August 11, 2022


Bodybuilder Died: Bodybuilder Valdir Segato, who kept himself active on Tik Tok, died on his birthday. He had had too many injections.

Building a body, increasing biceps-triceps has become the dream of every second youth in India these days. It takes a long time to build a body by sweating it out in the gym and yet the body is not able to be made like the hero of the picture. After which many people get injections to increase the muscles of their body. Which are very dangerous for the body. Even people lose their lives. One such case has come to light from Brazil.

A 55-year-old tick talker died on his birthday, a bodybuilder with 23-inch biceps. For years, he was taking deadly injections to build the body. On the basis of such a dangerous injection, he had also made 23-inch biceps. That person was so famous on Tik Tok that he has millions of followers. He was warned 6 years ago not to use such dangerous steroids or injections. His nervous system was also damaged.

How did the bodybuilder die?

According to the news of local media, he was having trouble breathing. After which he was admitted to the hospital. Where he died.

Interesting body builder story

Let us tell you that Valdir Segato of Brazil was warned by the doctors 6 years ago that he should not use injections to build the body. But his body was praised by people on social media. After that he decided to increase the biceps further.

Died on birthday

Valdir Segato, who kept himself active on Tik Tok, died on his birthday. Valdir was very upset before his death. Valdir was crawling at the house at 6 in the morning. He crawled to a nearby room and asked for help. After that he was taken to the hospital. In the hospital, Valdir suffered a heart attack and died there.

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