All New Tata SAFARI Dark Is Here


Bigger Touchscreen! Digital Instrument Cluster! 360 Camera! Ambient Lighting!And now ADAS as well! Guys say hello to the all new Safari Red Dark Edition, And the Harrier Red Dark Edition. So let’s talk in detail about them. And as I promised, this will be a very detailed video for you all. Let me start the video by first talking about their variants. The variants on offer are- XE, XM, XMS, XT+, XZ, and, XZ+ Additionally, Tata has introduced an optional variant, XZA+(O), Which is equipped with the ADAS. Tata has introduced the red dark editions in the top-of-the-line, XZ+, XZA+, And XZA+(O) variants. Also, both the Safari and Harrier now gets a standard warranty of, 3 years and 1 Lakh kilometers, Which is one of the best in the industry right now. Lets begin with details of the each. If I talk about the Safari, The styling of the SUV is pretty much classic.
Meaning it has an ageless design. So if you look at the Safari even after 5-10 years, The design will not look outdated. And I feel the design has become a strength of Harrier and Safari as well. Both the SUVs get a subtle red insert on their front grille, Of the red dark editions. One of the tri arrow of the grille on Safari is finished in red, While on the Harrier a single pattern of the grille gets a red finish on it. Both the SUVs get split headlamps design with DRLs on the top, That also doubles up as turn indicators. Below them, you get Bi-Xenon headlamps and, Fog Lamps with cornering function. Looking at the side profile of the Safari, You get 18-inch alloy wheels finished in black for the red dark edition, And same pattern can be seen on the Harrier as well. Both the SUVs come equipped with 4 disc brakes. And for the red dark edition the calipers are finished in Zircon Red. So they immediately grab your attention as soon as you look at the SUV from the side profile.
On the fender you get a badge of #Dark with DARK finished in red. So that’s how they are trying to go minimalistic on the design, And they have not overdone with the red, Rather dark is the bigger theme on the outside of the car. And since the car is now equipped with 360 camera, It has a camera on the ORVMs. The rear of the car is the same as before and no change has been done. It’s just black in colour at the back. And also it gets a shark fin antenna. See the major changes has been done in interiors, So let’s go and step inside. Alright guys, Here we are inside the car and I’ll share each and every detail of it. Firstly, Being the red dark edition, The seats get Carnelian Red Leather Upholstery. Whereas the regular dark edition, Not the red dark, The dark edition gets Black upholstery. And on the regular Safari you get Oyster White upholstery. And if you remember our ownership review with the Adventure Persona Safari, That variant comes with Earthy Brown colour for interiors.
The overall fit-finish of the dashboard is excellent. It gets quite a few soft touch materials, Making the car feel a lot more premium. Steering wheel is chunky and feels good to hold, And it is wrapped with high quality leather. So as soon as you hold it, You will sense the premiumness of the material. The SUV now comes with a complete 7-inch digital instrument cluster, With multiple modes MID. You even get information related to the features of ADAS. And also you get all the information related to the navigation on the instrument cluster, So you don’t have to use your touchscreen and use the instrument cluster for navigation. Okay, The SUV now gets a 10.25 inch touchscreen from Harman. It is a bright display. And at the same time, The response from the touchscreen is amazing as well. You get a wireless android auto and apple carplay, Along with an air purifier. Both the SUVs get ventilated front seats. On Harrier you get electrical adjustment with memory function for the driver seat, It even has a welcome function.
So as soon as you open the front door, The driver seats move back to make it easy to sit. And moves back to its original position once you turn on the engine. Whereas on the Safari, Even the co-passenger seat can be electrically adjusted. The panoramic sunroof of the Safari get red colour ambient lights, Unlike the blue colour ambient lights on the regular Safari. The SUVs are equipped with 360 cameras, And the display quality is pretty good. Also the blind view monitoring appears on the display, As soon as you use the turn indicators. The view is pretty wide and helps to judge the car very well. It has automatic climate control. And of course I already mentioned air purifier to you. You have an option of wireless charging for your smartphone. Also it gets electronic parking brake with auto hold function. Overall the car is loaded with features.
In terms of safety it comes with 6-Airbags, ABS+EBD, Traction Control. It now comes with 17 modes of ESP. If you remember we have already made a video on 14 ESP modes in Harrier. But now, both the Harrier and Safari gets 17 ESP modes. The additional 3 modes are, First is Panic Brake Alert, Second is After Impact Braking, In this mode the car slows down itself after the impact to avoid another impact. And tries not to get further damage. And third is the Driver Doze Off Alert, Which explains what it is exactly. Let’s jump to the second row. On the second row, You have more than sufficient space for 3 to sit comfortably. The knee room is ample with sufficient headroom and excellent thigh support. Also it gets a comforter on the headrests which was introduced on Safari recently. Now, the Safari comes with an option of 6 and 7 seats configuration. In 6 seater variant you get 2 captain seats in the second row, So two passengers can sit in the second row. But even with the 7-seat configuration, You can slide the seats front and back, And even recline them to add comfort. Also, if I slide the seat all the way ahead to add space for the third row passenger, Even then I have decent knee room despite being 6 feet tall. And if I slide it back then I have an amazing knee room available. The seats have 60-40 split function and as I showed, They can be reclined as well. You have a centre armrest with twin cup holders. And the AC Vents are mounted on the B-Pillars rather than in the centre.
You have a normal USB and type-c charging ports at the back. Although I missed it before but you get USB, type-c and 12V charging ports in the front row too. Overall it is a comfortable place to be in. On the door pads you have a dedicated slot to keep your cellphone, And even while charging you can keep your phone in the slot. The Safari was always famous for its boss mode. But now since the co-passenger seat in Safari is electrically adjustable, The boss mode too can be operated electrically. So now you can slide the seat ahead or behind with a touch of a button, And even change the recline angle of the seat. Which means you can add a lot more space for you. Now Safari is a proper 3-row SUV, So lets check the third row space. Let me just fold down this seat, To give a proper view of the third row, Sliding this seat a bit ahead so that I have decent space on second and this row. I have not gone fully ahead, I have gone somewhere in between. Lets go to the third row. Now getting to the third row is an easy task.
You just need to pull this lever and the seat tumbles forward, And you just need to assist the seat and push with soft hands. I’ll shut this door. So this is how you get into the third row. You get adjustable seat and the headrest, And it helps to create a decent and comfortable space at the back. Even a 6 feet passenger can sit here comfortably. You have a decent amount of headroom and knee room. And if you slide the second row completely ahead, Then you get more than sufficient space in the third row as well. But if you are 6 feet tall then the headroom is just sufficient. I don’t think so any other car offers headroom and knee room, In the third row like the Safari. Even in our maha comparo test, It was the winner in the third row space. Plus, the AC vents are placed closer which cools down the cabin quickly, And you can adjust the blower speed as well. Addition to that, You get a cupholder and slot to keep your smartphone, Along with 2 USB ports to charge your smartphones on the go. And you even get a reading lamp too. Overall the third row gets an equal amount of attention just like the second-row passenger. Alright Guys, Now it’s time to drive the car.
Turning on the engine, Shifted to drive, And here we go. So, Both the Safari as well as Harrier comes with a 2-litre diesel engine, With an option for 6-speed automatic and manual. The engine is now updated to BS6 stage 2. It helps to reduce the pollution and so it will be applied to each car after April 2023. So, every car will be updated to BS6 Stage 2. Also, according to Tata, They have improved the drive quality for those who drive their cars on higher altitudes. Overall the Safari never had complaints regarding pick-up or performance. Even for quick overtakes, You can just press the accelerator and do the task easily. So this was never an issue in Safari. In fact I feel there is an upgrade in the gearbox. The shifts feel smoother, Especially at faster acceleration. It shifts smoothly at higher speeds, Than what it used to be. What I liked about the Safari is the fact that, The automatic gearbox is a very seamless unit. You will enjoy driving this car. And in fact I will recommend that if you are planning to buy your first big size SUV, Then in that case keep the Safari automatic as your priority. It is easy and fun to drive, And moreover you will get used to it quickly to drive too. And if you are a first time buyer of a big car like Safari, Then it will take a couple days to get adjusted. Maybe a maximum of a week to get used to it. You have multiple driving modes like, City, Eco and Sports. And the performance in sports mode is just brilliant.
From the driver seat the edges of the bonnet are clearly visible. So it will take a couple of days or a maximum of a week to get used to the big size. Other than that you will not have a problem driving this SUV. The major problem you might have is with the length of the car, And not with the front as the bonnet is clearly visible. Pick up is good, Drive quality is good, And even the ORVMs are of perfect size. Now you even get few assistance features as well. You get 10 ADAS features like, Forward Collision Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking, And a lot more for front. Features like rear collision warning, Door open alert and more are offered for the rear. So if you want then I can make a detailed video on ADAS. Do let me know in the comment section below. In terms of overall ride quality, It is just excellent. Be it at high speeds or low speeds, The ride quality is not a problem at all. Also the high speed stability and handling are perfect on the Safari. And despite being tall, The body roll is very well-contained.
The car will just not lose the control The overall driving dynamics here is definitely one of the best, In the entire category. Now the question is who should buy this SUV, And for what reason. So guys this was today’s video on the Safari 2023, And the Harrier 2023 as well. Now you get many changes inside the car. See, both the SUVs always looked better. They were one of the most stylish-looking SUVs in the category. But there were few features missing in them. And now they are loaded with so many features that, The rest of the brands will have to catch up with them. So overall if you are looking for 5 or 7 seater SUVs, Then these two can be the best pick for you. Now, If you are looking to buy a 5 seater or a 7 seater SUV, And you are really confused to choose one. So in that case you can join me or my team of experts on a phone call, And get all your doubts clarified. So guys see you tomorrow, Take care, Bye!


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