All Details About TATA Harrier Electric In 2023


Many will say the price of car has increased… Next, How much will be the range? So approx… We can expect it to come in by… Hey guys! Welcome back to TECH HOW, How are you all? We are covering many cars at the auto-expo, But things don’t end here. Many of you guys who love electric cars, They always wanted us to cover the Harrier EV. And be excited when will Harrier comes in an electric avatar? So here it is, Right in front of us. Take a look at the Harrier Electric. Yes my friends! This is a concept right now and not the final production version. But it looks amazing.

Let’s start with one by one point. The first thing you will notice is that the upcoming design language of Tata, In which the lights are placed on the top, They are connected. They are joined together. And you will get to see that element here too. Also, it gets a new type of grille. Of course it’s not a final car. But if you notice this new pattern of the grille, It will be, Somewhere maybe closer to the facelift model. When you look at the headlamps, The previous look of the headlamps has been changed here completely, And these come with a new pattern. And this is a different design.

It is not final but will be similar to this. And as you go below, I will show you many things here. Did you notice something? No, You didn’t saw that. Let me show you. So come here, Radar! You get this radar. That means you will get in the car, ADAS. You get a camera up here, Which means you will get 360 onto the car. Now, Let’s go more toward the side. Here the overall styling from the side, That’s quite similar to the Harrier. And no major differentiation has been done. But there are small small things which I will show you. 18-inch wheels! Of course these are diamond-cut alloy wheels on this, And that will be retained. You get a .EV badge and almost all the Tata cars will get the .EV badge on them. And Look closely on the mirror, You get one more, 360 camera. Okay so let’s move on further Let’s move towards the back, It is almost similar.

As it’s a Harrier after all. So there is no such change over here. But as soon as you come to the rear of the car, You will notice that the tail lamps have been connected. Yes? Tail lamps have been connected and there is no differentiation in them. And along with that, Just below the tail lamp you get another element here, Which was not present before. Did you know this? Did you? I don’t think so. Right? Now we don’t have access to the boot, But I am assuming somewhere close to, See it gets 425 litres of boot space. So it will be somewhere similar to that and won’t have any differentiation Now, Let me show you the interiors. The interiors shown here are that of the Harrier. And they have not made any changes for now. But the production car will get few EV touches in the interiors. So let’s start with simple things.

So as you open the door, And see the interiors, This is a typical Harrier interior. By the way, it is getting everything from the dark edition we recently shot. 10-inch touchscreen system, You get 360 Camera, Ventilated seats, Electric seats, So you will get many features in the Harrier. In fact, as shown here, The instrument cluster will be completely a digital unit. And, There will be some electrification changes too. So this is how the interior will be of this car. Just take a look at these ventilated seats. This is the button for the ventilation function. And this seat will not get the electric adjustment. But you will surely get the rest of the things. Okay? In second row too the space will be similar. Now, Let me cover a few more things. So when will the car launch? We can expect it to come in by, Mid-2023. That means it will be launched in the next 6 to 8 months. Next, how much will be the range? So approximately more than 500KMS.

Battery size should be around 70kW approximately. I don’t know the exact number, But the range should be around 500KMS. And should be launched in this year itself. And I feel it will be a very solid product. Now, Many will say the price of car has increased But actually it’s not. See, the Harrier which is currently on sale, On that, you pay around 40-50% GST. But this being an electric, You will have to pay just 5% of GST. This means a 45% reduction of the price in taxation. So with this benefit, the current Harrier which costs around 22 to 23 lakhs, And with ADAS, 360, the price might go upto 25-26 lakhs approximately. So the price of this EV should be very close to that of the diesel Harrier. Maximum it can go up to 30 lakhs and not more than that, As you get a huge benefit from the taxes. And many state governments give extra benefits. You know, One lakh discount, Subsidy, Or any other benefit. You will get many subsidies. Now when you look at the entire picture, The Harrier EV will be priced very close to the diesel car.

And overall this is going to be a big changing point for them. So this was our video, On the Harrier EV. You guys tell me, How excited are you to get an EV? Which will approximately have, let’s say 400 kms of range in real life Or maybe 350 to 375 of range, It will still be a very practical situation. And at the same time, Could be a good choice too as your running cost will go down. So do that right away. Or else you will miss the exciting content which we try to bring on a daily basis. Alright, Bye Guys!


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