August 11, 2022

Street development pastor of Bihar government Nitin Naveen has given a proclamation in regards to three major ventures connected with Bhagalpur.

Street development serve Nitin Naveen has given an explanation with respect to three major ventures in Bhagalpur. Enormous data has come to the front with respect to the new four-path street being implicit the locale and the new scaffold being based on the Ganges. Realize about the development work of Munger-Mirzachowki Fourlane, Aguwani Ghat Sultanganj Bridge and the scaffold to be constructed lined up with Vikramshila Setu over Ganga…

Munger-Mirzachowki four path street

The development work of new four path street between Munger-Mirza Chowk is going on. With the finishing of this new street, individuals of numerous urban areas including Bhagalpur will get ease in rush hour gridlock. Simultaneously, the city will likewise get independence from the issue of traffic because of the development of weighty vehicles. This street will be underlying four stages. In which the screw was trapped in the development work of the fourth stage.

work of the fourth bundle

The development work of new four-path street between Munger-Mirza Chowk is in debate because of land procurement issue at certain spots. On Thursday, Road Construction Minister Nitin Naveen said that Munger-Mirza Chowki four path is being assembled. This street will be prepared in four bundles. Work will be begun from the contracting office by giving 18 arrangements for the fourth bundle.

Equal extension of Vikramshila Setu

Another huge venture is holding back to begin in Bhagalpur. A four-path street span is to be ready on the Ganges lined up with Vikramshila Setu. With respect to resemble scaffold to be based on the stream Ganga, the Minister of Road Construction Department said that the monetary piece has been opened. The development work of the extension will begin after the downpours. If it’s not too much trouble, tell that the development of this extension will be finished by SP Singla Agency. This extension is to be based on EPC mode. This extension will be developed at an expense of 994.31 crores.

sultanganj drove ghat span

As to Aguwani Ghat Sultanganj span, the pastor said that the report would be presented by the exploring office in the following 15 days. The report of the concerned Consultant Designer has likewise been looked for. All the three IITs have done the examination. Move will be made against the blameworthy in this. On the subject of over and over giving time augmentations to the contracting organization, he said that he is finishing the work persistently. Along these lines, time augmentation has been given considering their work. This time there is a period expansion till December. The extension will be prepared by December.

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