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SRK and Salman make EID Special For Their Fans.Watch how

The get-together is a major ordeal for all fans

Regardless of how often Salman and Shah Rukh show up on silver screen or TV, fans are constantly left needing for additional.

The hit two some of ‘Karan’ ‘Arjun’ still fills in as the greatest pack puller in Bollywood.

We should not overlook, Shah Rukh Khan completed a cameo in Salman’s ‘Tubelight’, that discharged in Eid a year ago, making it the film’s feature. This time, fans are getting a melody

Not at all like ‘Tubelight’ where SRK had a little cameo as a performer, Salman will be found in a tune in ‘Zero’.

The mystery indicates the tune will have all components of rustic Indian heartland and the hotshots moving on it will make it a chartbuster.

Likewise, Anand L Rai’s past motion pictures are a proof that the executive has a flawless music sense.

Iss baar Eid ka meetha bahut tez hai, tweets SRK


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