. You won’t have any problem anywhere with that aspect. And yes, there’s one more thing that’s very important for you, which is that its steering is very light. So you can drive it in the city without any stress. The ride quality of the car is decent. The car is a bit stiff and you’ll feel it when you drive on bad roads. But it’s not like it’s too much and you’re not having fun. I mean, if I had to give it a score, I’d say, the stiffness is hardly about 2/10 or something. So you won’t really have a problem driving this car. You’ll definitely feel that it’s a bit stiff but problem, you won’t have that with it. And yes, you might want to know how the car’s handling. So it’s decent enough. You won’t have a problem with handling. You won’t have any problem with high speed stability as well. Overall, the car is very comfortable and convenient to drive and the steering wheel of this car is quite light too. In fact, the steering wheels of all the 7 cars are light. I’ll just clarify this point with you all. The acceleration of the car is very good too.
So if you have to overtake in the city, overtake on the highway, You won’t face any problem as such. So the car is made by keeping all these things in mind. Infact, the IMT variant of the Seltos which we drove, we had covered HTK plus at that time, you can watch that review once too. You’ll understand how the car feels to drive specifically. Now we’re in the MG Astor. Started the car. Put it to drive. And off we go. Now, in the Astor, you get two engines. There’s a 1.5-litre petrol engine which if you drive in the city, easily, 60-80 kmph, when you drive comfortably, it’s the right choice for them. But if you drive very fast and you go at high speeds on highways, Then you shouldn’t consider that engine. You get manual and automatic (CVT) both the options. But according to me, this is for those who majorly drive in the city, and those who don’t need more power. The 1.3-litre turbo petrol that’s been offered is more powerful, it’s more fun to drive. When you push the accelerator, it’s not that responsive but it gives you quite good power. So if you want to go at 100, 120 or even 150 kmph, You won’t have a problem with that and you can easily push it. Now the thing that I don’t like about this car at all, it is its insulation. This car’s overall insulation could’ve been better. The tyre noise is quite loud here. That when you get a car that costs around 20-22 lakhs, it’s not a right thing. And along with that, its ride quality is good. You won’t have any problem with respect to the ride. The handling of the car is really good too. So overall, you won’t have any trouble driving the car and this AI keeps talking to you often which I personally don’t like. I’ll prefer to switch it off while I’m driving. The thing that is really good about this car is its ADAS. This offers ADAS Level 2 so even if I try to change the lane, this pulls me back onto my lane. So these are all the advantages of this car that No other car in this category offers it as of now. And you can’t see the edges of the bonnet here. But when you drive it in the city, you won’t really have much problem. You can drive it easily in the city. Even while turning it, you won’t have any problems with it. So everything about this car is quite good. And the only thing that I’m not a big fan of is that 1.5-litre petrol engine that does not produce much power. So guys, now we’re here in the VW Taigun. Let’s start the car.
Shift it into drive mode, And here we are ready to go. VW has always been known for being enthusiastic. And it still is today too. In the Taigun, you’ll see all those signs. To drive, this car is really amazing. The ride is a bit stiff. So if you go more through potholes, or if you take it on bad roads, so in that case, this will definitely feel stiff to you. The steering wheel is also very light. The performance too, I mean, just push the accelerator and the car just moves quickly. So overall, in such things, there’s nothing to complain about the car. What I really appreciate is that it is very smooth to drive. The drive quality that it offers, that you should call it definitely excellent. Whether it’s a 1-litre, or even the 1.5-litre engine. Well if you see, the Kushaq and the Taigun have the same engines. Both are very good to drive. There’s some differentiation in terms of tuning of both these cars. In the Skoda, even if you drive more on potholes, you won’t feel much on the inside. Mostly all the jerks you get, it absorbs it. Whereas in this you feel it more but Here the handling, you’ll feel more fun. And in terms of steering, the feedback, you’ll feel that the Kushaq is better. This is much lighter than that comparatively. High speed stability, no problem. If you want extra… extra power, then go for the 1.5-litre turbo petrol. And the 1-litre turbo petrol gets the job done perfectly. And one thing that I’d like to highlight is that quite a lot of people complained about the Taigun’s 1-litre there was some problem with the AC. This thing, we’ve noticed it a bit that When you drive in bumper to bumper city traffic, the AC doesn’t feel very powerful. What do we say, talk about hot Indian summer. So it isn’t able to cool the cabin much. This is one issue that we’ve heard about the Taigun and somewhere heard about the Kushaq too. Now look, where I went through the rumblers, it wasn’t too stiff but you still felt that pinch coming into the car. So that thing, you’ll definitely feel in the Taigun, there’s noise in the Kushaq but doesn’t feel as much as this comparatively.
So these rumblers, these are quite big. So here you feel a bit more compared to the Kushaq. Now when you drive the car on bad roads, the ride quality in the second row of the Grand Vitara is brilliant. At the same time, the Hyryder’s ride quality is also quite good. Hyundai Creta’s ride quality is decent. It’s a bit on the softer side. The Kushaq is absolutely phenomenal. The Kia Seltos also feels quite bouncy and bumpy on the inside. The Astor is too bouncy, it’s very soft. And at the same time, the Taigun is also fantastic. In the braking test, we saw that the Grand Vitara’s brakes are good. The same story goes with the Hyryder. However, the Creta’s braking is even better. At the same time, Kushaq is definitely the best when it comes to braking. The MG Astor’s braking is also very good due to all four disc brakes. Even if you see the Kia Seltos braking, it’s quite good. And the VW Taigun is not far from these two. During the hill climb, the Grand Vitara and the Hyryder both the cars climbed up well and the mild hybrid version, there you might have to put some more efforts for hill climb specifically, if the car is fully loaded. The Hyundai Creta climbs up easily without any problem. But with the 1.5 manual, you may have to put in more effort. Talking about Skoda Kushaq’s 1-litre engine or the 1.5-litre, No matter what, it climbs easily with a full load or a boot loaded car. No problem at all.
The car will climb easily irrespective if it’s a manual, automatic, DSG or anyone for that matter. Whereas, we can climb up with all the engines of the Kia Seltos. It’s only the 1.5-litre petrol engine where in the manual, you’ll have to struggle a bit if you have to climb up a hill. The MG Astor too will climb up easily but just the 1.3-litre turbo petrol. But then the regular 1.5-litre engine that’s offered, there, you’ll have to struggle a lot. Especially when the car is fully loaded. Whether it’s a manual or CVT, it’s the same for both. The VW Taigun also will climb up easily without any problem. The 1-litre or the 1.5-litre, these are definitely one of the best sets of engines. So when talking about the headlight throw, the Grand Vitara and the Hyryder, the throw of the lights in both are quite good. The spread could have been a bit better. Overall, if the lights were a bit more sharp, these are very good lights. The Hyundai Creta’s lights definitely need improvement.
So guys, take care, God bless. Bye!


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