August 11, 2022

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is indeed a super father. He is the father of three children Aryan, Suhana, and AbRam. And here is how he shares his affection and love for his children.

However, among the three kids, daddy’s daughter Suhana and Shah Rukh Khan have supported each other. And often, we have witnessed this. For example, in March, when Shah Rukh Khan shared a Pathaan look on his Instagram, daughter Suhana took to Instagram and reshared the photo with the caption, “Uhhh my dad is 56…we are not allowed excuses #pathaan.”

While in an old interview, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that he was too shy of his daughter and couldn’t talk. He would not ask her anything as he respects her personal space. The actor said, “I am, I am extremely progressive. You know! I’ll just be against saying this…I will never be able to ask my daughter, ‘Is he decent?’ ‘Does he treat you well?’ I am too shy to talk to women, including my daughter. I would never be so personal with her because that’s her space; because I can’t be personal with her, I will just put it out on social media. I will never be able to ask.”

Shah Rukh Khan further added he would love whatever his daughter’s choice would be and would respect that: “I think whatever the choice would be, whatever, however, with whoever she wants to be with, I am just gonna love that person, to be honest. I mean, this is just false bravado. Hoping the macho father thing will scare you, as you know… My dad has a big mustache and carries a gun!”

Suhana Khan will make her debut with Archies in Bollywood. While mentioning the same, Shah Rukh Khan penned down a heartfelt note for daughter Suhana and wished her to do her best and be herself.


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