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    Very Smallest Country In The World

    Hi,Welcome to .funnyguru .These are the very smallest country in the world the  according to land mass 1.Palau Population: 21,977  Area:  459 km² Image credit: Google Images Situated in the western Pacific Ocean, Palau is comprised of 340 islands. It was initially settled 3,000 years back by Filipino vagrants. The waters of Palau houses 130 jeopardized types of sharks. […] More



    The Most Expensive Alcoholic Drink In The World

    Welcome to funnyguru   We can not imagine The Most Expensive Alcoholic Drink In The World in which we can buy a car or a house.These are the  most expensive bottles of wine, scotch and beer. 1. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Price: $1.9 Million Image credit: Google Images This is the world’s most costly cognac and is […] More

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    People Richer Than Bill Gates

    HI welcome to funyguru .All of us know that the richest man in earth is Bill gates but there are people who will make bill gates look like poor.These are the People Richer Than Bill Gates 1. Mansa Musa ($400 Trillion) Image credit: Google Images The most extravagant person in history was the leader of the Malian […] More

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    Most Expensive Indian Wedding Dresses In The World

    For every one of the women out there constantly prepared for big name tattles and celebrity central occasions; why leave the VIP wedding buzz behind? We as a whole have seen our most loved stars look dazzling both on screen and off screen; however they looked especially great upon the arrival of their wedding. From […] More

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    Indian Tv Actress Who Smoke In Real Life

    Indian Tv Actress Who Smoke In Real Life It might be because of work pressure or possibly the broken family status or likewise might be the broken relationship.here are the main Indian television serial performer who smokes in their reality. 1.  Karishma Tanna Image credit: Google Images Karishma Tanna was the person who conceived in […] More

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    Nikki Bella: John Cena Broke Up

    The 34-year-old expert wrestler and the ‘Blockers’ star were because of get married in May yet dropped their commitment weeks before their huge day, and in another clasp for Nikki’s world show ‘Add up to Bellas’ – which was shot before their split – the star concedes she doesn’t feel as near John as she […] More

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    Top Bollywood Scandals

    Bollywood is captivating and glittery from outsideWhat’s more. Numerous on-screen characters and performing artists have talked straightforwardly about it and shared their encounters. In the event that we dive deep inside the web, various embarrassments and privileged insights will go to that fore, which will place you in awesome stun. From Bipasha Basu to Shiney […] More

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    Yanina Chiesa The Voice 1 Girl 15 Voices

    Yanina Chiesa The Voice 1 Girl 15 Voices is an artist and surely understood for her amazing ability, where she can sing one melody in 15 distinctive voice. On the off chance that you will listen to her tune, it will abandon you stunned. She ended up mainstream through her remarkable ability of 15 distinctive […] More

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    Bollywood Actors Who Died In Poverty

    Hi welcome to funnyguru .Actors normally have lot of money and fame but these are  the bollywood actors who died poor.   1.Parveen Babi Image credit: Google Images The sex-image of the 80s, Parveen Babi graced the front of Time magazine and had a few hit motion pictures shockingly. Known for her striking and bohemian […] More



    Extreme Makeover Surgery Before And After

    HI,Welcome to funnyguru .Plastic surgery has become increasingly more popular with over 17 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed but Extreme Makeover Plastic Surgery results these things have a look. 1.Jordan James Parke Image credit: Google Images This 23-year-old tattoo craftsman experienced about 50 plastic medical procedure strategies to look like his venerated image, […] More

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    Most Beautiful Female Golfers

    Welcome to mosttrendingnews.com .We Present you most beautiful female golfers of the world.so here is the list 1.Paige Spirinac Image credit: Google Images Paige Spirinac is each man’s fantasy. She circulated around the web after individuals paid heed to her astounding magnificence on her Social Media profiles. Everybody cherishes Instagram young ladies. She’s at the highest […] More

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    Bollywood Hot Actors Daughters

    We all know Bollywood celebrities but their daughters are the ones who are stealing all the craze and love from audience these days. These are some of Bollywood Hot Actors Daughters you should take a look at. 1.Suhana Khan   Image credit: Google Images Girl of Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan.Although there is no news for […] More

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