Porn Star Welcomes Freshers

Kerala is known for some things – sanctuaries, India’s most astounding proficiency rate, the backwaters, Kathakali, appams, this, that. To this fine rundown, we would now be able to include, the best welcome sign for a freshers party.

Sree Narayana Polytechnic College in Kerala’s Kollam area set up a pennant to welcome the new clump of understudies that highlighted photographs of two ladies wearing customary luxury, grinning and offering namaskarams with collapsed hands. A littler flag included a white man in a likewise inviting signal.

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Which was all a decent and keen approach to welcome the youthful understudies and make them feel quiet. With the exception of this little detail – the two ladies happened to be the porno star Mia Khalifa, and previous porno on-screen character and current Bollywood celeb, Sunny Leone. The inviting white man is none other than the porno entertainer, Johnny Sins.

The flag peruses “Welcome Freshers” in Malayalam.

The photograph was first posted on a Facebook page ‘The Back Benchers’ two or three days prior. No curve balls that it has turned into a web sensation from that point forward.

Most Facebook clients are simply desirous that they didn’t get a freshers gathering this way. In the mean time, the flags have roused others.

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