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How are you all? Friends, If you are looking for 5 seater, Medium or full size SUV, Then it is the perfect time to buy. We have got quite a lot of content, For instance the walkaround of the MG Hector. But today it is time for a detailed review. Along with that, There are many cars getting launched with some upgrades, Which can be exciting for you. So in coming days you will see updated Tata Harrier, Of which we already did a walkaround on Red-Dark Edition. There’s a Creta facelift in next six months coming in. Even Seltos facelift is expected in next 6-8 months. And so, it is the most exciting time for car lovers. All these SUVs will get major upgrades. So MG claims that this is the new generation of the Hector. But is this really a new gen Hector? We will answer all your questions and give you a clarity on, Whether should you buy Hector or should you consider some other car? So watch this video till the very end. Music Firstly, MG says it is the new gen car, But the question is, Is this really the new generation? So if you see mechanically, then it’s not. The body or the dimensions are exactly the same. However the differentiation has come on the front grille Which is now bigger, The headlamps gets slight change in the pattern with, Some change in the design elements.
And due to the big size grille, The design looks fresh and different. And also, The tail lamps gets some changes too. So basically it is a sort of facelift. However, according to MG, it is a new gen car, For the reason being, The technology it gets is the new gen tech. Anyways, let’s jump on to each and every point. Overall styling of the car is quite intimidating, Thanks to it’s new grille. And it surely commands great road presence. And MG will continue to sell the older Hector, Along with the new model. According to me, the lower variants of Hector, Might get the old design Or I’ll say smaller grille for the lower variants, Whereas you may get these new design elements, On the higher variants. Now, As you check the side profile of this SUV, Then as I said It’s the same car There’s nothing really that has changed a lot there. So you get 18 inch wheels, You get roof rails, The door handles are finished in chrome, So yes, all these things are the same as before, And are continued here as well. However, they have changed the design of the alloys, Giving it a different appearance. Just like the headlamps, The tail lights too get LEDs, So if you get the top model, The headlamps will get white colour LEDs. And it does look pretty good. You get sort of roof rails, Along with shark-fin antenna.
They have removed the badge of Internet Inside, And instead coming with a big bold Hector badge, And the ADAS badge as it now gets ADAS functions. Talking about the boot space, It gets the largest in the entire category. Along with electric operation for the tailgate. They have placed a light here, Which actually is not bright enough. Now, Let’s step inside the car to show all the features inside, As it gets major upgrades in its interiors. Let’s go. Alright guys, It’s time to check the interiors. Now before I get into any of the details, We will describe each and every element for you. Firstly, how is the fit and finish? So overall the quality of the dashboard is really good. It even gets soft touch material, Giving a nice premium feel to it. The centre console too feels quite premium. Although the plastic quality clearly needs improvements. The plastic used here, They could have been a little better in quality. And could have matched with the rest of the, Interior elements.
If I talk about the cup holders specifically, The elements used are sharp, And might give a cut on your hand. They are quite sharp. Talking about the steering wheel, It gets the same steering wheel as before. However, The cruise controls on the left have now become, Adaptive cruise controls as it now gets ADAS. Steering wheel can be adjusted for both height as well as reach. Horn, It is decent enough. You get a digital instrument cluster, Which has been changed, And it looks quite different than before. It gets many features like, Tyre pressure monitoring system. So you know you can control everything from your steering wheel itself. And it gets rest of the usual bits like distance to empty and all. Now, You must have definitely noticed this big 14-inch touchscreen, I thought I will come to it in a, Continuation pattern. Overall it is a good screen, With amazing display quality Response is decent, But the UI has been configured very well. You can easily find the menu. Like if you are specifically searching for any function, Then that can be done without any problem. The touchscreen and reverse parking camera in older Hector, That both needed an update as the response was not that good. Also the 360 camera used to literally feel like, The VGA camera of old Nokia phones. But now they are updated in terms of response, And 360 camera. But still, more work is required to be done. It doesn’t feel like a 25-27 lakh car camera.
At any given point of time. It definitely needs a major upgrade. Now it even gets ADAS related functions on the touchscreen system, Which can be operated easily. You get a wireless charging pad down here, Along with a 5V USB charging port. You get this, Really cool-looking gear lever, And I really liked the pattern. Like be it a right-hand drive car or left-hand drive, The neutral and drive functions, Can be shifted to the left for the left hand drive car. It is really a good pattern and looks pretty sporty. You even get an electronic parking brake. And you also get, Ventilated seats for both front seats. The front armrest gets a sliding mechanism, And the space below is decent enough. Now, If you have driven the car before or you have owned the Hector, You will see the interiors are, That’s You know, beige in colour. Right? Initially, the interiors of the Hector were all black, Later on they moved to the beige interior. So the beige theme is continued here too. But if you look at the interiors of Hector plus, It used to get tan-brownish theme, And even now it is tan colour, Just there is a difference in its shade. You get a panoramic sunroof in this car. And what I like is that these seats are pretty wide, And offers good support. But, It misses out on lumber, lower back support adjustment. Due to this, it might feel uncomfortable on long journeys. Talking about the build quality of this car, It really feels quite solid.
The doors feel really heavy to use. [Door thud] And even the thud is pretty good. As you open the door, You will feel that heaviness the moment you, Pull it. In terms of safety, it gets 6 Airbags, ABS + EBD, Traction control, ESP, All these features are equipped with this car. Talking about the rest of the features, You get a bunch of them. For instance, Let me tell you new things first, Suppose I twirl the steering to the left, The left-side turn indicator gets activated. And if I twirl the steering to the right, Then right-side turn indicator is activated. So this a new addition, Though I am not a big fan of this feature, Because the indicator activates, After making the turn. Which is not much of use, Like it is helpful in a way, But not completely. Even when I manually turn the side indicator, The camera gives the view on the screen, Which is a good thing. The problem is that its 3D display is not the best of all. The 3D display which shows the 360 view, That’s not really the best. I would expect better if I am investing 25 Lakhs on a car. Other than that, I would highlight these speakers which come from Infinity. And they are one of the best in the entire category. Compare them with Harrier or XUV 700, They are quite competitive in their quality. So yes, These are, Definitely, A good set of speakers. If you love listening to songs, Then you will enjoy, It completely. Now let’s do one thing, Let me show you the back seat and space it has to offer, For the rear passengers, And then we will drive. Alright guys here we are in the second row, Which has a good amount of space. Overall these seats are comfortable, But the thigh support could have been better. And it might feel tiresome while doing long trips. Along with seats, the floor is completely flat too. So it is wide and flat, Giving a comfortable place for the center passenger. You get an armrest with two cup holders.
You even get three adjustable headrests, So overall people can travel comfortably. The glass area is big enough to give an airy feel inside the cabin. But, More the light comes in, more heat you gonna feel. So I wish it had the UV glass, Or maybe it had, Sort of, Curtain or something Helping to avoid the sharp sun light. I think that’s one area which could have been improved. Other than that, you get AC vents in the rear, Door pads can be used to keep one litre bottle, You get cup holders, A USB charging port, And also, a magazine holder behind the front seats. So overall there is enough storage space offered in the car. Even the knee room and headroom are adequate here. Now it’s time, To drive it. So come on, Let’s go, And drive. So guys here we are Turning on the engine, Shifting the gear to drive mode, AC is at its lowest setting, The indicator activated automatically, And here we go. When I drive at slow speeds this thing appears on the screen. But if you notice, The animation is not that great. And looks like the car is getting dragged sort of a thing. But that goes off at higher speeds, And appears only at lower speeds. So as I picked up the speed, It automatically turned off. The car comes with two engine options, One is the 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine, Producing 141bhp* power. And it is mated to a 6-speed manual and CVT transmissions. While the other is a 2.0 litre diesel engine, Which produces around 170 bhp and 350 NM of torque.
It comes with a 6-speed manual and misses out on automatic transmission. The car we are driving is a petrol/CVT, And the acceleration is decent. It takes its own time to pick up the pace. When compared with other petrol cars in this category, It clearly lacks power. So if you are an enthusiast driver, Then please do not consider the petrol variant of the Hector. Because it clearly has not much of power. The engine struggles a bit if I need to do those quick overtakes. Also, it’s not just performance, Even the fuel efficiency is just average. Other petrol cars in this category return a mileage of 6-9kmpl, While Hector too, Returns a similar number of fuel efficiency. So if anyone overpromises you by claiming 12-13 kmpl of mileage, Then just do not trust them. At least in the city limits. On highways, if you drive decently then you can expect upto 12kmpl, But in most cases, 10kmpl is where the good number would be. Overall, drive quality is quite good specifically in the CVT variant. Steering feels light and won’t have issues while driving in the city. The suspension setup is a bit too soft, So you will feel the bounciness when you go over bad patches of roads, Specifically on lower speeds. On higher speeds it is stable to a great extent. One more thing you will notice is that, The body roll is quite evident. It is a tall car, So you will feel the body roll, Especially doing turns at higher speeds. Talking about other features, It now gets ADAS which was missing before. So it is something like an auto-pilot system. I am using adaptive cruise control, So as the car in front has slowed down, I mean the bus, So this car too got slow with that. So that’s how adaptive cruise control works. And you even get features like lane departure control under ADAS. Now, It is a feature loaded car, So the ADAS not only works for the front, But has functions for the rear too. So I will just share the list of ADAS features, And you can check out other videos we made on many cars. We recently made ADAS video on XUV 700, So you can just watch that video, As it gets similar features, Like you know it can read the road signs. So most of the features are quite similar to that. But it gets a couple of additional features compared to level-1 ADAS. So this was all about ADAS. While doing steep climbs or up-hill with more people on board, The petrol engine will struggle a lot. Whereas diesel is a very smooth engine with sufficient power and torque. So it can easily go up-hills without any problem.
On the petrol variant, if the car is loaded, Then you know, you will to be on correct speed and RPM to get that torque, Or else you might have to struggle. The instrument cluster which is now digital, Has a benefit when you use ADAS, It actually detects the cars in front of you be a car or a bike. So it can detect all of that also. And again the indicator activated as I took the left turn without manually using the indicator. Now when you drive in city limits, Like I said, It will take time to get used to it in terms of judgment, But the edges of the bonnet are luckily visible, Making it easy to filter through the traffic. You might take a couple of days at the most, To get use to the big size of the vehicle, Specifically judgment of the left side. And also might take time to get used to park the car. Now let’s see how it performs in city. Is it easy to turn around? And, Actually, a Hector was passing by so had to make a long turn. But, It seems to be difficult, To take a turn in one go, Thanks to the long dimensions. Also it beeps a lot. It is actually quite comfortable to drive in the city and can steer easily. You can drive it that way. But, You will take time to get used to its overall length. Talking about the fuel efficiency of diesel engine, It should return around 10-12 kmpl in city. And on highway you can expect it to be around 14-18 kmpl. Basically it is the same engine you get in Harrier-Safari, And even in Jeep Compass.
The diesel engine is sourced from the Jeep, Which is a tourquey and powerful engine. Just that the clutch has a long travel. So you will have to take the efforts while doing gear shifts, Specifically starting from the first gear, And you won’t have problem while shifting in second or third gear. Alright guys! Time for a verdict. Shall you buy the Hector? According to me the upgrades are quite good, Making it a great package overall. However diesel misses out with automatic transmission which I feel is a drawback. And many buyers might not go for it. Overall it is a competitive product and a feature rich car in the market. And if you are planning to buy a car in next 6 months or one year, Then you will get more options, As other cars in this category will get the features like, ADAS and a bigger touchscreen system. So if you wait for a few months, Then you will have more competitive options in the market in this category. So guys, This was my today’s review on the Hector, Rather I would say, Updated Hector. If you are still confused with which car to buy? You can get in touch with me or with my team of experts On a phone call and get all your doubts clarified. How’s that done? Visit, Fill up your details, And book your call time, with an expert. It’s as simple as that. Also, to watch more of such amazing videos, Follow TECH HOW CHANNEL  right away, As we will try to bring a comparison of Hector very soon. We will try to compare with the Harrier, Or maybe XUV700, So you will just have to hang on for a little bit longer. So that’s all we have for right now. See you tomorrow with an all-new video, Take care guys, Love You! Bye!


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