Kylie Jenner is now formally recognized as the “youngest self-made millionaire” in the entire globe. Although others believe she cannot legitimately be referred to as a “self-made billionaire,” this difference in view does not alter the reality that she has the freedom to buy whatever she wants because of her billionaire status. Jenner certainly has a unique sense of how to spend her money. Here is a summary of some outrageous expenditures (and actions) she has made recently. At least $229,000 was spent on Jenner’s Bentley Bentayga.

The 21-year-old also has a custom-built Range Rover and Mercedes G-Wagon. There are rumors that she has at least two Ferraris, one of which is worth an estimated $250,000 and the other $1.4 million. Additionally, Jenner has several Rolls Royces. In 2016, Jenner invested about $12 million in her mansion. Jenner owns a home that is nothing short of luxurious in addition to her opulent vehicles. She lives in a 13,000-square-foot mansion in California, which differs from the typical three-bedroom apartment.

Her 1.4-acre estate in Hidden Hills has a garage where she can easily park all of her vehicles. Jenner hired a group to create her. She spent around $12 million on the interior of her home. Sometime around 2016, she purchased the house. Over the past few years, Jenner has purchased properties totaling more than $40 million. The young billionaire has many places to hang out other than just her luxurious home. According to reports, she has spent more than $40 million buying various houses over the last few years.