December 2018

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    Salena Gomez Suffers Nip slip

    On Thursday, Selena Gomez has endured a noteworthy closet breakdown when her white best neglected to conceal her most personal part. Having picked to go braless, Selena coincidentally paraded her side boob. It is the second time in only days that the artist has endured a mold botch. Gomez visited the Disney studios, “I’m in […] More

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    Highest Paid Actress In India

    1.      Deepika Padukone – Rs 14 crore  Deepika substantiated herself as one of the best Bollywood performers today. She charges roughly Rs 14 crore for each film. 2.      Priyanka Chopra –  Rs. 12 crore    Priyanka is completely engaged with different social causes, be it young lady kid instruction or advising each female out there to break […] More