Fastest Car Under 20 lakh – XUV 400


Hey guys! Welcome to Tech How, How are you all? Friends, today’s topic is quite interesting, As today we are going to talk is all about performance! At an affordable price. See till now the story has been, All about an increase in the prices of petrol. Because of which, You know, What we always cared about is, Getting more mileage in our car. So automakers listen to us. And in order to make the car more fuel-efficient, They, You know, Decrease the performance of the car. But there are some automakers who offer both, Performance and mileage.
But then they compromise on safety. So if you are looking to buy a performance car, Which can do 0 to 100 in say about, 8 seconds, Then you will have to spend a lot of money, For something like a Skoda Octavia. 35 Lakh rupees is what you have to shell out. That means if you want more performance, Then you have to spend that extra money, To get it. But now, there’s a twist. I am going to introduce you to a car, Who’s running cost is extremely low, And along with that, The car costs half the price of the Octavia. With similar performance. Yes! The car I am talking about is, The Mahindra XUV 400. It is an exclusive video, So do tune in with us till the end.The XUV 400 is an electric SUV. And can you guess its 0 to 100 acceleration? 8.3 Seconds! So it produces 148 bhp, And 310 NM of torque. Making it the most powerful SUV, In its category. Also, if you look at any other sedan, At this price point or even at a higher price point, You will notice that they simply can’t match the performance. Of this SUV. And the biggest advantage of electric cars is that, The torque and power are delivered instantly.
Whereas in the case of petrol and diesel cars, You have to wait for the torque to kick in. Uh, you know, You need to do higher revs. But in this, it’s a completely different story. You can easily push the car, At any given point of time. The torque is right at, I mean just, Instantaneous. Now, the car having such kind of power, It is important that it must have equally good handling. Right? So in that case, You will not face any problems with, Ride quality, And even the handling, Of XUV 400. It’s just, Fantastic. I mean, Even if I take it through a bad patch of roads, I don’t even realize it. The flexibility of this chassis, Is amazing! With that, you even get one nice feature, Which is, One-pedal driving. So, I am not applying brakes here. And all I have to do is just lift my foot from the accelerator pedal, Making the car slow down automatically. And now it has stopped. So to activate this all you have to do is, Just switch to L mode while driving in city limits. That’s about it. It will apply brakes on its own for you, In most of the cases. And of course, you also have to brake, If something comes instantly in front of you.
Else in most cases, you just need to, Press and depress the accelerator, Press and depress the accelerator. Making it quite easy to drive. Now this is one type of driving format. But if you push the car aggressively, Then just activate the fearless mode, To get the best outright performance. At the same time, There are two more modes. One is the Fun Mode, Which focuses more on the range. Then outright performance. And between these modes, there’s another one, Which is Fast. So, It’s like the best of both worlds. Which gives you a decent performance, Along with a decent amount of range. So it’s somewhere in between the two. The most diplomatic one I will call it. So in total, you get three driving modes, With an extra L mode, Which actually eases, You’re driving. Now, every time you don’t look for performance, As you care about the range as well.
So in that case the claimed range of this car is, 456 KMs. Also the battery pack you get here, Are the NMC batteries. So the power output of this battery is 39kW, And being dense in nature, The NMC batteries can store more power in them. Due to this reason, all the performance cars we have today, Like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or even Tesla, They use NMC batteries in their cars. Because they are more performance-oriented. Now, If you want to increase your range, Simply activate the Fun mode. And more you use regenerative braking, The better range you will get from the car. Rather than the manual brake. Now I know, It’s, You know, I am asking you to adjust, But it’s not really too much I’m asking, As once you start using this car you yourself will realize, That it is not that difficult. In fact, we spoke to many EV owners who had previously purchased the cars, And now when they drive their cars, After a few weeks, few months, Their range kept improving. The reason being, they have understood the behavior of the car. Plus, You get a driving score in this car. I mean, The car gets connected car tech, With 60+ features which provide information, On your smartwatch and smartphones.
So you get the driving score feature with the help of which, You can definitely learn to improve your range. This can be easy learning for all, helping you to increase the range. While the car even gets machine learning, Which tries to understand your driving style. Like do you drive calmly, Or are you more performance-oriented, And accordingly, once it learns over a period of time, It adjusts the throttle response and all to give you, Best driving experience. Now as it has the connected car tech, You also get OTA. Over The Air Updates. Which means you will receive software updates. And we have actually seen that many electric cars get these software updates Through which they add extra features and other stuff. And the car starts to feel brand new. So yes you will receive OTA updates in both variants. Because of which, You can easily get software updates and, Whenever the car gets a new feature, You will be able to get that with the help of software updates. And make your car brand new. It even gets a smart route planner.
Through which, You can plan your route in a better way. And avoid running out of charge. Now if you see the dimensions of XUV 400, Then you will realize that it is comparatively a bigger SUV. So when you look at electric cars like, Hyundai Kona and MG ZS EV, Then the 400 is almost as big as them. But, It gets the longest wheelbase in its category. Resulting in better knee room for second-row passengers. Thanks to more space, Between the two wheels. So second-row passengers can sit comfortably with enough knee room. Along with that, it is the widest car in its category. So when three people sit then their shoulders won’t get disturbed And can sit comfortably. The boot space too is the largest at, 378 liters.
Overall, you will not have any issues In terms of practicality. It is indeed a very practical car In terms of space. Okay, One more thing I would say is, According to me, the features missing are, One is, they should have provided a type-c charging port. At least one should have been provided as almost every car, Comes with type-c charging port. And also I feel it misses out with, Multi-level regenerative braking, Which can be provided with the help of software updates soon. Now, The XUV 400 not only offers you a good amount of space, But it’s even good in performance. With all these safety too is a vital part. The platform of this car is I think the biggest cost of the vehicle. And I feel the amount of focus being put is very important for you to know about. The platform or the chassis of this car is shared with the, Ssangyong also. This platform is not only used in India but also in overseas markets too. Countries like UK, South Korea or any other developed markets, Use this platform in their cars. The reason why I am saying this is that the safety standard in those markets, Is pretty high. And you are getting the same quality in India Which means the platform is on the expensive side. And the global Ncap crash test ratings of XUV 300, Gives us a clear idea that yes this car has scored 5 star rating. This is a safe SUV.
Overall there are very few cars to offer safety, Offer practicality, With no compromise in performance. So guys, We are bringing so much interesting facts about the XUV 400, Looking at the performance and price of this car, Even I am getting tempted with you to consider this. Really nice electric SUV and I am sure many of you are excited as well. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. So that’s all we have for right now. See you in the next video, Take care guys, Bye!


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