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Hello Riders and welcome To TECH HOW ! Today We’re here with brand new Honda CB750 Hornet a special name which needs a careful and accurate Test Ride So without wasting more time let’s go On Board to move from Viterbo to Rome and analyze this new bike OK guys, We’re ready to start our Test Ride on Honda CB750 Hornet Today I’m gonna follow another route to head to Rome.
I’d like to ride nearby Viterbo City Center to see how will be riding this bike inside traffic then I’ll head to “chase” some turns, on a “mountain road”, unfortunately the weather is really cold on these days my first feeling while riding new Honda Hornet: Great Agility and Handling this bike is perfect for city life too Kerb Weight 190 Kg, so this is a really lightweight and probably this feature will be really enjoyable outside of city too while having fun on mountain roads Nice Engine Brake like on a pure twin cylinders motorcycle.I know that probably “purist bikers” will not like hearing “Twin Cylinders on a Hornet” Yes, definitely the perfect “traffic weapon” having a tight handlebar is not so bad at all infact the CB750 Hornet fits almost anywhere in traffic thank You BMW X guy to left to me some room the others weren’t so nice like You I like it the engine has a great push quickshifter is amazing (optional) this bike has a nice 5″ TFT, and I’m loving the fact that this bike shows engine temperature this bike has a saddle height (795mm) for almost everyone, I’m 1.90m and my legs are even a bit bent on standing position time to take a step forward and have a quick look at 5″ TFT with mode button We can select engine maps due to Throttle By Wire presence Sport Standard Rain and Use.
This last one is completely customizable let’s hold on the right the selector button so We can enter inside Hornet menu the first feature in front of us is “Riding Mode” let’s open another menu “P” stands for “Power” “EB” = Engine Brake and “T” means “Traction” We can adjust “User Map” on different levels of controls or even disabling TC this last option is recommended for wheelie guys, infact this bike has a natural talent to pop up wheelies by lifting on front You can even change the kind of display choosing the style that We prefer Modern Style Old School design that could be enjoyed maybe by old Hornet owners (like Hornet 900) As You can see there’re many kinds of custom displays this bike is a perfect mix between a city bike and a sporty one can’t wait to reach mountain road 160 tyre on rear gives to this bike a perfect agility and even exhaust and engine sound is not so bad at all, specially for being an Euro5 motorcycle let’s take a closer look at Honda CB750 front here We can see an USD front fork by Showa with 41mm of diameter, it’s not adjustable but You can see by yourself how good all rounder setting it has on rear We’ve a Pro-Link Suspension, typical of many Honda motorcycles 150mm of travel there You can see typical Pro-Link leverage on front We can see also a double disk braking system of 296mm, activated by 4 pistons calibers brakes with radial mount by Nissin somebody was doubtful about braking power and somebody not We’ll test them right On Board!
I can only say that every parts on this bike screams: “BALANCE” nobody’s behind me, so I can slam on brakes while going at a fast enough pace this is a strong brake brake power fits perfectly with this bike before shooting this video I rode this bike fresh out the dealership and brakes weren’t so good now they work pretty good rear brakes hard enough, then ABS kicks in it slowed us pretty well on rear there’s a single disk of 240mm, activated by a single piston caliper brake Brake Test passed with a great vote! front is really light so on fast changes of direction this bike “cuts” like a sharp blade the bends I’m loving the handling of this bike I’m pretty curious to test it on highway while speeding on straight, because usually such a “light bike’s front” becomes really dangerous due to speed wobbles Quickshifter is a nice optional but the standard clutch too is really comfortbale, infact Hornet has a slippery and assisted clutch which needs a minimal effort on hand clutch lever obviously being a naked bike You’ll be shaked by wind even small front fairing available on “Sport Pack” is almost useless and I’m being shaked by wind coming off an Africa Twin 1100 with a lot of fairings and wind coverage is a real shock switch to Hornet and ride during winter season let’s talk about the pulsing heart.
A new engine inside Honda Family it’s been developed to equip this Honda Hornet and for upcoming Transalp it has the most used kind of cranckshaft to give some “personality” to an in-line twin cylinders engine: 270° trying to emulate V-Twin personality as You can see the engine is extremely compact, specially for being a 750cc infact Honda removed the gear which activates the balancing shaft, giving this job directly on primary trasmission optimizing engine dimension to install a compact on a compact bike it is a small engine but able to offer a good amount of max power and a nice torque indeed We’re talking about 92HP at 9.500 rpms and a max torque of 75Nm at 7.250 rpms I’m really enjoying the torque “responsivity” even before hitting the max torque spot at 7.250 rpms this bike has a great push on low rpms even going at slow pace on 6th gear I’m gonna twist the throttle as You can see the response on bike is really fast obviously it doesn’t push hard like on a normal shift but it anyways resumes gaining rpms easily in a “normal condition” after trespassing 4.000 rpms it starts “kicking on your back” here watch I’m focusing to find something really negative about this bike but I’m not finding anything if We really want to find some cons about it, let’s start on “Not Passional Design and Concept” infat many Hornet fans were disgusted about changing 4 cylinders engine with a twin one I’m a fan of both kind of engines but despite an in-line twin cylinders engine I’d prefer a 4 Cylinders one but unfortunately We must remind that these bikes are a direct answer to market needs and demands furthermore We must don’t forget that Japanese manifacturers in their history had a lot of in line twin cylinders models and after many Chinese manifacturers which bringed scrappy or just “fair enough” engines, not a bit close to this one that I’m riding on Honda Hornet but anyway.
They created some room for them inside motorcycling markets so the other manifacturers of the world can’t just remain silent and watch them sell due to cheap price so some brands choosed to focus mainly on production of exclusive and expensive bikes and some other brands want to have many different slices of market cake So a brand like Honda with an extended range of models for almost any kind of rider, like Yamaha or like… Suzuki on past (nowadays not so much) Kawasaki too, it doesn’t produces scooters but anyway has an extended range of models with different engine sizes and for many kind of bikers infact those brands sell bikes with a value around 20.000/30.000 euros and bikes way more cheaper and affordable this brand new Hornet has a big name up on its shoulders, so a debate about it is a normal thing no doubt about it but since 1st version of Honda Hornet the philosophy behind it was to create a fun naked bike to use inside crowded cities as a commuter and to have fun during weekends on mountain roads alone or with friends front wheel lifts due to bike power and lightness on 2nd gear it lifted just by twisting throttle, without pumping to bike’s back or looking for a wheelie so the engine is really good and powerful it’s an engine enjoyable for experienced riders too Hornet’s name created a “discussion” but for my personal opinion the goal of Honda Marketing was a paradoxal rupture with past Ok: The “old” Hornet inside your garage or the one which is still in your mind after gave to You happiness and outstanding memories was an Hornet this is a new Hornet and I believe that this Hornet is thinked more for younger riders despite old ones a Young rider which doesn’t wan spend too much money on a new bike and at the same time wants a sporty enough and good looking naked bike obviously the Hornet design reminds a lot CB500F but anyway this Hornet is not a copy and paste work with a bigger engine infact front reminds old Hornet too, with a plastic design different from CB500F and more similar to 2011 Hornet obviously front headlight and Hornet’s rear are a lot similar to CB500F and a 160 tyre on rear like I said is great for handling , agility and to keep pricetag on low for sure this is a bike that deserve almost a Test ride, before being judged infact my legs are bent a bit too much and with this kind of legs position I’d like *Leans forward* do this unload a bit my back infact my legs are bent a lot but I’m riding “straight” with my back perpendicular to bike and this happens due to bike’s compact dimensions and handlebar too has big enough risers so after analyze this position as a buyer of an Honda CB750 Hornet I’d change some parts like I said so I’d lower handlebar position by changing standard risers with shorter ones and I’m a tall and big guys, so with this handlebar I’m feeling a bit too tight with my shoulders like I said having a small handlebar helps a lot inside traffic but on sporty ride for a tall guy like me, when maybe You want push with less effort and to have quick reaction to start leaning on turns so I suggest like i did on my old Aprilia Dorsoduro to buy a larger handlebar too there are many handlebars on market like SRT, Renthal or whatever You prefer so, 1st step lower position on front and 2 step increase handlebar measures it’s a shame that Honda didn’t the opportunity to customize the handlebar too infact customization is an important focus on this bike and that’s another reason that lead me to think which this brand new Hornet is thinked mainly for youngsters there’re many parts that can be changed to increase bike’s customization and on modern Honda naked bikes I didn’t saw so much available spare parts You can change handlebar weights Honda footpegs in black anodized aluminium but unfortunately Honda made a mistake on footpegs, giving the opportunity to change only rider’s ones and not passenger too so it creates a chromatic alternance not so pleasant to watch I enjoyed the aluminium handlebar support too a more classy and refined part which covers way more than original one the “ugly” handlebar infact handlebar is another con of this bike .
Honda created a good “compromise” motorcycle ok, we got it that Honda wanted contain expenses on Hornet production but even on CB500F there’s a variable section handlebar so 28 on center to move to 22 dimension while reaching sides but on Honda Hornet there’s only a 22 single measure and this technical solution gives a cheap look to motorcycle while riding it this bike doesn’t transmit many vibrations to rider, specially considering that is a twin cylinders engine but a 28 would’ve been way better to contain vibrations and to give a better premium look to the bike I told that this bike was thinked for youngsters but this bike fits perfectly for older riders too, lloking for a nice performance naked bike to use at 360° maybe to downgrade for a more sporty bike like Honda CB1000 “I’m getting older, CB1000 is too much powerful and I need to go to a lighter bike, better if less expensive” so this bike could be a good option to downgrade in style, containing insurance prices, fuel consumption and to have fun at the same time so let’s resume the main “Cons” of this bike lazy design, being “already seen” on Honda CB500F but at the same time is a nice modern naked design this bike is nice to watch anyway specially this color a pearl glare white (metallized), which meets a red front fork and frame. Really nice and another Con is the handlebar not so beautiful to watch and too much tight for a tall rider like me and mixed with too much bent legs made me already tired just by only thinking to take long routes with it but the “Pros” are way more than “Cons” lovely engine quick and agile it has everything where it needs to be let’s compare it with some “Rivals” there’re many but not so much of them are a real challenge for this bike let’s start with Yamaha MT-07 which almost shares the same pricetag of Honda Hornet but MT-07 has less engine power (75HP) it’s a reliable engine, already tested on many motorcycles but still less powerful and some technical features too are too much entry levels and cheap compared to Honda Hornet leike traditional telescopic front fork suspension so just by consdiering these 2 factors I’d discard Yamaha MT-07 then what We’ve? Kawasaki Z650? Kawasaki finally introduced a brand new TFT but it has even less power than Yamaha MT-07 and I don’t like riding too much “seated with straight back” on naked bikes and on Z650 riding position for a tall guy like me it’s even worse than Honda Hornet the handlebar is too much close to rider it’s even more tight than Honda Hornet’s handlebar legs position is a bit better but shoulders and arms position on Z650 is not so good for me and like I said engine is too much “Sleepy” it has almost the same pricetag of Honda Hornet and MT07 there’s only another Japanese brand which produced a brand new motorcycle like Honda did Suzuki replacing (unfortunately) GSX-S750 I’ve tried “Yugen” version and it was so fun to ride essential as technical features but everything like on Honda Hornet was in the right place unfortunately Suzuki too fallen in the “ocean of in-line twin cylinders engines” so it created the brand new GSX-8S, equipped with a refined in-line twin cylinders engine.
I’d like to test it design is “peculiar”, personally I don’t like so much that kind of shape but bike’s look perception changes so easy from different people for sure this bike will work really good it’s a refined bike but pricetag is way above Honda Hornet or Yamaha MT-07 so from Japan there’re a lot of competitors but I’d won’t be worried about them Honda should be worried from European competitors 1st competitor is Aprilia Tuono 660, I’ve tested it and it’s a great bike with a 180 rear tyre so a big tyre which transmits safety and a great stability while leaning and at the same time is really agile that engine has a good push indeed, Tuono 660 is a “wheelie machine” Tuono 660 is almost an obliged choice if You look mainly for a medium sport naked bike if You’re lloking for an all rounder, this Hornet will be the perfect choice for yourselves (sparing a lot of money too) there’s a pricetag difference between these models: 3.000 euros and with 3.000 euros to spend You can upgrade this bike almost with Ohlins suspensions and Brembo brakes another “european” bike that could bother CB750 Hornet is KTM Duke 790 another bike which costs 1.000 euros more than Hornet like KTM Adventure 790 2023, Duke too will be produced in China by CFMoto I want remind to You that Honda Hornet is produced in Japan CFMoto is a solid reality and for sure will keep KTM standards high for sure KTM Duke 790 will be a great bike I don’t like KTM commercial logics it’s not a “clean” brand with its own customers You can’t put out from production a bike after 1 year and a half due to anti pollution laws It would’ve been better if You would think about it, before of producing it but I can understand it now You’re able to produce a Chinese KTM 790 Adventure which matches with Euro5 anti pollutions laws? are You kidding me? You bringed out of production a new bike which costed a lot of money, replacing it with a 890cc 890 is almost on market by 2 years maybe for next year will change to 990 and then They’ll recycle 890 engine to CFMoto I don’t like this commercial strategy and I’d never be a KTM customer for road mtoorcycles that was a big bump this bike was really satisfying to ride while I’m coming home curising on this highway and being slammed by wind I invite You to leave a comment down below to let me know what do You think about this motorbike do You agree with me? Do You tested it? these bikes are available to test ride (in Italy for sure) in many Honda dealerships so like I said leave a comment down below don’t forget to subscribe and activate the bell to keep updated about my latest uploads You’ll see motorcycling world at 360° here on this channel I love motorcycling world and I’ll share my passion with You share this video with Your friends to help channel growth and to make them take notice of this brand new Honda CB750 Hornet
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