All New Electric BMW X1 In 2023


Hey guys! Welcome to Tech How ! How are y’all doing today? We are here, at the BMW X1 Launch! And here, in front of us we have two BMW X1s which we’re going to show you in detail. By the way, the first car that I’ll be showing you is actually the M-Sport which is the top of the line. Let’s look at the car’s overall design. You’ll notice that, the front grille that it gets, that’s extremely massive! So the new BMW design language, it’s similar to it in its overall styling. Plus, the headlamps that it gets are the BMW LEDs. You’ll notice that it’s a new pattern, new design, The lights are sharper than before. And overall, when you go down, here, the fog lamps are not provided. So this is how the front of the vehicle looks in its overall styling. Now, when you look at this SUV’s side profile, you’ll notice here that, overall, it’s quite, you know, bigger than before. Uhh, you’ll notice that, if you look at the wheel size of the car, it has 18-inch tyres on it. It gets 225/55 R18 tyres. And the door handles, its pattern has changed too. So now, you get a new styled door handles which is similar to iX, 7-Series, you get such type of door handles here. So that’s a differentiation. However, in this one, these open like this.

Elsewise you just have to touch below it. Here you have to open it. So this is where the differentiation comes. You’ll notice one more thing that, when you look at the back, so somewhere it looks different. It’s looking a bit shorter. But yeah, actually, it’s not short. They’ve given it a sloping pattern Which is where the differentiation happens. Okay. Even when you look at the tail lamps, they’re quite similar to the new generation iX. The new BMW design language, it’s been followed here and it’s made that way here. Okay. Before we move towards the lower part of the car, let’s take a look at the boot. Ofcourse, you get an electric tailgate here. You have decent enough space. There’s no problem. Maybe 2-3 of your suitcases can fit in easily here. Here, you get a 12 V socket right there. Along with that you get an LED bulb too. Plus, you get a spare tyre here Which is a space saver. Or we can also call it a doughnut tyre. So, now let’s go into the car. And before going, let me show you one more thing. The lower part of it, here, they’ve attempted to make the design sporty because this is the “M” version. And this, what you see in the new BMWs, this reflector, that’s also provided underneath here which does stand out. Alright then, Now let’s go inside. Alright! We’re in the back seat.

You get quite good knee room here. There’s absolutely no problem. Even the headroom, there’s no such problem here. You can sit comfortably at the back. Two people can sit here comfortably without any problem. You get a big armrest here too. And you’ll notice that you get three adjustable headrests. One, two, three. So you’ve got all three adjustable headrests. Okay. Plus, the centre seat. you can fold it completely and access the boot directly if you want to. Okay. Now this car, you’ll notice that here, it’s not flat from the centre. It is not flat actually from the centre. And when the third person sits in, it’ll be slightly uncomfortable. The pattern of the AC vents also has been changed. And what you also get are two type-C charging ports and here, you can keep your phone easily without any hassle. Okay You’ve got a massive sunroof. You get a panoramic sunroof here. It’s not completely open but it actually goes up till here.

So it’s a big sized sunroof that’s been made available in the car. Now let me show you the front. Alright. We’re here towards the front of the car. Here you’ll notice that you get two big size screens. So earlier you used to get smaller screens in this car. Now you’re getting a lot bigger. Of course I feel it could’ve been a lot bigger. But it’s fine. This is good enough in the X1. And here, you get the AC vents. And instead of something here, the AC vents continue down here. So you get a big, I mean You get a big sized AC vent in the centre and a big AC vent there and you know what? It’s got an airbag on this. You see this? Actually the airbag is here but they’ve mentioned it here. You get 12 speakers in this of Harman/Kardon. And one is of course here and there’s one on the door. You get a lot of speakers within the car. 12 speakers are what it gets And Harman/Kardon is a higher quality of Harman speakers. In Harman, the top quality is Harman/Kardon. What I also like is, the pattern of the steering wheel, it’s actually different.

Here you get new edges which were not there before. The controls of the cluster, that too are here now. So, it looks pretty nice. And the paddle shifters on the steering, you look at them, They are like, edged out. It looks neat. Moving towards the instrument cluster. You get a completely digital instrument cluster in this car. And this is quite similar to other BMWs which offer this. Now, before I go ahead and do more things, I’d actually want to tell you that the wireless charging pad, it’s here. So you actually have to keep your phone here and lock it to charge your phone. You get two cup holders up front. You also have two type-C charging points over here. One thing that’s more vital is that the seats are now wider than before. Due to which you can sit here more comfortably. And the extended thigh support that you get, you get that here too in this car as an extra.

Okay So the glovebox size is decent enough. Not the biggest but the glovebox is decent enough in terms of size. And here, underneath you get storage space which you’ve never seen before in BMWs. Okay Would you like to know the engine sizes? Here you get a 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine that produces 134 bhp of power and you don’t get it in the top model. So there are two variants. You get petrol in the lower trim, it’s priced at ₹46 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom). And the second variant, it gets diesel, which is a 2-litre diesel engine option. This produces between 141-150 bhp of power. I’ll put the specs on the screen so don’t worry about that. And this is priced at ₹48 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom). Now if I look at the pricing, the pricing is quite aggressive. BMW claims that though they’ve reduced the power and the engine size, still the performance has not been compromised. Because the diesel does 0-100 in 8.9 seconds. And the petrol does 0-100 in 9.2 seconds. And the deliveries will be starting from March for the diesel. And it’ll start in June for the petrol engine.

I hope I’ve brought you complete clarity on the X1 specifically. So till then, See you guys! Bye!


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