Rashmika Mandanna is one of the most appealing and well-liked actresses in the South Asian film industry. With just a few movies, the actress established herself in the public and amassed a large following throughout the world. Millions of people follow Rashmika on social media, and she is a highly frequent user of such platforms. During the outbreak, Rashmika bought a dog and named her Aura. All social media platforms have a sizable fan following for Rashmika Mandanna. She also goes by the moniker The National Crush. Rashmika’s Instagram account has recently been overtaken by images taken by Aura. Her Instagram account is loaded with gorgeous photographs of her cat Aura, who she just revealed on social media.

The actress gave her beloved dog the name Aura, and we have to admit that the name Aura perfectly describes the adorable puppy because she travels everywhere with Rashmika. Aura is escorting Rashmika everywhere with love and kisses, from the gym to filming. Viewing the pictures of Rashmika and her dog will undoubtedly improve and brighten your midweek.

Rashmika Mandanna snuggles up to her mother and sister Aura while posing for an unposed family portrait. Such a nice frame.

Rashmika shows a peek at the possessive and protective way that Aura reacts to anyone approaching her on the filming sets. We adore this sweet romance.

One can see how much Rashmika loves her pet Aura just by looking at the picture. Aura kissing Rashmika in this picture is just too adorable to overlook.

Most of the time, Rashmika brings Aura with her to the gym with her since they form such a lovely team that photographers can’t help but snap photos of them.