How To Select Best Tyres For Your SUV in 2023


Guys 4-by-4 cars are extremely heavy. Thanks to the added weight of differentials. Plus, The purpose for which they are used, We expect a lot from them. We want them to go through slush, and mud, effortlessly. And even on smooth tarmac, We expect better acceleration, better grip, and better braking. All these we expect from 4-by-4 cars. But we forget the most important partner of these cars. Their tyres. They are definitely unsung heroes of any 4-by-4 car. Whenever we see a car going off roads, We just appreciate its capabilities.
But we often forget the fact that the grip the car is having on such terrains, Is only because of its tyres. I mean the off roader can’t do anything without sufficient grip. And so, tyres are very vital. Today we are here with the CEAT, To experience one of the best off-road tyres. These are Crossdrive AT, I.e All Terrain tyres. Today we will test and experience these tyres and, Would let you know if they are actually worth it for your off-road vehicles. These tyres are made available for the 4-by-4 SUVs like, Thar, Scorpio N or even for the matter of fact, Fortuner and Endeavour as well. So let’s get into the video and talk more about it. Whenever you take your car on an off-road trail, You take the car through various terrains. You take cars through Mud, Slush, maybe through Sand or Snow, Or even climb on rocks. So in that case all the pressure is on tyres. And I am not counting on-road here. On-road is another parameter. So these are all the parameters you have to check while buying the tyres.
When you see the tyres, They do look quite simple but are equally complex. Not only its composition, But even the design of its thread. So let’s drive the car now and we will explain each and every term, On how it is beneficial, And how these cuts and grooves make your off-roading easy. So now here we go. The first challenge is the wet patch. The biggest challenge we generally face in the wet patch is traction, As we lose grip on wet roads. But here we are easily making it through with enough traction available. Of course it is not a very wet condition, But definitely, these tyres are used a lot through this water patch. The main reason why there is sufficient grip are these, Zig-Zag Traction Grooves. As we move forward we take the left and do a steep climb, And again the car did pretty well. It was an easy task. So if you are going off-road for the first time, Then having enough grip while turning and going uphills specifically, Can be challenging. So basically the side shoulders of the tyres, That has to be really strong. And on these tyres you get a rugged design on the shoulders, Making it effortless to pull the car. Of course, the car must have those capabilities along with the tyres, And this is what is happening right now. My instructor is guiding me and helping me to do the trail with ease.
I am just following his instructions. Now here we have water on one side and slippery conditions on another side, So he is asking to take the car very slowly. Also, there is a tilt here, So traction will play a very important role. You need plenty of traction on both the wheels, And that is being done right now. So these tyres have an open thread pattern which maintains the grip on slippery surfaces. Now we are at the most challenging part. I have to go down the road. But it isn’t just that. The tricky part is that the road is narrow, And we have to make a turn while moving down. That too on a very slippery surface. I am taking the car very slowly and very calmly. And finally managed my front tyres to land safely, But the rear tyre is still not grounded. So as the front tyres have all the pressure on them, I will have to take the car extremely slow to get all four wheels on the ground. Thanks to its rugged shoulder design, The car is doing pretty well, Without any kind of issue. So this made me understand the importance of having a good grip on the tyres. Now the task is to do a small uphill. And as I go heavy on the accelerator pedal, I was able to do the climb effortlessly.
While doing this uphill, I noticed there were stones on that part. So usually when these stones are stuck inside the tyres, They affect the life of the rubber. But, These tyres are equipped with stone ejector pattern in their thread, Which removes the stones easily and does not let them affect the life of the tyres. Talking about these tyres specifically, They are actually 5 Star rated by BEE. For instance, just like refrigerator, These tyres too get 5 star rating. So even after offering so much grips, These tyres even returns a good fuel efficiency Also such kinds of tyres are usually noisy. But as per the test done on these tyres, The noise level on these are the most minimal. And compared to most of the tyres in this category, These offer better braking in both wet and dry road conditions. Although I have not yet tested these tyres on the tarmac roads, But the standard tests are performed by approved authorities. Not saying they are done by CEAT. But because these tests are done by approved authorities, I am able to claim them openly. Else I would have not spoken about them at all. And generally the life of off road is shorter as they get many cuts on the rubber while doing off road. But here you don’t have to face that kind of a problem at any given point of time.
So guys if you own a 4-by-4 like the Thar or Scorpio, Or even for the matter of fact if you own SUVs like Fortuner or Endeavour, According to me these can be the best suitable tyres for such cars. See I will be very honest, When I first heard about these tyres, I thought they might have off-road capabilities only to some extent. Now although we have not done an extreme off roading today, But looking at the way these tyres are designed, They can effortlessly do the task for what they are made for. Plus, The on-road statistics of the tyres in terms of braking, In terms of fuel efficiency or in terms of road noise, These are easily one of the best sets of tyres you can buy today. Even if you are not much in the off roading, You still expect better fuel efficiency and less road noise while driving on tarmac roads. So these tyres are doing that very well. See I feel tyres are very underrated. Even while buying a new set of tyres, We usually ask the dealer which tyre is the best, Or we take suggestions from our friends.
We ourselves do not do thorough research on the tyres. And that is the reason why many times people end up buying wrong tyres. So after performing today’s tests, Like we will try to do a lot more tests in the coming days, And do extreme off-road and even check their on road capabilities as well. But, If you are looking for the best All Terrain tyres, My clear recommendation to you is, The CEAT Crossdrive AT. The pricing is very competitive, Offers better mileage, And has a better life too. So it’s a very well packaged tyre and we rarely get to see such a set of tyres. That’s all from today’s video on these off-road tyres. I have been making videos for a while on accessories or other add one.So do that right away or you will miss a lot of content which we bring for you on a daily basis. So, Take care guys. Bye!


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