Hot Croatian Women

Croatian ladies are tall, tanned and lean. A large portion of them have dull hair, yet blonde ladies among them are additionally exceptionally normal. All the croatian ladies have mediterranean olive skin tone on account of the phenomenal climate conditions. They are exceptionally rich with long necks and model figures. Croatian national character contrasts such highlights as control and quiet, which is joined with the delight and receptiveness to exchange. To ensure that croatian ladies truly have a surprising stunner of the southern slavic everybody can just by taking a gander at their enchanting models and victors of magnificence challenges.

1.Elizabeta Burg

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Elizabeta Burg (October 1, 1993 Vrbanja, Croatia) is a Croatia wonder event titleholder who was delegated Miss Universe Croatia 2012 and will speak to her nation in the 2012 Miss Universe (Top 16), most lovely among croatian ladies

2.Ivana Mišura

ivana-misura-1 Hot Croatian Women

Ivana Mišura (1990 Zagreb, Croatia) is a Croatian model and excellence event titleholder who was delegated Miss Universe Hrvatske 2014. She will speak to her nation in the Miss Universe 2014 event.

3.Josipa Kusić

Kusic_Josipa_221008_316 Hot Croatian Women

Josipa Kusić (1988, Zagreb, Croatia) is a marvel show challenger, Miss Croatia 2008, who spoke to Croatia in Miss World 2008 in South Africa.

4.Gabriela Spanic

Gabriela-spanic Hot Croatian Women

Gabriela Spanic (10 December 1973) is a Venezuelan on-screen character of Croatian fair best known for her jobs in Latin cleanser shows and her numerous discussions in the media.


5.Severina Vučković

f1150jrxei821 Hot Croatian Women

Severina Vučković (21 April 1972 Split, SR Croatia, Yugoslavia) is a Croatian pop artist mainstream over the whole previous Yugoslavia.

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