Janhvi Kapoor is one of the boldest and most desirable modern-day divas in the Hindi entertainment industry. The actress has been a part of the Hindi entertainment industry for the past few years and after watching her performance in Good Luck Jerry, it is certainly safe to say that she’s striving to get only bigger and better with every new project. She’s already spoken a lot about dealing with the tag of nepotism and henceforth, we can certainly say that she’s doing her best in order to prove her mettle as an actress.

Not just a wonderful actress and performing artiste ladies and gentlemen, she’s also a fashionista who has the ability to rock and roll in quite literally any outfit of her choice. Well, right now, it is our unique chance to admire her to the fullest as she dons a sexy and stunning black transparent saree and we are totally sweating for real. Do you want to check out? Take a look below –